Jeremy Lin…relegated to a punchline in between a cracked fortune cookie

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It’s shocking to me how ignorant major media conglomerates can be when it comes to issues like this. It’s a big company with many employees and with its own checks and balances. Projects, ideas, procedures all have to get approved.
So how can this happen?

It’s so interesting to me how when an Asian figure gets some media coverage, like the way Jeremy Lin has been getting, the small to big prejudices and bigotry and stereotypes all come out of the woodwork. Thing is, sadly, they were already there. It just came out because of the so-called Jeremy Lin media sensation.

Yeah, yeah, I get that almost all Chinese restaurants in the U.S. give customers fortune cookies. But the reality is that they don’t do this at restaurants in China. I guess most average everyday people do not know this.
But huge media companies during the highly publicized and watched NBA game on TV?

Chinaman please.

And again, back to our previous post regarding Lin…Is this really that funny?

The Game Killa SAM

asian guy dating white

"Girls, Girls, Girls"

Article Contributed by redelk2535

Since my buddies kicked off this website, I’ve been more observant of SAM culture. This week I had a realization that I’d like to share. On Tuesday a female co-worker and I were joking about marriage. Then she asked me if I only wanted to marry a “nice Asian woman.” Her words. I said “not necessarily” because for me compatibility ranks much higher than race on my list of priorities.Funny thing is, it’s the second time a Caucasian woman has asked me that recently. Two months ago at a friend’s website company party, an Italian American woman asked me exactly the same thing. The last Asian guy she dated had broken things up because he had to marry Korean. I think we all know guys like this, even within our friends.

The realization: some women will assume that all Asian guys think like that. The unfortunate effect of this is that one SAM’s actions could kill my game. Previously I didn’t concern myself with the fact that some women I meet might make the assumption that I date “Asians only.” Now I know that it’s a common assumption, an urban myth about some Asian males.

It’s not a major problem though, the best solution is still to talk to the woman you are interested in and signal that you like her in a clear way. I’d love to take a poll of a 100 Caucasian women and see what they say. Any of you guys know what I’m talking about? – Elk SAM