Comedian Dr. Ken Jeong: continuing to ruin the Asian male image

Lately, I see this guy everywhere.  He’s in a movie called HANGOVER, he’s on a new sitcom with Chevy Chase called COMMUNITY on NBC.  I guess he’s kind of funny, but he does the same thing a lot of other Asian comedians do: they ONLY make fun of Asian people!  This has got to stop.  It’s making us look bad.  If you watch this video, he makes a little fun of his own kind, Koreans, but he goes way over the top with Vietnamese.  He’s antagonizing Vietnamese with his humor, further creating rifts between the different Asian groups.  His humor is a little too mean, and lacks subtlety IMO.  He’s also repetitive and lacks a deep repertoire.  I saw three videos of him at different periods, and he says the same jokes every time.  And the ones he repeats are average.  I think he is getting the attention because of his over the top energy, and his facial expressions, and the fact that he will gladly take any role even if it is demeaning to the Asian image.    He’s the go to guy when the white movie producers need to make fun of an Asian guy. For that reason, I don’t like him.

When you make fun of your fellow Asians within an only Asian crowd it might be funny.  But, once you have other races watching, it becomes a situation where they are not laughing with you, but at you.  This is the dilemma that David Chapelle had: he got so popular with the whites, and then he realized that they were laughing at him just as much as ‘with him’.  But, the great thing about black humor is that they will make fun of themselves, but they will also make fun of white people, too.  They have the confidence to go there.  I think Asian American comedians that are out there are still afraid to go there.  But, unless they do this, we will continue to be the butt end of the jokes.

SAM Asian Man Lessons: Cockblock 101


Dont cockblock me from Reon Kadena, please!

Don't cockblock me from Reon Kadena, please!

(This is a repost of an old one we lost, but found.)

The art of cock blocking and SAMs. Why do some SAMs cock block other SAMs? Are we that desperate and jealous? Why do SAMs fight over one girl? Cock blocking should never occur unless someone requests it. But when it occurs behind peoples back, its sneaky, deceptive, and selfish. These are four fundamental rules to cock blocking:

1. Never cock block a friend unless specifically requested by the friend
Respect any successful cock block. If a guy takes away the girl you were talking to, let it go. You may have been working on her most of the night but she chose the other guy so just pack up your cock and move on.
3. Any guy hanging out with a group of girls is the Designated Cock Block
4.When cock blocking, anything goes. Just be careful not to cock block yourself.

For SAMs, rule ..1 is of particular interest. Dont backstab your fellow SAM brother! Were in this all together. Dont be so selfish and greedy. Theres plenty of that raw sushi to go around.

Now there are 3 basic types of cock block. The first is the Requested Cock Block. It occurs when a friend is talking or dancing with someone who they wish to get away from but this person has them trapped. Thats when you come in to help your friend get away from this undesirable person. This most commonly happens when there is one guy hanging out with a group of girls, for he is the Designated Cock Block. But SAMsdont be the DCB DCB is typically the one who all the girls only think of as a friend youll never get laid with these girls. As the D.C.B. it is your job to watch out for your lady friends and scare away any sketchy guys. When your friend gives you the signal that she wants a guy to leave her alone thats your cue to come in and pretend that you are the boyfriend that was just away at the bathroom. Continue reading

Just because one makes fun of white people, are they anti-white or white-bashing?

I make fun of white people sometimes. They are just innocuous jokes that I like to share with other Asians as well as white people. What’s wrong with that? They are not mean spirited nor aimed to cause ill-will or harm. I’m not anti-white or attempting to bash on white people. I’m just poking fun. It’s mostly exaggerations and light humor. Here’s the deal. White people make fun of Asians all the time: In person, on TV, in the media, in sports, in politics, in magazines, at work, at school, everywhere. Why can’t I make fun of them? Is that so wrong? Is that so non-PC?

I mean of all the racist and ridiculous things white people can and do say about Blacks, Asians, and Latinos, is there anything in the language as egregious when we talk about white people? Honky? White trash? Yankee? I mean, are these “derogatory” labels that offensive compared to the N-word or Gook or Wetback? Please. Black comedians make the white-black jokes all the time. And you know what? I see all white people laughing. Why can’t we Asians make the white-Asian jokes? No one here is racist towards white people. I’m not. I’m poking fun and making light of it.

It just seems some white people can dish it out but can’t take it. I’m not trying to get even or retaliate or get defensive. I’m just having fun at the expense of some white people just like we Asians have been for many years. We make fun of slanted-eye Asians on this site almost 90% of the time. I should be able to make fun of round eye white people as well. It doesn’t matter who does it, when anyone does something stupid, that person is subject to be made fun of, regardless of their skin color. Don’t you agree?