Oakland college shooting: Gunman described as loner, loser, D.A. says


L.O.S.E.R. !!!

L.O.S.E.R. !!!

A LOSER? That’s a little premature, isn’t it? That does not explain why he did this. I don’t think it’s cool that the authorities are doing exactly the same thing that the others have done to him (bully) at this point. It does not help or explain the tragedy. Ha, you might as well just write him off as being CRAZY or NUTS.
Read below (from the Los Angeles Times):

Oakland college shooting: Gunman described as loner, loser, D.A. says

Officials from the Alameda County district attorney’s office said Wednesday that they will wait to decide whether to seek the death penalty for mass-murder suspect One Goh until after a preliminary hearing.
But in the interim, Dist. Atty. Nancy E. O’Malley used sharp language to describe the alleged gunman’s “murder rampage” as unprecedented in Alameda County.

At a press conference that followed Goh’s first appearance in court, authorities said that the suspect went to Oikos University armed with a .45-caliber weapon and four fully loaded magazines of ammunition. Prosecutors allege Goh, 43, was responsible for shooting and killing seven people on campus Monday morning and critically injuring three more.

O’Malley told reporters Wednesday that Goh committed “crimes of such enormity and brutality that our community, our country and citizens around the world are left reeling.”

Law enforcement officials also used the conference to adjust their description of Goh’s alleged motive. A day after Police Chief Howard Jordan said Goh had been expelled from Oikos this year “for behavioral problems, anger management,” O’Malley clarified that Goh left the school voluntarily in November.

“He was not expelled,” she said. “He was not asked to leave.”

The district attorney also added to the emerging portrait of Goh.

“The information we have received from some of the individuals who knew him at the school was that he was a loner and what some might call a loser, but he didn’t exhibit any behavior that would have alerted anyone” that he could commit mass murder, O’Malley said.

Jordan also clarified Wednesday that his officers continue to search for the murder weapon “along the route” of the 7200 block of Doolittle Drive near the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Center.
Asked why procuring the gun was so important, O’Malley said, “It’s one more piece of solid evidence to present to the jury, but it’s clear that he is the person and the only person responsible for what happened.”
Police say Goh arrived at the campus in an industrial section of east Oakland on Monday morning and ordered the students inside to line up against the wall. When some refused, he opened fire, officials said. He had time during the rampage, authorities believe, to reload and continue shooting.

Six women and one man were killed. They ranged in age from 21 to 53 and were from South Korea, Nigeria, Nepal and the Philippines, largely immigrant students learning English, nursing, theology and Asian medicine.
“We don’t believe that any of the victims were the ones that teased him,” Jordan said. “We believed he stopped [shooting] because people were able to use the phone. He could have heard people calling 911.”
Goh was detained a few hours later by Alameda police officers near a Safeway supermarket.

Meanwhile, police believe the target of the shooting was nursing director Ellen Cervellon because she had denied his request for a full tuition refund, the Associated Press reported. Police said that Goh began shooting inside a classroom after being informed that Cervellon wasn’t present.

“In talking to several of the students and faculty who were there, I think he was looking for me. I have that weight on my shoulders and I don’t know what to do with it,” Cervellon told the AP. “Every single one of those students were going to be an excellent, excellent nurse. They’re in my heart and they always will be.”

Report: Oikos University shootings suspect ‘can’t deal with women’



And in the end…the love you take is equal to the love you make

I had a feeling that this guy was at least a slight hater of women. And it may turn out that I was at least partially right. It’s been reported that the guy had a few key things happen to him that were probably quite traumatic or stressful. His mother and brother died recently. He was in debt. He owed money to the IRS – even had his assets held as a lien by them. He was pursuing to be a nurse but he got expelled, crushing his goals. He was ridiculed and disrespected by his classmates (other Asians) on his poor English skills. He felt isolated, alone, and disenfranchised. He was probably under tremendous level of stress, felt this was the last resort to do something with his life (pursue nursing), and suddenly felt everything was lost when he got expelled. His goals and dreams were dashed.

