Kosher Sushi: Jewish Men, Asian Girls…


Shanghai wrote:

Jews and Asians. Jewish men and Asian women have a big love in. When a teen as a shiksa(non-Jewish girl) with a former Jew thang, I was repeatedly dissed by Jew boys who only wanted Jewish girls. But dissed Jewish girls for Asian girls. So I gave up on Jewish boy for the much hotter Asian boys. Now, even lots of my Mainland galfriends have Jew boy fetishes. Generally, I get it, but specifically, huh?

Well, probably Jewish guys are like any Caucasian guys, and they will give Asian women a chance. I met a guy in Japan who was big into Japanese girls. He’s like 35 and dating a girl who is 22 or something. Not particularly a great looking dude, and very short. He’s very Americanized so I don’t think his parents are telling him to marry a Jewish girl. I had a coworker once who was from Israel and she was such a cool lady. However, one thing that really surprised me was that she said her son was currently dating a nice, Christian girl. But, she said that her son MUST marry a Jewish girl in the future. She was so hip on one end, but so traditional on the other.

Determining success factors for a business…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m contemplating starting my own company. Afterall, lots of asians do it so why can’t I right?  I haven’t decided on an idea yet, but I’ve determined a number of success factors in my new venture…

  • I have to love working there…every morning, I want to wake up and run to the office/store/business
  • I want to work with people who are just as inspired as I am
  • I want professionals as customers…nothing against the working class, but professionals make more money and I won’t have to worry about getting my ass kicked
  • I want it to be services related…making stuff is so China
  • It has to be timeless…nothing too trendy
  • It has to be self-managing at somepoint…meaning that it can’t be built what little talent I have as an individual…someone else needs to be able to manage it.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep updating you guys as it develops.
Lastly, here’s an email I just got from an ex-coworker:

“Starting you own company is a lot like parenting a child…It gives you a chance, like nothing else, to see what you are made of.  If you are interested in giving that a go, I would strongly encourage you in that direction.”

Fools Gold…


I think half of you will probably disagree with me, but as a member of the SAM style council, I must speak.

I’ve noticed that many Asian guys like to unbutton the top of their shirts and wear yellow gold chains around their neck. Personally, I don’t think traditional yellow gold looks good on Asians…period. Yellow gold on yellow or brown skin just doesn’t work for me. Gold really pops out on your Asian skin, and it begs for too much attention in my opinion.

In Japanese fashion culture, yellow gold makes you look old and traditional, and it’s also related to Yakuza gang wear, kind of like it is here. It’s a fashion statement from older generations, but now it’s not as hip. Look at all the hip fashion magazines and the modern jewelry/watch ads in them and you’ll see that they are almost all silver rather than gold in color. Continue reading

Almost always, I’d vote for BUSH…but not George W…Have you ever voted? Be honest!

  “Paris! You overexposed slut!…would you ever date a SAM?”

I’m very curious. We all know that many Asians are apolitical. And we’ve talked about this topic a couple of times. Let’s not kid ourselves…most of us Asians don’t really care about politics, locally or nationally. I was quite apathetic when I was younger, but as I get older, I am even more apathetic. I don’t watch “Hardball” or could care less what George Stephanopolous has to say. Besides, I am so cynical towards politicians and politics in general anyway. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not completely ignorant about who’s who in the government. But my question is this: Did you ever vote for the presidential elections? Are you even registered? Have you ever voted in the local elections? I voted for Clinton, our nation’s first Black president. The first time Bush won, I didn’t vote. The second time he won, I voted for Gore. But locally, I’ve voted only once and it was for voting down on the Monorail Tax. Other than that, I’ve hardly ever voted. Right now, we have elections coming up for WA and I have no idea what’s going on. I think I’ll just vote for Pedro. At any rate, all I care about is my fellow SAM brothers and how we can get laid for less money. Just joking.

Asian American Homophobia


Shanghai Meimi wrote:

Several of my SAM bros are gay, but several others are really nastily homophobic. Especially the most typical SAM types. I’ve found A-A guys to be way more homophobic than Mainlanders, who get over it really fast. I say this having lots of gay Mainlander pals, than lots of Mainlander bfs and hetero friends being all Uh, uh…ok.

Shanghai will have to clarify what she meant in the end of her comment…

Personally, I’ve never felt threatened by gays. During college, two of my friends came out within a period of 2 weeks, and I was very happy that they trusted me enough to tell me. One of them was a buddy from high school, and we had no clue he was gay! Looking back, he was so comfortable around women, and always had lots of friends who were women. Meanwhile, us SAMs were hanging out in the library playing chess during lunch break… Frankly, I’m flattered when a gay guy says I’m hot. It shows that I got style and personality that a queer eye can discern. The gay friends I have had throughout the years were very expressive, spoke honestly, and are interesting people.

I’m guessing a lot of guys are afraid of gays because they feel that they might be taken advantage of? But, how’s that gonna happen? It’s not so don’t worry about it. Besides that, the more religious folk think being homosexual is a sin, but that’s like saying being ‘Asian’ is a sin. Sexual orientation is genetic, and if GOD creates homosexuals, then he’s pro-gay. Others imagine gay sex and think it’s gross, but licking pussy is definitely not a sanitary pasttime, boys. We just happen to get used to it because we’ve seen thousands of porn videos where we’ve seen it done over and over. Same thing goes for anal sex with women. So, get over your gay phobia guys. A hangup is a hangup. How do you expect to get equality for Asians when you’re trying to keep others down?

The Token White Dude?


Big Trouble in Big China….

BigChina wrote:


Personally, I’ve not seen this before, but it’s an interesting phenomenon. We can let BigChina elaborate first, and we can go from there.

Why didn’t Gary Locke, our nation’s first Chinese American governor, fight for AA causes?

