Racism: this is why I will root for Japan instead of the USA in the Women’s World Cup Final

Womens-World-Cup-Final-2011 Japan USA

It's just a fucking game, you racist cunts

So, today, Japan’s women’s team beat Sweden to go to the final of the Women’s World Cup of 2011.  They will face the favorites, USA.  I’m a Japanese American, and friends asked me who I will root for. Then a friend sends me an email which includes his comment plus a bunch of Twitter feeds by racist Americans:

R wrote: Why am I surprised? Really. Why? Even over a soccer match, there are some racist mother’effers out there and they are lighting up Twitter. We should put up a website to call these assholes out. I hope some blogs cover this, because this shit isn’t right.

CaitWilliamson Caitlyn Williamson
World War III begins Sunday at 2pm for the world cup final! Except America won’t be dropping the atomic bomb on Japan..well maybe!
#Merica ?

rgutierrez841 rey gutierrez
Can’t wait till sunday till america drops bombs on japan in the womens fifa final

longdistncejhwk Corbett Stovall
America…Japan…#WWC Final reminds me a bit of Pearl Harbor. Fitting that it’s taking place in Germany? Continue reading

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