In addition, he was lonely, without a woman. He probably never or hardly dated, had few friends, both men and women. He probably felt rejected by women throughout most of his life. He felt misunderstood, misrepresented, and stereotyped in some ways. I think over time, his anger and resentment towards women grew. He became bitter and eventually became hostile towards women.

I don’t think it’s a big coincidence that all the victims were women. I know most of the students at the school were women but still. The main woman he was initially targeting was a woman.

I am not a psychologist nor am I a FBI profiler. I just think I can understand a fraction of what he was thinking in terms of women and how he viewed them.

I think it’s too easy to write him and other similar killers off as “nuts” or “crazy”. I think there’s seriously something going on in our society that’s really a factor – Just in life, media, life’s pressures, stress, etc. There is no mental affliction or disorder that they can be diagnosed with that causes them to go out, shoot, and kill. Granted, some of them were depressed and just wanted to end it all.

But I think some of these killers had unrelenting rage. And this accumulated over time. Millions of people suffer from depression but they are not inclined to go shoot people. The ones that do have a brewing anger, rage…wrath.

Virginia tech shooter was severely depressed and had other mental disorders. But these factors coupled with rage/anger/resentment/bitterness probably pushed him over the edge and decided to not only plan the shooting in great detail, but to go through with it.

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A case of Asian on Asian crime?

A STUDENT who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased, police said overnight

Dead bodies of the victims after the shooting rampage by a lone Korean man

I was quite surprised to learn yesterday on the radio as I was driving home that the shooter at the small religious college in Oakland, CA was a 40-something year old Korean man. This instantly reminded me of the Virginia Tech massacre, also by a Korean man, who shot and killed 37 people.

The first thought that came to my mind after learning the shooter was Korean was…why. And now, it seems the main motive behind the killing rampage was getting revenge. He was getting revenge because he was bullied by his classmates. It was then that it was no big surprise there considering how so many shootings in the U.S. these days are due to victims of intense bullying by their peers.

The next thing that came to mind, after learning the Christian college was a Korean-run school, was why would other Asians bully other Asians? The shooter stated that other students and the school’s administration officials made fun of him because of his poor English skills. Most of the students were Asian! WTF?

Yes, this guy’s heinous acts are inexcusable. That’s like Asian on Asian crime, no? I am an Asian American and I have never ever maliciously made fun of another Asian person’s accent. I have never bullied anyone for this. To me, this is considered a hate crime.

Another thing that I read was that all the women he shot and killed were women. This made me wonder if it was mostly women who made fun of him and that is why he targeted primarily or exclusively women. The news reported that the shooter was a large man, older (mid 40’s), odd, socially awkward, and a recluse. It made it seem like he was a “loser” with the ladies. I don’t know. But it made me question if the guy was a misogynist, borne out of the constant bullying by other women. Who knows.

Either way, I’m not defending the guy. But I was just pondering what exactly was going through his mind and why. It’s complicated obviously and clearly it was premeditated – he wanted bloodshed. To keep things very simple, he was in a rage…wrath.

A STUDENT who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased, police said overnight

The student who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased

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iPhone App Provides The Girlfriend You Can’t Get

This is ridiculous. but apparently, there are alot of lonely SAMs out there.

iPhone App Provides The Girlfriend You Can’t Get

5:40 PM – December 15, 2010 – By Kevin Parrish – Source : AFP

It’s an app developed to console “people” and aid their loneliness.

ZoomAre you looking for a girlfriend but you just don’t have what it takes to actually get one? If so, then a new iPhone app from South Korea developer Nabix may just be your ticket to a lonely-free lifestyle.

Called “Honey It’s Me!” the $1.99 app provides a 20-something virtual girlfriend named Mina– one made of actual flesh and bone– that calls and leaves video messages four times a day. Mina will also shower the lonely heart with additional love messages– from a library of 100 clips recorded by the model– throughout the day including “Good night, sweet dreams” and “Are you sleeping? It’s time for breakfast!”

