Asian Americans bullied the most in the US? How to fight back.

Asian American Flag: Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Recently very upsetting news reached my ears.  Asian American kids in the U.S. are the most bullied out of all the races.

The research, to be released on Saturday, found that 54 percent of Asian American teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom, sharply above the 31.3 percent of whites who reported being picked on.
The figure was 38.4 percent for African Americans and 34.3 percent for Hispanics, a government researcher involved in the data analysis told AFP. He requested anonymity because the data has not been made public.
The disparity was even more striking for cyber-bullying.
Some 62 percent of Asian Americans reported online harassment once or twice a month, compared with 18.1 percent of whites. The researcher said more study was needed on why the problem is so severe among Asian Americans.  (Full Article)

But, I’m not surprised.  Many immigrant parents come to the states, and spend way too much time focusing on money.  The father is busy running the restaurant, or working in software.  The tiger mom is strict and forcing their kids to get perfect grades, learn piano or violin, and get scholarships.  These kids are so stressed out, all they can do is put their heads down and study hard.  Their social skills suffer, and they have trouble assimilating since the values their parents teach them are incompatible with American society.  They feel alone and embarrassed since they feel no support from the home, and they just can’t seem to fit in at school.   Continue reading

Pump it up my Asian brothers: Benefits of Lifting Weights


Actor Rain pumping iron and getting results

Look like this and nobody will mess with you

We really appreciate your comments, and we learn a lot from them.  Some of our readers say they’ve experienced racism, while others say they haven’t.  Why is it that some people are targeted while others are not?  There have been several instances where a reader will mention they have never been victimized by racists because they happen to be very tall or muscular.

Racists are cowards and target those who they perceive as weak.  Asians in white media are often portrayed as wimps, and so a lot of Americans get the notion that it’s safe to pick on the Asian guys.  Oftentimes since Asian parents emphasize education over sports and socializing, a lot of Asian American guys can be scrawny in comparison to the average American kids who can’t count to ten but can catch a football.

How can you avoid getting picked on?  One answer is to get stronger and bigger by lifting weights. There are many benefits to this.  You get stronger so that you can protect yourself in case a punk ass provokes you.  When you get physically stronger, you get more confident in your social life.  It’s definitely true that if you feel good about yourself, you tend to radiate that.  But, the best thing about gaining some muscle is that it will intimidate the racists, and they will avoid giving you trouble.  They will look at your physique, think twice, and move on to easier prey.

I think a lot of Asians do not do weight training.  Although Asians are just as active in sports, many of them just don’t lift.  My dad was a muscular guy, but I never saw him weight train.  He did stuff like push ups, sit ups, boxing, and running to stay in shape.  The traditional martial arts like Karate or Taekwondo work the body by doing drills and training that uses the weight of the body.  They rarely involve lifting heavy metal.  Also, I think that many Asians like myself thought that Asian guys genetically can’t get that muscular and bulky.  But the more research I do, I realize this is false.

Michael Chang of SixPackShortcuts

Michael Chang of SixPackShortcuts

I came across this guy on YouTube recently, and was thoroughly impressed.  He is well-spoken, confident, intelligent, ripped, and he has a great system for gaining muscle and strength while losing weight.  His name is Mike Chang , and he went from being obese to getting ripped through lifting weights, studying the body, and eating smart.  He did so well that he became a full time personal trainer, and created Six Pack Shortcuts online.  He is an Asian American guy who is shattering all the stereotypes we face.  I think he’s a great role model.

Chinese basketball team start a brawl with Georgetown: A Lesson for Asian men

My first reaction when I heard about the brawl between the Chinese basketball team and Georgetown in an exhibition match was, “Oh, there the American punk ass athletes go again causing trouble!”  But, it turns out that the brawl was instigated by the Chinese team, which was comprised of belligerent military guys according to the Washington Post.

