Jeremy Lin…relegated to a punchline in between a cracked fortune cookie

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It’s shocking to me how ignorant major media conglomerates can be when it comes to issues like this. It’s a big company with many employees and with its own checks and balances. Projects, ideas, procedures all have to get approved.
So how can this happen?

It’s so interesting to me how when an Asian figure gets some media coverage, like the way Jeremy Lin has been getting, the small to big prejudices and bigotry and stereotypes all come out of the woodwork. Thing is, sadly, they were already there. It just came out because of the so-called Jeremy Lin media sensation.

Yeah, yeah, I get that almost all Chinese restaurants in the U.S. give customers fortune cookies. But the reality is that they don’t do this at restaurants in China. I guess most average everyday people do not know this.
But huge media companies during the highly publicized and watched NBA game on TV?

Chinaman please.

And again, back to our previous post regarding Lin…Is this really that funny?

Asian guys have small penis…HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! LOL! Hilarious! LMAO! So Witty! HeHe! This shit never gets old!

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“The bane of our existence ya’ll….BBC”

Everybody, this is Jason Whitlock, sportswriter for FOX Sports. He’s known for being very outspoken, gruff, and all around controversial. I’ve always been a small fan because he usually went against the grain of most ass-kissing sportswriters or sports “journalists”. In the previous post I wrote about and celebrated Jeremy Lin, the Asian basketball sensation of the New York Knicks – he’s been lighting it up, schooling everyone, and putting on a show.
But then Whitlock goes and tweets this garbage:

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Asian Man = small penis…HAHA! LOL! LMAO! So very funny!”

Can anyone tell me why people think this is so funny? The whole joke about Asian men having small penises. I don’t get it. It’s been overplayed and the joke has run its course but it keeps popping up in movies, TV, media, etc. Yeah, I get it that jokes based on racial and ethnic stereotypes are grounds for humor and joking around but why does this particular joke (Asian men have small penis) always draws laughs and hysterical reactions from various people? IT IS NOT THAT FUNNY!!!

How many times have I heard that black women have big bubble butts? How many times have I heard that Jewish women have big boobs? How many times have I heard that Asian girls have bodies like a 15 year old boy? Not nearly as often as I’ve heard all those jokes related to Asian men having small penises. Why is that? Whether it’s a myth, a gross generalization, or fact…why is it persistently brought up as a punch line? Why do so many people (of all colors/race) find this so damn funny? I myself find it offensive and disrespectful and incredibly aggravating.

To recap, Jason Whitlock tweeted his “joke”. The AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) demanded an apology via an email to Whitlock. Whitlock responded with a bunch of lame excuses and “apologized”. This was all exposed on Facebook. And then all the comments started flooding in from random FB users.

Click here for the apology and comments.

What‘s even more annoying is how some people just say to get over it or Asians are being overly sensitive or it’s just a joke. To me, they are basically saying “just take it up the ass and stop whining”.

We are talking about how Jeremy Lin, an Asian American, who went to Harvard and never got drafted, who is now an NBA baller and is kicking ass on the court and we are talking about how exciting that is for the sports, Asian community, and entertainment. Why does a guy like Jason Whitlock have to make a comment like that? And his comment or joke or whatever had nothing to do with basketball. What was the point in even tweeting that? Why is he fixated on Jeremy Lin’s penis…whether it’s tiny, small, medium, big, or whatever? Who cares? Why can’t he and others just let Jeremy Lin be recognized for his recent achievements on the basketball court?

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Nothing more classy and attractive than Asian girls throwing up gang signs when in the presence of a black man”

Jeremy Lin – Representin

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"White men can't jump...But look at this Asian boy's hops!"

There are very few Asian role models in American pop culture today. I can count only one true Asian role model in my lifetime and that’s Bruce Lee. Everyone else in movies, sports, music, TV, and entertainment have been less than spectacular and presented as a buffoon. This is why I’m ecstatic in seeing the sudden meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin of the NBA. He’s incredible and a huge sensation in the world of pro basketball.

I always thought Yao Ming was soft but I think Lin is the real deal – a bonafide baller who has been smoking all the stars of the NBA, including Kobe Bryant.

This is a great boost to the image of Asian men in the media. Yes Asians typically excel in math and science. But us Asians (Lin) can play in a sports dominated by black men. Ever since the other two stars of the New York Knicks have been injured, Jeremy Lin has been filling in very nicely. Let’s see what they do once the other two stars return.

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"Kobe...rapist, recently divorced, victim of no prenup"

Chinese basketball team start a brawl with Georgetown: A Lesson for Asian men

My first reaction when I heard about the brawl between the Chinese basketball team and Georgetown in an exhibition match was, “Oh, there the American punk ass athletes go again causing trouble!”  But, it turns out that the brawl was instigated by the Chinese team, which was comprised of belligerent military guys according to the Washington Post.

From the perspective of an Asian American, we could learn from these Chinese thugs.  The mentality of these players, although belligerent, display a level of Asian pride and power that a lot of us living in white societies lack.  These guys refused to take shit from anyone, and they weren’t intimidated by the fact that the Hoyas were American and black and tall and strong.  Although their actions may have disgraced their team and country, it sends a message to the world that the Chinese athletes aren’t gonna take shit from nobody, especially on home court!  From a racial perspective, it is actually an empowering message.  I have never seen a group of Asians fighting a group of blacks or whites without fear like that.  Can you think of any other examples like this? Continue reading