Please stop asking me if I’m from North Korea, please…

north korean kim jung il

"Voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine Asia for 2 straight years"

I am NOT from North Korea!!! Stop asking me this!

I’ve been asked this question, with a serious face, more frequently lately. And I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of the greater media coverage on North Korea these days. I do NOT look like Kim Jung Il at all so go figure. Oh yeah, maybe it’s because I’m Asian and all white people think Asian people look alike. I seriously have been asked this many times in the past year…always by white people of course. Asians would never ask this or even think it. It always catches me off guard when I get asked this because I look at the person thinking “Is this person for real?” And then I look at them more intently and realize “Wow, they are being completely serious.” Couple of times, I’ve answered back saying I am from North Korea and they exclaim, “Really? How did you get here?” Other times, I’ve said “Kim Jung Il’s youngest son…he’s my cousin”.

First off, there are hardly any North Koreans who have successfully defected and managed to migrate to the U.S. It’s possible but very rare unless they are government officials. If anything, they’d defect to South Korea and not Portland or Detroit. Second, even if I was a true North Korean defector, I would not be divulging that or admitting it to your dumb ass.

When people ask me these types of questions I really can’t help but to laugh at how ignorant and stupid some or most Americans are. It reminds me of a talk show I caught on TV the other day. Host had 3 random everyday people from the audience participate in a mini-Jeopardy game and one of the trivia was a photo of Jimmy Carter – they were asked to name who it was. All three got it wrong. Well, to be more clear, all three had no idea who it was. Unbelievable…

My other HALF-ASIAN friend told me that he told another person that he was from North Korea (as a joke). The other person then asked “Is the North the good guys or the bad guys?”.

north korean kim jung il