“I’ve developed this application to console people for their loneliness,” Kim Yoon-Kak, head of Nabixtold AFP.

According to Kim, “Honey It’s Me!” raked in 80,000 downloads a day when it was originally launched as a free app on November 30, however he admitted that usage has declined since the $1.99 fee was set in place. Kim plans to allow free downloads again starting this week.

Although the app is currently available in South Korea only, Nabix plans to launch “Honey It’s Me!” worldwide with English, Chinese and Japanese messages packed in two versions: the current free model and a $1.99 version offering longer messages.

Nabix also plans to release an Android version sometime thereafter. Time to set aside two bucks

My Oklahomie – good intentions show racial ignorance

It cracks me up every time I think about it.  My buddy from Oklahoma and I went to get a quick bite before a concert, and found a teriyaki joint.  His girlfriend was also with us.  After I order my meal, he orders for himself, after which he bows to the Asian guy at the register and says, ‘arigatou gozaimasu’.  Being Japanese, I could tell that the man was definitely not Japanese, and he wasn’t pleased.   Probably Korean.  Even my friend’s  girlfriend felt embarrassed.   It cracked me up, and I still bring it up to this day.  Ah, bless his white soul…

What’s up Kimosabe?

"Kimosabe...for the last time, I'm not Oriental, I'm Indian...feather that is."

"Kimosabe...for the last time, I'm not Oriental, I'm Indian...feather that is."

I’ve had my share of laughable inane “racial” experiences throughout my life growing up in a white-dominant society. I’ve had people call me Chink, Chan, Gook, Jap, and my all-time favorite…Chinaman. I’ve also had white stranger start doing Tai-Chai motions in front of me, asked me which belt I was in Karate, and if I knew Bruce Lee. I’ve had white people ask me “Do you guys smell that? Smells like garlic”, what’s their name in Chinese, and to get them a Kimono during my visit to Korea. You think I’m making this shit up? I kid you not. Some of it is funny, some of it is just plain stupid or sad, and others are just racist.

Recently a group of friends have experienced something totally hilarious yet totally fucked up. Both Asians, they walked into a bar and a group of young white guys asked them, “Hey, what’s up Kimosabe!” Now, I’ll be honest…when I was told of this story, I laughed. It was hilarious. Kimosabe? Just when you think whites have thought of everything, they got something else up their sleeve.

Just to let you know, Kimosabi was what Tonto (a Native American) called the Lone Ranger. It’s not Asian though it may sound like it.

No respect for the elders and senior citizens and grandparents

asian elder respect americans

"Why do most Americans treat the elders like crap?"

Typically, in Asian culture, respect for the elders (senior citizens), such as grandmothers and grandfathers, is very important. In Korean, we change the entire way of speaking when talking and addressing to an elder. It consists of a more formalized language that’s indicative of respect. When I was in Korea, you give up your seat in the subway when an elder is present. You bow and never call them out by saying “hey!” You open doors and never smoke in their presence. When you are drinking beer, you turn to the right and then drink. You should pour the drink for them with both hands. You definitely don’t curse or utter profanities in front of them. You don’t talk over them or talk to them as if they are beneath you.

But in American culture, it seems the older generations get treated like shit sometimes. There seems to be no respect. They are sometimes viewed as a nuisance because they are slow drivers on the road. It seems they are forgotten and turned away by society. I’ve seen people yell, scream, and curse in front of their grandparents. If you’re Asian, you have to agree with me that the idea of respect for the elders is more prevalent and important amongst Asians than the general American population. The “oldies” in America, such as the aging baby boomers, are considered old fashion and passé. They are not viewed as wise and full of life with lots of fascinating stories. What do you think?

Why is that Japanese guy playing a Korean character in that movie?

