School is for fools…

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"A mind is a terrible thing to waste...unless you strike it rich with certain .coms"

Classic quote from Big Daddy…Anywho, I noticed that Asians tend to put high emphasis on education. Largely, because the perception is that if you have a great education, you’ll have a great job (Doctor, Lawyer, etc.) and make a lot of money…which we all know seems to be really important in asian and asian American culture.

Look at Japan for example, entrepreneurs are frowned upon and it’s expected that you work for a large company (e.g. Sony) for your whole career. Contracting is viewed as a “lesser job” (I know because I tried to find some for a project recently) and it’s ultra-competitive.

However, I this doesn’t really apply in the states. Afterall, look at some people who didn’t finish or go to school…Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Kobe Bryant ;) Don’t get me wrong, all of these people have some sort of genius that didn’t require them to get a “normal” education, but imagine if they were asian…specifically a stereotypical SAM where the parents determined their destinies. They probably would have finished undergrad, gone to grad school, and lived out their lives in suburbia with their subservient wife and 2.5 kids.

I actually didn’t go to grad school. I got into a top 3 MBA school a few years ago but opted to stay in the workforce. Mainly because it was during the dot com days and I thought I could get rich, but I also knew that having solid overseas work experience would inspire me to things beyond what a textbook could teach me. However, to this day I get questions from my parents or their friends about going to get my MBA…even though I have a competitive compensation package and have managed a few in previous companies…

Anyway, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get an education, but I am saying that if you have a passion that you don’t think you can pursue with a formal education, give it a shot. You can always defer your start date with a school/colllege/university.