Why do Asians eat more fish than white people?

why don't white people eat fish like this?

why don't white people eat fish like this?

I’m Japanese American, and my wife is Japanese.  We cook fish all the time.  Tonight we had wild salmon, we have mackerel in the fridge, and there are some dried fish snacks in my pantry.  While I was eating recently, I think I finally understood why Americans don’t eat much fish.

I used to think that the reason Asians eat more fish than Americans was geography.  America is a big country with a vast inland.  People living in places like Kansas are less likely to have access to fish, especially from the sea.  With their large pastures, Americans have learned to raise livestock like cows, pigs, and chickens.  On the other hand, Japan is a large island surrounded by an ocean full of fish.  Not having the vast lands the US has, they rely much more on fish than livestock.  And the bountiful seas there provide all sorts of fish: mackerel, halibut, tuna, snapper, cod, bonito, and more. Continue reading

White people love to make the yuck face

????? ????

white boy with a yuck face - rude

the yuck face

I’ve seen it so many times when an American is offered foreign food, or when someone mentions something they don’t like.  Look, everyone has a right to dislike something, and I know to a certain extent it’s a reaction.  But, it’s rude to make the yuck face period, and as an adult you should practice self-control and not do it, especially around strangers or when you are in a foreign country.  I felt embarrassed so many times in Japan when an American colleague would make the yuck face at someone who offered them something different and refused to try.  So immature and wrong.  It’s fine to say no to an offer of food, but I think it’s rude to make the face.  To me, the face says, “Gross! I can’t believe you eat that shit!”

Self-centered as many Americans are, they seem to think it’s the food’s fault when they don’t like the taste.   The fact that many people like the foods you dislikes means that it’s something about YOU that doesn’t mix with the food.   Honestly, I think it’s a result of bad parenting.  Parents need to expose kids to lots of different foods and cultures, and teach kids to be polite when they come across food they don’t like.  Of course, your food habits are often inherited from your parents, and if they were eating nothing but hot dogs and hamburgers and crap food, you probably weren’t exposed to various flavors, and have a retarded palate. Yes, your tongue is retarded.  I remember seeing a documentary on Marilyn Manson going to Tokyo.  He went searching for a McDonald’s because he didn’t want to try anything new.  Unbelievable considering all the great food that is in Tokyo.  For a guy who wants to be outrageous and cutting edge, his eating habits were so tame and backward.

As a rule, I think you should try everything before you reject it.  There’s some great foods out there.  I found a delicious salumi deli that made great beef tongue salami sandwiches.  Blood sausage, sea urchin, octopus, fishheads, intestines, chicken feet, etc…  Learn to love it.  If you can’t, just smile and say no thanks.

bikini asian girl sucking on popsicle

so good

My Oklahomie – good intentions show racial ignorance

It cracks me up every time I think about it.  My buddy from Oklahoma and I went to get a quick bite before a concert, and found a teriyaki joint.  His girlfriend was also with us.  After I order my meal, he orders for himself, after which he bows to the Asian guy at the register and says, ‘arigatou gozaimasu’.  Being Japanese, I could tell that the man was definitely not Japanese, and he wasn’t pleased.   Probably Korean.  Even my friend’s  girlfriend felt embarrassed.   It cracked me up, and I still bring it up to this day.  Ah, bless his white soul…

Hot dog? Please! I’d rather have Japanese skewers or Korean BBQ at these street food vendors


This is what America greatly lacks – street vendors/foods. In Asia, for those who have lived or traveled to Asian countries, they’re everywhere. It simply is the best food. It’s mostly I’d say Asian comfort food for hella cheap but the taste and quality is not bad at all. One of my fondest memories of walking around the city such as Seoul, are the delicious street foods I can eat for less than $3. It’s mostly finger-type food so I can either eat it while walking or sit down. In Korea, they have tents where you can eat there and believe me, the food is so good.

Why doesn’t the U.S. have this? Granted, there are couple of hot dog stands but that’s about it! Once in awhile, I’ll see roasted corn for sale. It’s sad. I terribly miss it. With the amount of food Americans eat, why don’t we have these type of food stands? Agh, it’s probably due to politics and economics such as zoning laws, high rent, competition with fast food joints, etc.

Obviously, it’s more feasible to have these in crowded heavily concentrated metropolitan cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, etc but even big cities like NYC or Chicago do not have them.

