Chinese basketball team start a brawl with Georgetown: A Lesson for Asian men

My first reaction when I heard about the brawl between the Chinese basketball team and Georgetown in an exhibition match was, “Oh, there the American punk ass athletes go again causing trouble!”  But, it turns out that the brawl was instigated by the Chinese team, which was comprised of belligerent military guys according to the Washington Post.

From the perspective of an Asian American, we could learn from these Chinese thugs.  The mentality of these players, although belligerent, display a level of Asian pride and power that a lot of us living in white societies lack.  These guys refused to take shit from anyone, and they weren’t intimidated by the fact that the Hoyas were American and black and tall and strong.  Although their actions may have disgraced their team and country, it sends a message to the world that the Chinese athletes aren’t gonna take shit from nobody, especially on home court!  From a racial perspective, it is actually an empowering message.  I have never seen a group of Asians fighting a group of blacks or whites without fear like that.  Can you think of any other examples like this? Continue reading