Jeremy Lin – Representin

jeremy lin nba new york knicks role asian model

"White men can't jump...But look at this Asian boy's hops!"

There are very few Asian role models in American pop culture today. I can count only one true Asian role model in my lifetime and that’s Bruce Lee. Everyone else in movies, sports, music, TV, and entertainment have been less than spectacular and presented as a buffoon. This is why I’m ecstatic in seeing the sudden meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin of the NBA. He’s incredible and a huge sensation in the world of pro basketball.

I always thought Yao Ming was soft but I think Lin is the real deal – a bonafide baller who has been smoking all the stars of the NBA, including Kobe Bryant.

This is a great boost to the image of Asian men in the media. Yes Asians typically excel in math and science. But us Asians (Lin) can play in a sports dominated by black men. Ever since the other two stars of the New York Knicks have been injured, Jeremy Lin has been filling in very nicely. Let’s see what they do once the other two stars return.

jeremy lin asian role model nba basketball new york

"Kobe...rapist, recently divorced, victim of no prenup"