Asian guys have small penis…HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! LOL! Hilarious! LMAO! So Witty! HeHe! This shit never gets old!

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“The bane of our existence ya’ll….BBC”

Everybody, this is Jason Whitlock, sportswriter for FOX Sports. He’s known for being very outspoken, gruff, and all around controversial. I’ve always been a small fan because he usually went against the grain of most ass-kissing sportswriters or sports “journalists”. In the previous post I wrote about and celebrated Jeremy Lin, the Asian basketball sensation of the New York Knicks – he’s been lighting it up, schooling everyone, and putting on a show.
But then Whitlock goes and tweets this garbage:

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Asian Man = small penis…HAHA! LOL! LMAO! So very funny!”

Can anyone tell me why people think this is so funny? The whole joke about Asian men having small penises. I don’t get it. It’s been overplayed and the joke has run its course but it keeps popping up in movies, TV, media, etc. Yeah, I get it that jokes based on racial and ethnic stereotypes are grounds for humor and joking around but why does this particular joke (Asian men have small penis) always draws laughs and hysterical reactions from various people? IT IS NOT THAT FUNNY!!!

How many times have I heard that black women have big bubble butts? How many times have I heard that Jewish women have big boobs? How many times have I heard that Asian girls have bodies like a 15 year old boy? Not nearly as often as I’ve heard all those jokes related to Asian men having small penises. Why is that? Whether it’s a myth, a gross generalization, or fact…why is it persistently brought up as a punch line? Why do so many people (of all colors/race) find this so damn funny? I myself find it offensive and disrespectful and incredibly aggravating.

To recap, Jason Whitlock tweeted his “joke”. The AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) demanded an apology via an email to Whitlock. Whitlock responded with a bunch of lame excuses and “apologized”. This was all exposed on Facebook. And then all the comments started flooding in from random FB users.

Click here for the apology and comments.

What‘s even more annoying is how some people just say to get over it or Asians are being overly sensitive or it’s just a joke. To me, they are basically saying “just take it up the ass and stop whining”.

We are talking about how Jeremy Lin, an Asian American, who went to Harvard and never got drafted, who is now an NBA baller and is kicking ass on the court and we are talking about how exciting that is for the sports, Asian community, and entertainment. Why does a guy like Jason Whitlock have to make a comment like that? And his comment or joke or whatever had nothing to do with basketball. What was the point in even tweeting that? Why is he fixated on Jeremy Lin’s penis…whether it’s tiny, small, medium, big, or whatever? Who cares? Why can’t he and others just let Jeremy Lin be recognized for his recent achievements on the basketball court?

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Nothing more classy and attractive than Asian girls throwing up gang signs when in the presence of a black man”

Asian Americans bullied the most in the US? How to fight back.

Asian American Flag: Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Recently very upsetting news reached my ears.  Asian American kids in the U.S. are the most bullied out of all the races.

The research, to be released on Saturday, found that 54 percent of Asian American teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom, sharply above the 31.3 percent of whites who reported being picked on.
The figure was 38.4 percent for African Americans and 34.3 percent for Hispanics, a government researcher involved in the data analysis told AFP. He requested anonymity because the data has not been made public.
The disparity was even more striking for cyber-bullying.
Some 62 percent of Asian Americans reported online harassment once or twice a month, compared with 18.1 percent of whites. The researcher said more study was needed on why the problem is so severe among Asian Americans.  (Full Article)

But, I’m not surprised.  Many immigrant parents come to the states, and spend way too much time focusing on money.  The father is busy running the restaurant, or working in software.  The tiger mom is strict and forcing their kids to get perfect grades, learn piano or violin, and get scholarships.  These kids are so stressed out, all they can do is put their heads down and study hard.  Their social skills suffer, and they have trouble assimilating since the values their parents teach them are incompatible with American society.  They feel alone and embarrassed since they feel no support from the home, and they just can’t seem to fit in at school.   Continue reading

I’m fed up with Hollywood using Asian stereotypes for cheap laughs

2 broke girls asian short assexual stereotype accent engrish

"Short asexual Asian man with heavy Engrish accent"

I wanted to vent and rant about something that constantly keeps coming up and it’s just getting really annoying. Negative Asian male stereotypes. I experienced a couple of unappealing things in the course of 1 day while hanging out at home one night watching TV.

(1) I was watching TV one day and there was this reality show where there are 2 hot white girls inside a house and one by one, a guy rings the doorbell. The girls view the guys who are outside the front door via a camera and they judge whether they can come in or not – worthy enough to meet the hot girls inside. One of the guys happens to be an Asian guy and this is what the girls commented: “Uh, he looks a little short”, “I wonder if the rest of him fits his short height”, “Sorry William Hung but you’re just not hung enough for me”.

