I’m fed up with Hollywood using Asian stereotypes for cheap laughs

2 broke girls asian short assexual stereotype accent engrish

"Short asexual Asian man with heavy Engrish accent"

I wanted to vent and rant about something that constantly keeps coming up and it’s just getting really annoying. Negative Asian male stereotypes. I experienced a couple of unappealing things in the course of 1 day while hanging out at home one night watching TV.

(1) I was watching TV one day and there was this reality show where there are 2 hot white girls inside a house and one by one, a guy rings the doorbell. The girls view the guys who are outside the front door via a camera and they judge whether they can come in or not – worthy enough to meet the hot girls inside. One of the guys happens to be an Asian guy and this is what the girls commented: “Uh, he looks a little short”, “I wonder if the rest of him fits his short height”, “Sorry William Hung but you’re just not hung enough for me”.

2 broke girls asian asexual nerdy short stereotype

For most people this may be funny to them but for me, it’s annoying and completely aggravating. People tell me to chill out and just not worry about it. And I try. But this kind of shit always pops up as I live and go through my daily life. I don’t look for it or seek it. I am bombarded on a daily basis by these kinds of things. And one of the biggest source of this the damn TV, which I sometimes watch.

(2) There was another TV show called “2 Broke Girls” – In it, the diner where the 2 broke girls work at is owned by a tiny short Asian guy. He’s deathly afraid of GIRLS – he’s shy, timid, and comes across as being asexual. I get it, the character is a Asian nerd who’s afraid of girls and acts like he’s some prudis childish imbecile. There is an ounce of sexuality brooding within him and he comes across as lacking any sort of sexual quality. And his character is not gay. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not some prude uptight Asian guy who don’t have a sense of humor. I actually liked the show. But why does Hollywood have to go there and make those cheap shots at the expense of Asians? It’s the same old tired story.

So what is it? Why does an Asian guy have to be portrayed that he is asexual, short, have a small penis, and not interested in sex or girls? I am not short, asexual, afraid of girls, and have a small penis. And I know many other Asian guys who are tall, sexual, love girls and sex, and have big penises….haha – joking!

2 broke girls asian asexual nerdy short stereotype

The same Asian character in “2 Broke Girls” had a heavy Asian accent. I looked this up – The Asian actor can speak English fluently yet he speaks in a broken English accent on the show. This is unnerving and really gets me angry. It seems almost every Asian on TV or movie has the Asian accent. What does that say about Hollywood?

And to top it all off, one the girl characters on the show says “You can’t tell an Asian he made a mistake. He’ll go in back and throw himself on a sword…” – Oh wow!

As an Asian man or even an Asian girl, don’t you get tired of seeing and hearing these negative stereotypes projected and broadcasted all over the TV and the media in general? Does this not bother you at all? Asian men have to realize that many non-Asian and even other Asians buy into these stereotypes and start to believe they are truths.

asian short guy asexual 2 broke girls stereotypes diner racist

The cast of '2 Broke Girls' (See far left)

One writer on a blog wrote this and I can’t disagree more:

The two work at a greasy spoon diner in the thick of hipsterville and they have a Korean boss (played by Matthew Moy) with what seems to be a stereotypical portrayal of an Asian: broken English, dorky Osh Kosh B’Gosh for adults wardrobe, and a wide-eyed naive view of America. In other words, a FOB. Way harsh, right? Not necessarily.

My love for the show aside, there have been rumblings of Asian Americans getting ready to attack the show for its Long Duk Dong tendencies, but after watching the show, I would like to politely ask Asian Americans to retract their fists of fury.

Sure, there are details of Moy’s character that would immediately make all of us go into militant mode. For instance, Moy’s character’s name is Han Lee, but he opts to Americanize his name by calling himself “Bryce Lee.” You can look at these two ways: 1.) Offensive because it degrades an iconic name in Asian culture or 2.) Funny because it is a social commentary on how immigrants change their names at a moment’s notice. I opt for the latter because there is no need to waste energy on yet another Bruce Lee joke. Yes, Bruce Lee is an icon and the very fact that they are parodying his name is testimony to that. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no? Plus, the use “Bruce Lee as a gag” is the same ol’ rhetoric that we have been beating like a dead water buffalo for years. In the right context, it isn’t offensive. Half the time, we make a point for it to be offensive.

Other than the name and the exaggerated look of Moy’s character, there really isn’t any other reason to waste energy over complaining about Bryce Lee. With the screen time he has, Moy owns the role. He doesn’t degrade it. It would be a totally different story if they had him using an abacus in each scene or constantly eating kimchi or worse — driving a Honda with a ridiculous body kit and/or building the foundation for K-Town 2.0.

Plus, the show is a sitcom — a “situation comedy.” It’s supposed to be funny. But if you insist on getting frowning upon Moy’s character, then you might as well throw in their stereotypical portrayal of Earl (Garrett Morris), a cool-as-hell black man with a “jive” accent, the dirty and misogynistic Russian cook Oleg (Jonathan Kite), the jabs taken at Russian mobsters, the preconceived notions about high society, and finally the horrible attacks made upon hipsters wearing knit beanies.