What’s a completely atrocity is white people taking this very idea and translating into “street food” for Happy Hour in fine dining type restaurants, such as Asian Fusion. Ridiculous! You can’t take this idea and present it in a nicely furnished fusion bar for happy hour! That’s just wrong.

Check it out!


Osaka-takoyaki-street vendor Asian

White person please! Don’t recommend a sushi restaurant to a Japanese!

white, woman, sushi, naked

She probably had McDonalds on the way to work

Sushi is the rage.  Sushi is exotic, it’s delicious, it’s classy, and it’s cool.  Every major city in the US now has sushi, and Seattle is no exception.  People here love it!  There’s not only classic sushi restaurants, but also three or four conveyor-belt sushi chains.  The demand is so high!  Now, every now and then, there will be talk about which sushi restaurants people like, and you know how outspoken white people are!  They love to voice their opinions, and they’ll start telling me which sushi restaurants are their favorites. “Oh, you gotta try Mashiko!  It’s the best!”  Or, “My favorite place is Hiroshi’s” or “Wasabi Bistro is the best sushi in town!”.  Now, I have had an open mind and have taken their word and tried these various places my Caucasian friends and coworkers have told me about.  And sure enough, I’m disappointed every fuckin’ time!

Conclusion.  White people don’t know sushi.  Just like you don’t ask a black man to teach you how to swim, you don’t ask a white person to tell you where to get the best raw fish.  Continue reading

Jack in the Box Teriyaki Bowls????

jack in the box asian racist haircut

Not cool, Jack.

When I saw this on TV, I had a lot of emotions…  First, I felt insulted and indignant.  How could a white American franchise make teriyaki bowls?  These guys make burgers, tacos, and now teriyaki?  Could it really be any good?  Then, I felt a bit worried.  What about all them mom and pop teriyaki joints that my Korean friends’ families run?  What will happen to their businesses?  Will they be taken down by this Walmart-esque move by Jack in the Crack?  Why don’t they leave them alone?  How will my friends earn allowance?  I really felt for them.

Funny thing is that teriyaki, though originally from Japan, isn’t that popular there. There are no teriyaki shops in Japan.  It’s an American thing.  I’m sure that the first to open the shops were Japanese Americans, but soon most of the shops were opened by Koreans and maybe even Chinese.  Personally, I’ve always thought that syrup that they call sauce is too sweet and they put too much on the rice.   I hate it when my rice is covered in sauce.  I like my rice white, thank you. Continue reading

Differences: Asian Table Manners…

asian table manners japanese korean bowl slurp

"White women can't slurp"

I find this so interesting. I have lots of Korean friends, and I’ve gone out to eat delicious Korean food with them. I’ve learned that there are a lot of differences in table manners between Koreans and Japanese.

Japanese use small ceramic or plastic bowls with a base that elevates it a bit. The ceramic tends to reduce the heat. The reason is that Japanese pick up their bowls and bring the food to their mouths, maintaining straight posture. It is considered rude to stoop to table level, and to put your arms on the table. It’s kind of funny but you sometimes see Japanese picking up big western plates to shovel food into their mouths because of this. Japanese use chopsticks for soups as well, and rarely use forks or spoons unless for Western dishes. And, we slurp! Boy, do we slurp… If you haven’t seen the movie, TAMPOPO, check it out. It’s all about Japanese food, and it’s a great, hilarious movie. Continue reading

Is it true that Asian guys really smell like garlic?

Asian men smell like garlic

"You smell that?"

This hasn’t been scientifically proven. So far, it’s just my old excuse of why I couldn’t get a white girl. I used to joke, “I’m Korean, I smell like garlic”. Now, we all know, most people love garlic in their food, such as pasta. Many Korean dishes have alot of garlic. So naturally, after ingesting all that garlic-rich food, we ooze this garlic odor. Not the most sexy of scents. But I just made it up – Asian guys smell like garlic and as soon as we walk in a room, all the white people get this look on their face like “You smell that shit? It smells like motherfuckin garlic!” So I used to joke, “Yeah, white chicks don’t dig me cuz I smell like garlic”. But you know what? If eating Korean food makes me smell like garlic, I’ll smell like garlic for the rest of my life, cuz I ain’t never giving up the best food in the world…..NOT EVEN FOR A WHITE GIRL! Holla.