2 broke girls asian asexual nerdy short stereotype

For most people this may be funny to them but for me, it’s annoying and completely aggravating. People tell me to chill out and just not worry about it. And I try. But this kind of shit always pops up as I live and go through my daily life. I don’t look for it or seek it. I am bombarded on a daily basis by these kinds of things. And one of the biggest source of this the damn TV, which I sometimes watch.

(2) There was another TV show called “2 Broke Girls” – In it, the diner where the 2 broke girls work at is owned by a tiny short Asian guy. He’s deathly afraid of GIRLS – he’s shy, timid, and comes across as being asexual. I get it, the character is a Asian nerd who’s afraid of girls and acts like he’s some prudis childish imbecile. There is an ounce of sexuality brooding within him and he comes across as lacking any sort of sexual quality. And his character is not gay. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not some prude uptight Asian guy who don’t have a sense of humor. I actually liked the show. But why does Hollywood have to go there and make those cheap shots at the expense of Asians? It’s the same old tired story.

So what is it? Why does an Asian guy have to be portrayed that he is asexual, short, have a small penis, and not interested in sex or girls? I am not short, asexual, afraid of girls, and have a small penis. And I know many other Asian guys who are tall, sexual, love girls and sex, and have big penises….haha – joking!

2 broke girls asian asexual nerdy short stereotype

The same Asian character in “2 Broke Girls” had a heavy Asian accent. I looked this up – The Asian actor can speak English fluently yet he speaks in a broken English accent on the show. This is unnerving and really gets me angry. It seems almost every Asian on TV or movie has the Asian accent. What does that say about Hollywood?

And to top it all off, one the girl characters on the show says “You can’t tell an Asian he made a mistake. He’ll go in back and throw himself on a sword…” – Oh wow!

As an Asian man or even an Asian girl, don’t you get tired of seeing and hearing these negative stereotypes projected and broadcasted all over the TV and the media in general? Does this not bother you at all? Asian men have to realize that many non-Asian and even other Asians buy into these stereotypes and start to believe they are truths.

asian short guy asexual 2 broke girls stereotypes diner racist

The cast of '2 Broke Girls' (See far left)

One writer on a blog wrote this and I can’t disagree more:

The two work at a greasy spoon diner in the thick of hipsterville and they have a Korean boss (played by Matthew Moy) with what seems to be a stereotypical portrayal of an Asian: broken English, dorky Osh Kosh B’Gosh for adults wardrobe, and a wide-eyed naive view of America. In other words, a FOB. Way harsh, right? Not necessarily.

My love for the show aside, there have been rumblings of Asian Americans getting ready to attack the show for its Long Duk Dong tendencies, but after watching the show, I would like to politely ask Asian Americans to retract their fists of fury.

Sure, there are details of Moy’s character that would immediately make all of us go into militant mode. For instance, Moy’s character’s name is Han Lee, but he opts to Americanize his name by calling himself “Bryce Lee.” You can look at these two ways: 1.) Offensive because it degrades an iconic name in Asian culture or 2.) Funny because it is a social commentary on how immigrants change their names at a moment’s notice. I opt for the latter because there is no need to waste energy on yet another Bruce Lee joke. Yes, Bruce Lee is an icon and the very fact that they are parodying his name is testimony to that. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no? Plus, the use “Bruce Lee as a gag” is the same ol’ rhetoric that we have been beating like a dead water buffalo for years. In the right context, it isn’t offensive. Half the time, we make a point for it to be offensive.

Other than the name and the exaggerated look of Moy’s character, there really isn’t any other reason to waste energy over complaining about Bryce Lee. With the screen time he has, Moy owns the role. He doesn’t degrade it. It would be a totally different story if they had him using an abacus in each scene or constantly eating kimchi or worse — driving a Honda with a ridiculous body kit and/or building the foundation for K-Town 2.0.

Plus, the show is a sitcom — a “situation comedy.” It’s supposed to be funny. But if you insist on getting frowning upon Moy’s character, then you might as well throw in their stereotypical portrayal of Earl (Garrett Morris), a cool-as-hell black man with a “jive” accent, the dirty and misogynistic Russian cook Oleg (Jonathan Kite), the jabs taken at Russian mobsters, the preconceived notions about high society, and finally the horrible attacks made upon hipsters wearing knit beanies.

I’m not alone on this: Click here!
And click here
And this
And finally this!