From the perspective of an Asian American, we could learn from these Chinese thugs.  The mentality of these players, although belligerent, display a level of Asian pride and power that a lot of us living in white societies lack.  These guys refused to take shit from anyone, and they weren’t intimidated by the fact that the Hoyas were American and black and tall and strong.  Although their actions may have disgraced their team and country, it sends a message to the world that the Chinese athletes aren’t gonna take shit from nobody, especially on home court!  From a racial perspective, it is actually an empowering message.  I have never seen a group of Asians fighting a group of blacks or whites without fear like that.  Can you think of any other examples like this? Continue reading

Asian women rarely fall victims to racism and prejudice compared to Asian men


asian racism women men white prejudice gender

"This hardly happens to Asian women"

So I wanted to bring up a topic that I’ve noticed recently. It seems to me that as far as racism, bigotry, or prejudice, Asian women have far less been subject to these things than Asian men. A good example of this is when I was growing up, having just arrived to America, I had to start going to elementary school in a predominantly white neighborhood…the valleys in Cali. And wow, kids can be mean! Or just really honest. Either way, it was a traumatic period in my life and to this day, I think back on it and cringe. Most of Asian American friends (guys only) have gone through the same type of experiences. But the Asian American girls…they have not.

I’ve learned that racism is much more prevalent for Asian men than Asian women. I’ve also learned that racist behavior is done more by non-Asian men than non-Asian women. Perhaps there are just as many racist women out there as racist men but men just tend to be more open, vocal, upfront whereas the women hide it more, keep it to themselves, and publicize it less. Continue reading

Racism: this is why I will root for Japan instead of the USA in the Women’s World Cup Final

Womens-World-Cup-Final-2011 Japan USA

It's just a fucking game, you racist cunts

So, today, Japan’s women’s team beat Sweden to go to the final of the Women’s World Cup of 2011.  They will face the favorites, USA.  I’m a Japanese American, and friends asked me who I will root for. Then a friend sends me an email which includes his comment plus a bunch of Twitter feeds by racist Americans:

R wrote: Why am I surprised? Really. Why? Even over a soccer match, there are some racist mother’effers out there and they are lighting up Twitter. We should put up a website to call these assholes out. I hope some blogs cover this, because this shit isn’t right.

CaitWilliamson Caitlyn Williamson
World War III begins Sunday at 2pm for the world cup final! Except America won’t be dropping the atomic bomb on Japan..well maybe!
#Merica ?

rgutierrez841 rey gutierrez
Can’t wait till sunday till america drops bombs on japan in the womens fifa final

longdistncejhwk Corbett Stovall
America…Japan…#WWC Final reminds me a bit of Pearl Harbor. Fitting that it’s taking place in Germany? Continue reading

My Oklahomie – good intentions show racial ignorance

It cracks me up every time I think about it.  My buddy from Oklahoma and I went to get a quick bite before a concert, and found a teriyaki joint.  His girlfriend was also with us.  After I order my meal, he orders for himself, after which he bows to the Asian guy at the register and says, ‘arigatou gozaimasu’.  Being Japanese, I could tell that the man was definitely not Japanese, and he wasn’t pleased.   Probably Korean.  Even my friend’s  girlfriend felt embarrassed.   It cracked me up, and I still bring it up to this day.  Ah, bless his white soul…

Don’t compliment an Asian person for being Asian

Asian people love martial arts, right?

Caption: Asian people love martial arts, right?

One of the more subtle forms of stereotyping is when an ignorant non-Asian person compliments you for your Asian traits, thinking that you’ll be flattered by it.  Guess again, fucka!!!  It’s often quite funny really, and it’s actually not that subtle.  It’s only subtle to the oblivious.  In my head, I’m thinking “Are you for real?  Are you really serious? Are you clueless?”  Oftentimes this comes up in conversation, when they look at you and start talking about the first things that come to their little minds.  Here are some great examples.

Oblivious Person (OP):“I think half Asian and Caucasian babies are so beautiful.”

SAM: Oh yeah, so should I go fuck a white person then?  Does that mean I will have an uglier child if I marry a fellow Asian, dickhead?

OP: “You speak English real good!”

SAM: “You mean ‘really well’?

OP: “Asians have such nice clear skin.”

SAM: Thanks, I like your tall nose.  You could also have clear skin if you’d stop having pizza and coke everyday, you know. Continue reading

What’s up Kimosabe?

"Kimosabe...for the last time, I'm not Oriental, I'm Indian...feather that is."