“Hey dog, your wife is pretty hot! But you should’ve got a white girl playa!”

Would you vote for an elected official just because he or she is Asian? In the state of Washington, we had Gary Locke, the state’s first Asian governor. I’m not sure what he did as far as the Asian causes go, but I don’t think he did all that much. I think it’s a shame because it was such a milestone and an accomplishment that we had such an important position held by an Asian. Asian Americans could’ve had a voice through him assuming he would fight for our causes and ideas and propositions. But I don’t think he did. I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything in the news, print and TV, of the things he’s been trying to accomplish or do. This guy is full Chinese and was the governor of WA state! Why didn’t he fight for us? Were there just no pro-Asian agendas? Why didn’t he rally and speak for us? Is he not aware or have experienced the trials, tribulations, and struggles of Asian Americans? Is he a sell-out? He accepted “donations” from various Asian figures and leaders and organizations and yet I don’t feel like he did enough. Is this man considered a sell-out?

SAMs: Learn Perseverence

I notice some SAMs are dejected and frustrated.  Maybe they were shot down by a few girls.  Maybe they were made fun of a few times during their life.  Here’s my reply.
Haven’t you guys watched great sportsmen talk?  ALL of them say that they met with criticism and negativity their whole life, but it just motivated them to work harder.  They didn’t crumble to the negativity.  They either ignored it, or channeled their energy into positive results.  They were motivated to prove the nay-sayers wrong.  You know what that’s called?  It’s called determination and perseverence.  Just because you get a few negative comments here and there, don’t give up.  Get angry.  Get defiant, and show them they are wrong.

Western thinking teaches you that you are lacking in certain aspects, and you have to work to GET new skills.  Rather than think that way, learn from Eastern ways of thought.  Buddhism teaches that you have all the potential within you already, and the more you look inward, the more that potential comes out.  You are not lacking.  You have everything you need innately within you.  If you can relax and be calm, your potential will naturally come out.  The more you realize this, the more confident and happy you will be.

The Passion of the SAM…and how a Politically Corrected world allows us to live in a bubble

  “Damnit Mel, you like Asian girls too?”

This is a pet-peeve of mine so allow me to make my point. I detest this whole idea of a PC world where everyone seeks to say the right and correct thing as oppose to really being honest and straightforward. It makes it a phony world and no one is sincere. For example, look at Mel Gibson’s apology and PR-driven interview with Diane Sawyer recently. The entire time he’s talking about his alcoholism and how that “caused” him to yell anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest. He’s blaming it on alcohol for being racist? What? Look, he doesn’t like the Jews. For whatever reason, that’s how he’s felt and suddenly, on that wonderful night, his honesty came pouring out in a moment of anger and drunk-fueled frenzy. That was his most honest moment. We all got a glimpse of his true feelings and beliefs. Is this good? Well, no. He’s a racist. But it is good that we all now know this. But that the thing that really annoys me is how everyone wanted him to apologize. For what? For being a racist? Does this really make everyone and life better? Are you more comfortable and more at ease because this man apologized? You see, after his arrest, the Public Relations machine started to kick in: His publicist, his manager, his agent, his attorneys, his image, and his production company. My point is this: I’m glad it happened. Because otherwise, we would never have found out how he really feels and thinks. And regarding the public apology and the plea for forgiveness? I don’t give a damn. I already know the truth now and any sort of PR stunt or image-damage-control is irrelevant to me. I hate the phoniness of these people. And his apology is worthless to me because it’s all driven by PR, being PC, and virtually because he’s a famous powerful rich actor/director/producer in Hollywood. He can point the finger at alcohol and make all kinds of excuses. But the truth of the matter is that he’s anti-Semitic.

How does this all relate to our site? This site is about NOT being PC. We seek to tell it like it is. And you readers can do the same. Spit it out and let us and the readers choose to respond or not to respond. I welcome all racists and bigots to comment. Just be honest. You see, one of the unfortunate things for SAMs and AA’s is that we live in a PC world – this is one of the passions (tragegy) of the SAM. And consequently, we live in a bubble where we think the world is fair and just. But the reality of it is that the world is a ugly place full of racism, bigotry, discrimination, and Kim Jung Il. Let’s not dance around things for the sake of being PC. If you want us to say what you want to hear or you just want to read about negatives covered up by a fake layer of just meaningless insincere words, there are plenty of sites out there that are like that. We want honesty. We talk about things that are uncomfortable and taboo-ish and we try to discuss about things that are not normally discussed because people are afraid of offending someone. This is a non-PC site. So enjoy.

Interconnectedness vs. Separateness: Why Americans overinflate themselves and try to “fit in”

I found this article online, and it had a lot of interesting points.

In America, there is a common saying which applies to their basic life wisdom, “You’re on your own.  No one will take care of you except yourself.  You have only yourself to depend on.”  However, what they negate to say is this primarily applies to America due to its cultural mentality, not the whole world.  US culture and mentality teaches that we are all separate independent individuals with our own self-interests and our own bubble/space.  There is not a natural sense of interconnectedness between people like there is in other countries.  This is one generalization I can make that is very accurate.

Also, such sayings subconsciously reinforce selfishness as well

As a consequence, this lack of interconnectedness between people in America leads to two common maladaptive neuroses:  a) The tendency of Americans to overinflate their ego, confidence, and attitude to compensate for their vulnerability.  b) The conflicting oxymoron of trying to “fit in” somewhere.  I will elaborate on both.

It is very one-sided, but it does mention a lot of arguments that I’ve heard before about Americans being too individualistic and unconnected.  I think it relates to SAMs, and how many of us don’t feel like we fit in in this society.  According to the article, Americans are so individualistic that there are really no true connections, and actually no place to ‘fit in’.  The author is Asian, and has experience living abroad.   What do you guys think?