Chinese basketball team start a brawl with Georgetown: A Lesson for Asian men

My first reaction when I heard about the brawl between the Chinese basketball team and Georgetown in an exhibition match was, “Oh, there the American punk ass athletes go again causing trouble!”  But, it turns out that the brawl was instigated by the Chinese team, which was comprised of belligerent military guys according to the Washington Post.

From the perspective of an Asian American, we could learn from these Chinese thugs.  The mentality of these players, although belligerent, display a level of Asian pride and power that a lot of us living in white societies lack.  These guys refused to take shit from anyone, and they weren’t intimidated by the fact that the Hoyas were American and black and tall and strong.  Although their actions may have disgraced their team and country, it sends a message to the world that the Chinese athletes aren’t gonna take shit from nobody, especially on home court!  From a racial perspective, it is actually an empowering message.  I have never seen a group of Asians fighting a group of blacks or whites without fear like that.  Can you think of any other examples like this? Continue reading

Asian women rarely fall victims to racism and prejudice compared to Asian men


asian racism women men white prejudice gender

"This hardly happens to Asian women"

So I wanted to bring up a topic that I’ve noticed recently. It seems to me that as far as racism, bigotry, or prejudice, Asian women have far less been subject to these things than Asian men. A good example of this is when I was growing up, having just arrived to America, I had to start going to elementary school in a predominantly white neighborhood…the valleys in Cali. And wow, kids can be mean! Or just really honest. Either way, it was a traumatic period in my life and to this day, I think back on it and cringe. Most of Asian American friends (guys only) have gone through the same type of experiences. But the Asian American girls…they have not.

I’ve learned that racism is much more prevalent for Asian men than Asian women. I’ve also learned that racist behavior is done more by non-Asian men than non-Asian women. Perhaps there are just as many racist women out there as racist men but men just tend to be more open, vocal, upfront whereas the women hide it more, keep it to themselves, and publicize it less. Continue reading

5 Reasons More Ladies Should Date Asian Men

handsome asian man - masaharu fukuyama

I don’t know if you can handle us Asian guys…

Asian guys are just like other guys in that they come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.  American media will try to stereotype us as either geeks or comedians or martial artists, but Asians guys are so diverse and multifaceted.  It’s very apparent if you watch movies or TV shows from Asia.  They can be rebels, funny, romantic, intelligent, mysterious, sensitive, thoughtful, and so much more.

Despite the diversity, I think that there are some common positive traits that Asian guys tend to have due to common cultural influences and upbringing.  Especially since Asian countries tend to focus on community and familial thinking, many of these traits deal with maintaining harmony in relationships.  What that means for the ladies is that Asian guys are good at getting along and they aren’t as self-centered as some American guys.  Here are 5 traits that most Asian men I know exhibit.

1. Hardworking – Asians men are raised with a strong work ethic because many immigrant parents realize that the only way to compete in a foreign country is to work your yellow ass off!   Continue reading

Fuckin’ Lazy American Bastards

fat lazy american bastard

Lazy Americans! Hide your fucking gut!

I’ve finally had it at work.  I’m surrounded by a bunch of lazy underachievers and I can’t stand it anymore.  Am I the only one?  I am starting to think that it’s an American epidemic.  Here are the details.

I work in a tech company, and the people here make a lot of money.  I’m guessing my boss makes about $100k.  His boss probably makes $125k.  That’s a shitload of money.  And even us, we make a very good living.  I would think the average salary is $60k.  In any case, we are well compensated…and yet most of these people around me do the very bare minimum work.  In software, we have flex time, which means you can come in anytime so long as you’re around between 10am to 4pm.  Lots of people take long lunches, come in late, and leave early.  People here don’t take deadlines seriously, and often slip.  I look around me and the lazy fuckers are playing video games, watching videos, and doing Facebook for half the day!

Fuck.  So, I got fed up with it all and started arguing for change.  I am Asian American, and my Japanese parents taught me to work hard.  I feel guilty if I don’t do my work, and I don’t like to waste time.  The managers here have not implemented any processes, and the project managers are a joke.  I started asking them to start setting milestones, track progress, and make people accountable for their tasks.  I got them to start doing daily scrum meetings to get people to work more efficiently.  I annoyed the heck out of some people while doing this, and criticized a lot of what has been going on.  Oh, btw, I’m a fucking graphic designer!  It’s not my fucking role to do this, but I stuck my head out because I didn’t like what I saw.  All this stuff was implemented, but in the process my passive aggressive tactics upset the bosses above, and they basically reported me to HR!  Can you believe this shit?  I deserve a medal, and I get a slap in the face. Continue reading

Have you seen much domestic violence in the Asian community??

domestic abuse violence asian men

"Can you say Aliens?"

