Pump it up my Asian brothers: Benefits of Lifting Weights


Actor Rain pumping iron and getting results

Look like this and nobody will mess with you

We really appreciate your comments, and we learn a lot from them.  Some of our readers say they’ve experienced racism, while others say they haven’t.  Why is it that some people are targeted while others are not?  There have been several instances where a reader will mention they have never been victimized by racists because they happen to be very tall or muscular.

Racists are cowards and target those who they perceive as weak.  Asians in white media are often portrayed as wimps, and so a lot of Americans get the notion that it’s safe to pick on the Asian guys.  Oftentimes since Asian parents emphasize education over sports and socializing, a lot of Asian American guys can be scrawny in comparison to the average American kids who can’t count to ten but can catch a football.

How can you avoid getting picked on?  One answer is to get stronger and bigger by lifting weights. There are many benefits to this.  You get stronger so that you can protect yourself in case a punk ass provokes you.  When you get physically stronger, you get more confident in your social life.  It’s definitely true that if you feel good about yourself, you tend to radiate that.  But, the best thing about gaining some muscle is that it will intimidate the racists, and they will avoid giving you trouble.  They will look at your physique, think twice, and move on to easier prey.

I think a lot of Asians do not do weight training.  Although Asians are just as active in sports, many of them just don’t lift.  My dad was a muscular guy, but I never saw him weight train.  He did stuff like push ups, sit ups, boxing, and running to stay in shape.  The traditional martial arts like Karate or Taekwondo work the body by doing drills and training that uses the weight of the body.  They rarely involve lifting heavy metal.  Also, I think that many Asians like myself thought that Asian guys genetically can’t get that muscular and bulky.  But the more research I do, I realize this is false.

Michael Chang of SixPackShortcuts

Michael Chang of SixPackShortcuts

I came across this guy on YouTube recently, and was thoroughly impressed.  He is well-spoken, confident, intelligent, ripped, and he has a great system for gaining muscle and strength while losing weight.  His name is Mike Chang , and he went from being obese to getting ripped through lifting weights, studying the body, and eating smart.  He did so well that he became a full time personal trainer, and created Six Pack Shortcuts online.  He is an Asian American guy who is shattering all the stereotypes we face.  I think he’s a great role model.

Fuckin’ Lazy American Bastards

fat lazy american bastard

Lazy Americans! Hide your fucking gut!

I’ve finally had it at work.  I’m surrounded by a bunch of lazy underachievers and I can’t stand it anymore.  Am I the only one?  I am starting to think that it’s an American epidemic.  Here are the details.

I work in a tech company, and the people here make a lot of money.  I’m guessing my boss makes about $100k.  His boss probably makes $125k.  That’s a shitload of money.  And even us, we make a very good living.  I would think the average salary is $60k.  In any case, we are well compensated…and yet most of these people around me do the very bare minimum work.  In software, we have flex time, which means you can come in anytime so long as you’re around between 10am to 4pm.  Lots of people take long lunches, come in late, and leave early.  People here don’t take deadlines seriously, and often slip.  I look around me and the lazy fuckers are playing video games, watching videos, and doing Facebook for half the day!

Fuck.  So, I got fed up with it all and started arguing for change.  I am Asian American, and my Japanese parents taught me to work hard.  I feel guilty if I don’t do my work, and I don’t like to waste time.  The managers here have not implemented any processes, and the project managers are a joke.  I started asking them to start setting milestones, track progress, and make people accountable for their tasks.  I got them to start doing daily scrum meetings to get people to work more efficiently.  I annoyed the heck out of some people while doing this, and criticized a lot of what has been going on.  Oh, btw, I’m a fucking graphic designer!  It’s not my fucking role to do this, but I stuck my head out because I didn’t like what I saw.  All this stuff was implemented, but in the process my passive aggressive tactics upset the bosses above, and they basically reported me to HR!  Can you believe this shit?  I deserve a medal, and I get a slap in the face. Continue reading

My Oklahomie – good intentions show racial ignorance

It cracks me up every time I think about it.  My buddy from Oklahoma and I went to get a quick bite before a concert, and found a teriyaki joint.  His girlfriend was also with us.  After I order my meal, he orders for himself, after which he bows to the Asian guy at the register and says, ‘arigatou gozaimasu’.  Being Japanese, I could tell that the man was definitely not Japanese, and he wasn’t pleased.   Probably Korean.  Even my friend’s  girlfriend felt embarrassed.   It cracked me up, and I still bring it up to this day.  Ah, bless his white soul…

White On Rice: The Movie

So a friend of mine in San Francisco said he was in a restaurant when a man in a banana came in plugging this video.  I watched the clip and it’s kind of funny.  The reason I’m not opposed to it is because they have a few types of Asian characters, including the well assimilated cool Asian guy, played by Kyson Lee, the guy from Heroes.  So, it might be ok.



The director Dave Boyle is an American Mormon who did his mission in Australia, where he worked for an English/Japanese church.  That’s where he learned the J language.   He’s never been to Japan oddly, but he has two movies around Japanese, including another called. Big Dreams Little Tokyo


Bitch…I know you be hatin on Asian men…but seriously…are you hot?

“AGH! Asian men are so gross! BARF!”

