Hot dog? Please! I’d rather have Japanese skewers or Korean BBQ at these street food vendors


This is what America greatly lacks – street vendors/foods. In Asia, for those who have lived or traveled to Asian countries, they’re everywhere. It simply is the best food. It’s mostly I’d say Asian comfort food for hella cheap but the taste and quality is not bad at all. One of my fondest memories of walking around the city such as Seoul, are the delicious street foods I can eat for less than $3. It’s mostly finger-type food so I can either eat it while walking or sit down. In Korea, they have tents where you can eat there and believe me, the food is so good.

Why doesn’t the U.S. have this? Granted, there are couple of hot dog stands but that’s about it! Once in awhile, I’ll see roasted corn for sale. It’s sad. I terribly miss it. With the amount of food Americans eat, why don’t we have these type of food stands? Agh, it’s probably due to politics and economics such as zoning laws, high rent, competition with fast food joints, etc.

Obviously, it’s more feasible to have these in crowded heavily concentrated metropolitan cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, etc but even big cities like NYC or Chicago do not have them.

What’s a completely atrocity is white people taking this very idea and translating into “street food” for Happy Hour in fine dining type restaurants, such as Asian Fusion. Ridiculous! You can’t take this idea and present it in a nicely furnished fusion bar for happy hour! That’s just wrong.

Check it out!

Osaka-takoyaki-street vendor Asian