Asian actresses I hate and the stupid reasons why

Luci Liu: I hate this bitch for one reason and one reason only – she never talks about being Asian or her Asian heritage. She’s so ingrained into the white Hollywood and too busy acting “white”, she won’t even mention anything about her Chinese upbringing, her struggles in getting into Hollywood as a full Chinese American. Is she ashamed of being Asian? Is she embarrassed? She can do a lot by speaking out and saying something about this. But she’s too busy fucking white Hollywood guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but you can at least share the struggles of Asian American women in cinema since there are so very few who actually make it. Look at how often Halle Berry mentions black actresses and their struggles. And I’m tired of white people thinking she’s so beautiful. She’s not! Goodness, white people obviously haven’t seen some of the Japanese and Korean actresses in Japan and Korea. This bitch is not hot! Uhh…good actress though, I’ll give her that. Continue reading