Controversy…that’s what I am and that’s what I’m about. And I attract it somehow. So this white chick wrote me a nasty email. You have to read it for yourself. Basically…she wants me. But she can’t have me. Because I’m made of gold baby. You feeling me? Read her email below…it’s very very…loving and sentimental. I think she’s a fan. At any rate, tell us what you think on what she’s saying. Take it all in and vent. And soon thereafter, I will post her response to the email I wrote the ho. But kidding aside, just read this but don’t shy away from it. I know it’s disturbing and not something you want to hear. But this is reality and we need to face it and do something about it. I’m not trying to rip on Asians here – I’m Asian. This sort of thing infuriates me. I’m trying to show on this platform that there are people out there who think this way and we shouldn’t ignore it.

Asian men are thought off as weak nerdy small penised and gross because THEY ARE. I worked with gooks in three different companies. I was a director of sales for three large PC hardware manufacturers YOU HAVE HEARD OF. We were an all white sales team to put an American face on GOOK imported CRTs and a famous brand of video cards. I worked for Taiwanese, Koreans and Chinese from Hong Kong. They were ALL gross. I never hated asians till I got to know them. I had girlfriends in boarding school who I loved like sisters from Hong Kong and Korea and Japan. I still write to them. I was never prejudice till I saw what these people, specifically the men, were really like. The better I got to know them the more they disgusted me. I can tell you story after story of experiences I had that were UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE. Things American men NEVER would have done in an AMERICAN company. Want me to lecture your group on how stupid and gross asian men are and all the things I saw first hand that proved it to me? Id be happy to. But seriously man, how stupid and pathetic and desperate do you have to be to join a group and have meeting to try to get YOUR OWN WOMEN interested in YOU? Or even more pathetic “to GET WHITE CHICKS”. You and your ridiculous racist ad are proof on a small scale of just how stupid gross and creepy asian guys are. You want white chicks, throw your self into oncoming traffic and get reincarnated as a cute white guy or cute latino. THAT is how YOU guys can get a hot white chick that you didnt have to pay to take her clothes off…

Unfriendly Asian American Parents


asian parents

Shanghai Meimi wrote:

Do Asian-American parents ever befriend their kids’ friends? I hang out with the families of my friends of all different backgrounds, and I’ve found older Mainland Chinese to be so hospitable, but my A-A friends’ parents are so aloof and sometimes quite rude. I think partly they don’t like white people, but I’ve observed some of them snit at their kids’ Asian friends too.

I’ve totally seen this. When I was a kid, my mom was very critical of my friends. Of course, not when they were over, but when they left! I remember in elementary school, she took us to the pool, and there were these two white kids who were raucous and causing trouble. She said, ‘I don’t like those kids. Don’t play with them.’ As it turns out, my brother and I became best of friends with them at school! She didn’t prevent us from hanging out with them, but she would comment how loud they were sometimes. Continue reading

Many Japanese girls marry Americans

japanese girls love white guys

"Wow, I wonder if John, Edward, or Phillip are single..."

I heard from my girlfriend that she knows several Japanese girls who do prefer American guys over Japanese guys! I said, “WHAT!?!?!?” But, I had to remind myself that I’m American, also… heh heh.

She said that she faced a lot of male chauvinism in Japan. When she wanted to abroad, men would say, “What are you, as a woman, going to do abroad?”, as if a woman should stay home and do the dishes. It really is hard for women to live in Japan. They actually do get paid much less than men, so if they are single, they have no choice but to live at home with their parents. Plus, she said they get a lot of snide remarks from men about their age or weight. Due to this, she was really sensitive about her age when I first met her. She lied and told me she was 23, when she turned out to be 31! (I am so gullible, but she looks young!) Continue reading

Why are Asian stars only popular in Asia?

asian stars america popular

"Any of these Asian stars would light up Hollywood"

Hey there, I was just wondering to myself, why is that american/british stars are so popular around the world, yet Asian stars are only popular in Asia? How come you never see many Asian stars take tours around America or britain for example. Well actually, there are a few good reasons for this. One is language, English is spoken around the world so international sensations like the Backstreet boys or spice girls or usher are instantly opening themselves up for international fame purely by speaking english predominantly. Asian stars on the otherhand, like Ayumi hamasaki or BoA haven’t made much of an impact in America/Europe because English is so different from asian languages such as Korean or Japanese. Therefore, in order for them to reach success over here, they have to learn a completely different language, and its a whole new transition. Secondly, asian stars are very much preoccupied with staying in Asia, for example SM Entertainment thinks of China as the new US for BoA, and her sales wouldn’t falter at all by making a transition into Mandarin rather than English, so it is just more convenient and less risky for Asian stars to stay within Asia.

That said, Asian stars will inevitably in the future become more international, (Rain for example played a sold out concert in NYC earlier this year and AmiYumi has their own syndicated TV show in USA). Also there are quite a few fans of asian superstars in America already, so who knows? Continue reading

Stuffed animals in back of car along the rear window?



WTF? No wonder Asian drivers can be bad!

WTF? Have you seen this shit? I’ve seen Asian “males” have just a shitload of stuffed animals in the back along the rear window. Why on earth! I’ve seen it numerous times on the road. It would have 20+ stuffed animals! Seriously, you need to stop this shit! And why is it always an Asian guy? Asian girl? It’s almost forgiveable but Asian man? Gook please! Get rid of all that shit. Throw it out. It’s not cute. It’s way gay. It’s gaysian.

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