Don’t believe your Asian parents: Marriage does not equal happiness

japanese man american woman wedding

"We have a 50% chance for divorce, honey-san."

Many Asian parents start pressuring their kids to get married once they become adults. They say they want to see their grandchildren sooner rather than later. They start to get worried if you are getting up there in age, meaning age 25! They are afraid you’re going to hit your expiration date, and that nobody will love you like a box of curdled milk. They start trying to set you up with their friend’s friend’s daughters, like the girl that works at the teriyaki shop who looks like Margaret Cho. Meanwhile, you’re having a hard time because you never dated or developed your courting SKILLZ since these same parents locked you up in a room until you graduated and made you study without any sort of romance. What the hell?! Totally raised to fail. Continue reading

Breakdown by Gofishus: Asian Male Stereotypes…

(This is a breakdown written to us by Gofishus. It’s a good overview of a lot we have covered, and some things we haven’t. We encourage all of you to send us articles you’ve written, or ideas we haven’t covered. Thanks!)
Alright, I think i’m going to rant about some of the things i have seen/heard.

Firstly, all the stereotypes about us asian men, are they truly justified, and are some of them even relevant anyways?
1. Asian men are kung fu masters. -While I know some friends who take taikwondo or judo, clearly not every asian male is a martial artist.
2. Asian men are nerds/geeks – This is because most of us are good at math and our parents pressure us to study. This doesn’t necessarily make us nerds. We go to strip clubs, gamble, drink booze and work out just like everyone else, so clearly this is false as well.
3. Asian men treat their wives badly – I have never seen an asian male treat his/her wife badly. Granted, I have seen this in our parents/grandparents, but have never seen any first/second generation asians do this. All the asian females I see seem very content with their asian husbands. Its the white guys I see that are dragging their asian wives around everywhere.
4. Asian men have small penises – This is the most retarded stereotype ever. So what? Asian females have small breasts and small pussies too. Do they really want some 8-inch white/black cock ripping into their vagina? I don’t think so? What does it matter that we have small penises?
5. Asian men are unattractive – False. Take one look at Rain or Jay chou or any asian superstar and tell me that they are ugly or unattractive. Continue reading