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Bruce Lee: Asian sex symbol, role model, and bad motherfucker

Bruce Lee will kick your face

"They still call me Bruce. I will kick your face."

This cat was a bad-ass in every major way. SAMs love him.  I looked up to him when I was a kid growing up and I look up to him now. There may not be ever again a bigger bad-ass of an Asian figure than Bruce. Some would say Asians may have even took a step back. William Hung was only a few years ago. Why was he such a bad-ass motherfucker?

• He was a philosopher, writer, scholar, highly intelligent, educated
• He was a huge movie star – where’s our big Asian movie star today?
• He didn’t take shit from anyone – people challenged him to fights daily and he’d kick all of their asses
• He had to endure racism and bigotry of his time
• He was Kato and his idea for “Kung Fu” the TV show was stolen from him
• He dated beautiful white women
• He was a sex symbol
• He invented Jeet Kune Do
• He beat both Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Chuck Norris’ asses

White On Rice: The Movie

So a friend of mine in San Francisco said he was in a restaurant when a man in a banana came in plugging this video.  I watched the clip and it’s kind of funny.  The reason I’m not opposed to it is because they have a few types of Asian characters, including the well assimilated cool Asian guy, played by Kyson Lee, the guy from Heroes.  So, it might be ok.



The director Dave Boyle is an American Mormon who did his mission in Australia, where he worked for an English/Japanese church.  That’s where he learned the J language.   He’s never been to Japan oddly, but he has two movies around Japanese, including another called. Big Dreams Little Tokyo


Taiwanese actor Jay Chou is Kato in THE GREEN HORNET

jay chou is the green hornet

Taiwanese Superstar Jay Chou costars with some fat jewish dude.


This article says that the Green Hornet movie is written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, of Superbad and Pineapple Express fame.  And, they chose this Chinese actor, Jay Chou, who barely speaks English to be Kato. I fear that this is gonna be a SUPER bad movie for Asian men. They are gonna probably use Kato as comedy relief, making those stereotypical Asian jokes that white people love to repeat over and over and over.  The author of this article was wondering why a better English speaking Asian American actor wasn’t chosen.  I wonder why?  I bet they didn’t cast a more sophisticated Asian American actor simply because they didn’t want one.  This movie is just gonna strengthen the stereotype that Asian guys are kung fu fighting comedy relief.  Get ready for some abuse, SAMs.


green hornet bomb explodes

Run, fat jewish dude!


Why is that Japanese guy playing a Korean character in that movie?

“Asso! Asso! I play an Asian better than an Oriental.”

One of greatest movies is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Yes, I was in love with Audrey Hepburn and that movie did it for me. I first saw it when I was in high school. Then I saw it again during college and this time, it pissed me off. For those of you who have seen it, you may know what I’m taking about. Mickey Rooney plays a Japanese and mocks a heavy accent with buck teeth in Japanese attire. He typified Charlie Chan. It was meant to be funny but it wasn’t funny at all. It is so profoundly offensive and annoying. If you watch it now, it’s just aggravating. It was so highly offensive on so many levels. Granted, times were different in the 50’s but dude…watch it again and your jaws will drop. It was common back in the day for white people to play Asian characters in movies. Marlon Brando did the same thing. And before then, white people played black people. And before that, men played women in the Shakespearen days.

You see, I hate it when Hollywood does not remain true to the ethnic and culture factors. Most recently, you had both Zhang Ziyi and Michele Yeo, both Chinese play Japanese characters in “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Hollywood today does this shit all the time. To them it doesn’t matter because white people think we all look alike. Why couldn’t they get Japanese actresses to play these characters? This is the very reason why I lost interest in wanting to see this movie. Why doesn’t Hollywood respect and appreciate the differences and the uniqueness of the culture and ethnicity of each Asian race? I mean, thank God, they actually hired real Koreans in “Mash” and “Lost”. To me, because I’m Asian, each Asian culture is so diverse, so different from each other, and so unique. Maybe they can’t tell what we are and we all look alike, but I can tell and it annoys me when I’m watching Law & Order and there’s fucking Thai actors playing a Korean grocer. Until Hollywood and mainstream media starts to respect and recognize and showcase each Asian culture as unique, the majority whites just won’t get it and they’ll continue to say, “All you’ll look alike”.

Asian actresses I hate and the stupid reasons why

Luci Liu: I hate this bitch for one reason and one reason only – she never talks about being Asian or her Asian heritage. She’s so ingrained into the white Hollywood and too busy acting “white”, she won’t even mention anything about her Chinese upbringing, her struggles in getting into Hollywood as a full Chinese American. Is she ashamed of being Asian? Is she embarrassed? She can do a lot by speaking out and saying something about this. But she’s too busy fucking white Hollywood guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but you can at least share the struggles of Asian American women in cinema since there are so very few who actually make it. Look at how often Halle Berry mentions black actresses and their struggles. And I’m tired of white people thinking she’s so beautiful. She’s not! Goodness, white people obviously haven’t seen some of the Japanese and Korean actresses in Japan and Korea. This bitch is not hot! Uhh…good actress though, I’ll give her that. Continue reading