Just because one makes fun of white people, are they anti-white or white-bashing?

I make fun of white people sometimes. They are just innocuous jokes that I like to share with other Asians as well as white people. What’s wrong with that? They are not mean spirited nor aimed to cause ill-will or harm. I’m not anti-white or attempting to bash on white people. I’m just poking fun. It’s mostly exaggerations and light humor. Here’s the deal. White people make fun of Asians all the time: In person, on TV, in the media, in sports, in politics, in magazines, at work, at school, everywhere. Why can’t I make fun of them? Is that so wrong? Is that so non-PC?

I mean of all the racist and ridiculous things white people can and do say about Blacks, Asians, and Latinos, is there anything in the language as egregious when we talk about white people? Honky? White trash? Yankee? I mean, are these “derogatory” labels that offensive compared to the N-word or Gook or Wetback? Please. Black comedians make the white-black jokes all the time. And you know what? I see all white people laughing. Why can’t we Asians make the white-Asian jokes? No one here is racist towards white people. I’m not. I’m poking fun and making light of it.

It just seems some white people can dish it out but can’t take it. I’m not trying to get even or retaliate or get defensive. I’m just having fun at the expense of some white people just like we Asians have been for many years. We make fun of slanted-eye Asians on this site almost 90% of the time. I should be able to make fun of round eye white people as well. It doesn’t matter who does it, when anyone does something stupid, that person is subject to be made fun of, regardless of their skin color. Don’t you agree?