“Asso! Asso! I play an Asian better than an Oriental.”

One of greatest movies is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Yes, I was in love with Audrey Hepburn and that movie did it for me. I first saw it when I was in high school. Then I saw it again during college and this time, it pissed me off. For those of you who have seen it, you may know what I’m taking about. Mickey Rooney plays a Japanese and mocks a heavy accent with buck teeth in Japanese attire. He typified Charlie Chan. It was meant to be funny but it wasn’t funny at all. It is so profoundly offensive and annoying. If you watch it now, it’s just aggravating. It was so highly offensive on so many levels. Granted, times were different in the 50’s but dude…watch it again and your jaws will drop. It was common back in the day for white people to play Asian characters in movies. Marlon Brando did the same thing. And before then, white people played black people. And before that, men played women in the Shakespearen days.

You see, I hate it when Hollywood does not remain true to the ethnic and culture factors. Most recently, you had both Zhang Ziyi and Michele Yeo, both Chinese play Japanese characters in “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Hollywood today does this shit all the time. To them it doesn’t matter because white people think we all look alike. Why couldn’t they get Japanese actresses to play these characters? This is the very reason why I lost interest in wanting to see this movie. Why doesn’t Hollywood respect and appreciate the differences and the uniqueness of the culture and ethnicity of each Asian race? I mean, thank God, they actually hired real Koreans in “Mash” and “Lost”. To me, because I’m Asian, each Asian culture is so diverse, so different from each other, and so unique. Maybe they can’t tell what we are and we all look alike, but I can tell and it annoys me when I’m watching Law & Order and there’s fucking Thai actors playing a Korean grocer. Until Hollywood and mainstream media starts to respect and recognize and showcase each Asian culture as unique, the majority whites just won’t get it and they’ll continue to say, “All you’ll look alike”.

The Game Killa SAM

asian guy dating white

"Girls, Girls, Girls"

Article Contributed by redelk2535

Since my buddies kicked off this website, I’ve been more observant of SAM culture. This week I had a realization that I’d like to share. On Tuesday a female co-worker and I were joking about marriage. Then she asked me if I only wanted to marry a “nice Asian woman.” Her words. I said “not necessarily” because for me compatibility ranks much higher than race on my list of priorities.Funny thing is, it’s the second time a Caucasian woman has asked me that recently. Two months ago at a friend’s website company party, an Italian American woman asked me exactly the same thing. The last Asian guy she dated had broken things up because he had to marry Korean. I think we all know guys like this, even within our friends.

The realization: some women will assume that all Asian guys think like that. The unfortunate effect of this is that one SAM’s actions could kill my game. Previously I didn’t concern myself with the fact that some women I meet might make the assumption that I date “Asians only.” Now I know that it’s a common assumption, an urban myth about some Asian males.

It’s not a major problem though, the best solution is still to talk to the woman you are interested in and signal that you like her in a clear way. I’d love to take a poll of a 100 Caucasian women and see what they say. Any of you guys know what I’m talking about? – Elk SAM

The reasons Asian women have told me why they won’t date SAM’s

asian date marry sam

"Why have you forsaken us? Where's the love Asian ladies?"

So I’ve met and talked to many Asian women in my lifetime and I’ve gathered some ideas over the years. The question I’ve posed to them is this: “How come you don’t want to date or marry an Asian man?” Here are some reasons given to me personally by various Asian women.

1. My favorite of all time – Because Asian men, especially the Korean guys, smell like garlic
2. I just prefer round-eyes rather than slant-eyes
3. They don’t do anything but drink, gamble, smoke, and watch ESPN – I want someone to go camping, hiking, and paragliding across the Amazon rainforest with
4. They are controlling, possessive, and the jealous-type
5. They expect my ass to cook for them, wash their clothes, and clean the house
6. I swear I saw his mom scrub his back in the bathtub
7. He doesn’t like to “downtown” on me but rather go to Chinatown with his buddies
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