Call me lucky or unaware, but in my experience growing up, I never encountered domestic violence whether it was at home or at friend’s houses.  I never saw it, and I never heard any stories about it.  My parents weren’t very social, but I had lots of different friends, but I never heard about abuse.  But,  when I asked a friend of mine, he told me story after story after story!  I was shocked.

I’ve known the guy for several years, and he never told me about this stuff before.  It was astonishing to hear just how often it happened in his community.  Wives getting beat up, girlfriends getting kicked in the stomach in public, women with bruises and black eyes.

I want to know if it’s common in your community.  Have you or your parents been abused?  Have you seen friends get abused?

I know traditional Asian culture is chauvinistic, and some men would devalue their wives and treat them badly.  Some immigrants will bring this sort of backward thinking with them to the US.  It must be very hard for a kid growing up in the states in a situation of domestic violence.  It would be hard to adjust to a new environment when you lacked stability in the home.  It would be very lonely I’m sure.

domestic abuse violence

For unlimited Asian ass, all white men please apply to “teach” English in Asia

asian girls with white guy

"3 chicks at the same time...I love Korea, but most of all, Korea loves me"

In the old days, American men had bridal catalogs of foreign Asian women – those who were willing to come to the U.S. through marriage to a white man. Of course they still have these even today but they mostly target Eastern European women such as Russia and the Czech Republic. But nowadays, white men go directly to Asia…to “teach” English!

White men who join “English Teachers” organizations that take them to Asian countries to become English “teachers” pretty much go there to get laid by as many Asian women as possible, teach them the ABC’s, and bring them back to marry. Not all but most. It’s the perfect setup – room and board are paid for, they get a salary, and in the meantime, they get to enjoy a buffet of Asian hotties who view the western man as the sexiest thing since George Clooney. And I assure you, these white fellows get plenty of ass down in Japan, Korea, and all over China. Do these men go to the Phillipines or Vietnam? Hells no! If they go, they want the best poon that the ABC’s can buy and the best of course reside in East Asia. To them, East Asia is like a giant pussy, just waiting for them, with their short bowl-legged legs spread apart, with tattoos all along it saying “This Way John Doe!”

Granted…there are white men who actually sincerely love the Asian culture and the people and just want to be a part of it. I can respect that. They learn the language, learn to speak it, and learn its rich history, all the while, being respectful to Asian peeps. But even they want a little raw sushi from time to time, so they end up dating the native Asian women. I mean, why not? I would too if I was them. So I don’t blame them.

What sucks I think is that sometimes, I think these Asian women just make it too easy for these white men. The word spreads around and white men flock to these countries. It’s like the organizations that set up these joints are advertising: “$800 airfare to Japan, room & board all paid for, professional English institute environment, and unlimited tight Asian vaginas ready for you to pummel”.

I’ve never heard of an Asian boy coming to the U.s. to teach Korean and getting laid by hundreds of beautiful DD blonds. Have you? No…they come here, can barely speak English, starting taking classes for the TOEFL, and end up only hanging out with other Asian male virgins. None of them ever even try to date a hot white girl. Shit, they can barely talk. They all sound like Shorty from Indian Jones – “doctor jones! doctor jones!”

Why are you so polite SAM? (Asian men too polite)

Asian girl middle finger fuck you


One thing when you’re raised in a traditional Asian home is that you learn to obey your elders.  It can be a good thing, but it can also give you bad habits since your values at home will conflict with what is the norm out in White society.  By obeying elders, you give them all your power and decision-making rights.  This may work to keep harmony in the house, but when you do this in white society, you’re perceived as weak and a pushover.  In the states, you gotta be tough, you gottta challenge the status quo, and you gotta speak up to get what’s yours.  The worst thing you can be is a polite, quiet, model minority who follows orders, because most of your managers are probably white dumbasses with a lot of stupid ideas that need to be checked.  You should respect your elders, but respect is earned, and if they have weak ideas, they should be challenged.  It’s for everyone’s sake: yours and theirs.

Black people are really outspoken, and they get what they want.  They are raised to hustle.  They go for what they want, and they learn to negotiate and be persistent.  Asian people tend to give up after one ‘No’, but black people will continue to push for what they want since they understand they got nothing to lose.  I really respect that part of their culture.  When they’re mad, they will vent.  When they want the attention of a girl, they’ll act.  And, many a time, they GET. Continue reading