Asians age better than white people

Katie Holmes (actress):  Left - Age 21 / Right - Age 28

Katie Holmes (actress): Left - Age 21 / Right - Age 28

I’ve heard this so many times from so many people- from both Asians and Whites. It’s quite common for white people to underestimate the age of Asians. Asians have less wrinkles and generally maintain their youthfulness better than white people. This probably has to do with genes as well as diet, exposure to sun, and lifestyle. White people generally think I look mid 20’s but I’m much older than that. I’ve met many white girls who already have wrinkles by the time they are 23. I think one reason is that white girls love to lay out in the sun and we all know sun ages you dramatically over time. Asian girls generally put more make-up to possibly cover up their skin blemishes, wrinkles, and age marks. Asians generally stay thinner than their white counterparts. And Asians have smaller body frames, not as wide hips or thighs, and are not as big-boned. These are all generalizations of course and there are many exceptions. Sun is the biggest enemy for the skin. Granted, the white girls look hot when they’re young, tanned, and fit. But once they reach upper 20’s, it’s game over fellas. Thighs double in size, their arms turn into guns, and their ass? Forget about it. One always look younger if they’re less fat or just more thin. While Asians’ skin maintains its smoothness and color, white people’s skin gets a bit leathery and coarse. I don’t mean to offend anyone…I’m just saying.

No respect for the elders and senior citizens and grandparents

asian elder respect americans

"Why do most Americans treat the elders like crap?"

Typically, in Asian culture, respect for the elders (senior citizens), such as grandmothers and grandfathers, is very important. In Korean, we change the entire way of speaking when talking and addressing to an elder. It consists of a more formalized language that’s indicative of respect. When I was in Korea, you give up your seat in the subway when an elder is present. You bow and never call them out by saying “hey!” You open doors and never smoke in their presence. When you are drinking beer, you turn to the right and then drink. You should pour the drink for them with both hands. You definitely don’t curse or utter profanities in front of them. You don’t talk over them or talk to them as if they are beneath you.

But in American culture, it seems the older generations get treated like shit sometimes. There seems to be no respect. They are sometimes viewed as a nuisance because they are slow drivers on the road. It seems they are forgotten and turned away by society. I’ve seen people yell, scream, and curse in front of their grandparents. If you’re Asian, you have to agree with me that the idea of respect for the elders is more prevalent and important amongst Asians than the general American population. The “oldies” in America, such as the aging baby boomers, are considered old fashion and passé. They are not viewed as wise and full of life with lots of fascinating stories. What do you think?

Many Japanese girls marry Americans

japanese girls love white guys

"Wow, I wonder if John, Edward, or Phillip are single..."

I heard from my girlfriend that she knows several Japanese girls who do prefer American guys over Japanese guys! I said, “WHAT!?!?!?” But, I had to remind myself that I’m American, also… heh heh.

She said that she faced a lot of male chauvinism in Japan. When she wanted to abroad, men would say, “What are you, as a woman, going to do abroad?”, as if a woman should stay home and do the dishes. It really is hard for women to live in Japan. They actually do get paid much less than men, so if they are single, they have no choice but to live at home with their parents. Plus, she said they get a lot of snide remarks from men about their age or weight. Due to this, she was really sensitive about her age when I first met her. She lied and told me she was 23, when she turned out to be 31! (I am so gullible, but she looks young!) Continue reading

Average age for a SAM to lose his virginity?

asian virgin sex

"Finally, I am a MAN! I hope my parents don't hear us..."

Following the post below, I thought I’d come out and ask…how old you think the average SAM loses his virginity? I was watching a show last night (caught it right in the middle of it and I forgot what channel) but it was talking about how promiscious kids are these days…Girls are having their periods as young as 12…that’s nuts.

Then they talked about how kids are losing their virginity at younger ages…apparently it’s at around 15 years old in the US. I switched over to the Daily Show after this part.

Anyway, I have a gut feel that SAMs lose their virginity at a later age…I dunno why, but I just do. Why do you think this is? Or, do you disagree? Are SAMs as sexually active as a bunch of jackrabbits in a bucket? Actually, I dunno if jackrabbits in a bucket will be going at it…they’re proabably trying to get out of the bucket….mmmmm…bucket…