"Kimosabe...for the last time, I'm not Oriental, I'm Indian...feather that is."

I’ve had my share of laughable inane “racial” experiences throughout my life growing up in a white-dominant society. I’ve had people call me Chink, Chan, Gook, Jap, and my all-time favorite…Chinaman. I’ve also had white stranger start doing Tai-Chai motions in front of me, asked me which belt I was in Karate, and if I knew Bruce Lee. I’ve had white people ask me “Do you guys smell that? Smells like garlic”, what’s their name in Chinese, and to get them a Kimono during my visit to Korea. You think I’m making this shit up? I kid you not. Some of it is funny, some of it is just plain stupid or sad, and others are just racist.

Recently a group of friends have experienced something totally hilarious yet totally fucked up. Both Asians, they walked into a bar and a group of young white guys asked them, “Hey, what’s up Kimosabe!” Now, I’ll be honest…when I was told of this story, I laughed. It was hilarious. Kimosabe? Just when you think whites have thought of everything, they got something else up their sleeve.

Just to let you know, Kimosabi was what Tonto (a Native American) called the Lone Ranger. It’s not Asian though it may sound like it.

Marie Claire Trophy Wife Article causes lots of rage in women

new trophy wife : Asian women marie claire

Angry Asian Women respond!

Have you seen this article?  It’s called The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women, published in Marie Claire magazine by none other than an Asian writer, Ying Chu.  It has outraged lots of defensive Asian women because the author proclaims that many white men have a fetish for Asian women, and that Asian women are trying to marry up.  Wow.  I’m stunned she said that, but I do find it quite entertaining just because it is generating so much readership.  It probably has more comments than any article on their website…ever.

A friend of mine, who happens to be Asian American, posted this on Facebook and it spawned even more comments!  She loathed being the object of a fetish, and thought it was creepy. I know that this is a form of racism, but I find it a bit petty because some Asian women benefit from it, and even play along with it.  Sure this fetish probably attracts some really clueless morons, but I’m sure there are a few nice white guys who have always had a bit of curiosity towards Asian women and culture.   Maybe he got it from watching Karate Kid II. Anyways, boy meets girl due to fetish, boy and girl actually fall in love, and they happily live every after.  Even if the guy’s original intentions were a bit shady, maybe in the end he matures and sees princess from the East for who she is, no?  I know TONS of white guys who have married Japanese wives.  Why? Why go through all the trouble of going to Japan, learning a very difficult language, and hooking up with an Asian girl?  Why not just marry Mary Anne from the back hills?  Because some people just like something different.  Most people may love their iPods, but there are a few renegades who love their Zunes. Continue reading

Miley Cyrus makes fun of Asian people

Miley Cyrus: Asian boy: I want to fit in so bad, I hang around with a bunch of white racists

The Asian kid: "I want to fit in so bad, I hang around with a bunch of white racists"

So, a few of us awhile back were going back and forth on Gmail talking about this, and I thought I would just post the conversation since it was pretty interesting. I have hidden everyone’s identity. (I realize now though that I was being a cocky SOB. )I wonder what all of you thought about the whole incident, where Miley Cyrus and her friends took a photo while slanting there eyes.  Funny thing is that there’s a deuchbag Asian among them in the middle: probably who took the blunt of the teasing.  I don’t know if I should feel sorry for the guy, or if I should kick him in the face…

SAM A: When white people do the slanted eye thing, does it offend you? i used to get this when i was in grade school. but what the hell? miley cyrus and her freinds are doing it in this photo.

Me (Reflective SAM): There you go again…

SAM B: It’s like painting my face black taking picture with an African American.  It’s racist and ignorant.

SAM C: oofah…don’t let this stuff get to you…it’s a distraction and not worth the time.  Just be awesome…like my Tapioca roll I got from the Asian market tonight.

SAM B: (Original font included.  Notice it’s BOLD!)

SAM C, I wholeheartedly disagree with you.  What?… “just be awesome”?  What is that mean???
We, Asians, are very passive and self-absorbed.  As long as things don’t directly effect us we usually let it slide, even in the face of blatant injustice… I’ve seen it and experienced it. Continue reading