Asian Americans bullied the most in the US? How to fight back.

Asian American Flag: Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Asian Americans Unite and Fight Bullying

Recently very upsetting news reached my ears.  Asian American kids in the U.S. are the most bullied out of all the races.

The research, to be released on Saturday, found that 54 percent of Asian American teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom, sharply above the 31.3 percent of whites who reported being picked on.
The figure was 38.4 percent for African Americans and 34.3 percent for Hispanics, a government researcher involved in the data analysis told AFP. He requested anonymity because the data has not been made public.
The disparity was even more striking for cyber-bullying.
Some 62 percent of Asian Americans reported online harassment once or twice a month, compared with 18.1 percent of whites. The researcher said more study was needed on why the problem is so severe among Asian Americans.  (Full Article)

But, I’m not surprised.  Many immigrant parents come to the states, and spend way too much time focusing on money.  The father is busy running the restaurant, or working in software.  The tiger mom is strict and forcing their kids to get perfect grades, learn piano or violin, and get scholarships.  These kids are so stressed out, all they can do is put their heads down and study hard.  Their social skills suffer, and they have trouble assimilating since the values their parents teach them are incompatible with American society.  They feel alone and embarrassed since they feel no support from the home, and they just can’t seem to fit in at school.  Seeing these tame and nervous Asian kids, the American kids pick at them like vultures.  To them, the Asian kids are like dead meat; they won’t fight back.  This is exactly what I felt growing up, and it’s probably more prominent now since there are many more Asian immigrants these days.

This shit has got to stop.

Ok, firstly, if you are an Asian parent, you have to support your kid whether they are bullied or not.  Tell them it’s not their fault, and go to the school administration and raise awareness.  Don’t fuckin’ turn a blind eye.  Do some research, and see if any of this is caused by your lack of understanding.  Many parents just assume that the kids will assimilate fine, but it’s really hard to juggle the culture at home and the one at school.  It’s important that your kids can always come to you when they have problems.  Oftentimes, Asian parents get so strict that the kids start fearing them, and no longer can go to them for counseling when problems arise.  Kids who can’t open up to their parents often become self-absorbed and anxious.  Again, I speak from experience.  If they can feel loved and supported, they will know that even if things don’t go well at school, they will still feel confident and comforted.

If you are an Asian American kid, you have lots to think about.  First, know that it’s rough being an AA kid in the US.  Your parents are so busy working that they don’t realize what you are going through.  If you have any sort of issues, try to tell them.  Once they know, they will probably support you.  Let’s face it.  Asian parents are so oblivious at times.  They have just as much trouble assimilating to this white world as you do.  But, that’s they key point; both you and your parents are probably going through the same stuff.  Your dad probably freaks out too when a 6 foot blonde with transparent blue eyes approaches him.  Your mom probably has trouble getting her point across when dealing with pushy and loud Americans, too.

If you can, bring up bullying issues in your Asian American clubs.  I know you have one at your school or church or wherever since we had them when we were in school.  Do some protests, or spread flyers sayin’ you’re not gonna take that shit.  Raise awareness because this is targeted racism.  There are LOTS of Asians these days, and if you all work together, you can create some very powerful organizations.  That sort of bonding and unity is what is necessary to overcome these sorts of issues.  When you are an individual being bullied, you feel ashamed and alone.  But, know that there are others going through the exact same thing.  62% of you!  There is no excuse for you guys not to be bonding and trying to figure this out together.

Lastly, DON’T TAKE SHIT.  Seriously.  It’s scary, but fight back.  A few bruises may sting in the short term, but you’ll feel great in the long term.  When individuals start fighting back, and the frequency increases, then the bullies will get the message and eventually stop.  You guys are just as strong and capable.  Use any means. Learn to fight, lift weights, use weapons, talk back, whatever.  It may sound irresponsible of me to say these things, but so long as whites and blacks think Asians are pushovers, they are going to keep bullying.  This is racism, and it is a crime.  Asians are the most prominent race on the planet.  We are the majority!  Have Asian pride.  We’re smart, we’re strong, and we have numbers.  There’s no reason we should be treated poorly.  It’s UNACCEPTABLE.  Never feel alone because in fact, you have huge support.

Virginia tech shooter : hope there isn't a repeat

Hopefully, there won't be a sequel to Virginia Tech

And, lastly, a message to the bullies.  Most of you are probably white.  There was this incident called the Virginia Tech Massacre.  Remember?  It wasn’t a pleasant event.  If you think that Asians won’t retaliate, think again.  If taken to extremes, some people snap, and lots of people get hurt.  Asians in the US have access to guns, knives, razors, and cyber tools.  Remember that.  Asians are resourceful people,and we have access to everything you have, and sometimes more because we often have money.  We’ll find where you live, and don’t get mad if your car gets trashed, or your windows get busted, or your parents find hate mail.

It’s just ridiculous that this sort of shit still happens.  That’s a big reason we started this site so many years ago.  First it was for fun, but then somewhere along the way, we got serious, and we also got mad.  Anger can be positive in my opinion, especially if it leads to action.  I don’t advocate killing white people, and I hope it doesn’t ever get to that.  But I do advocate knocking out a few bloody teeth.


Asian man pacquio beats up hatton

Best pound for pound boxer in the world is Asian

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  1. Good post and glad you brought this up, it seems like a topic very close to your heart. I think those who where the early pioneers and went to school in the 80’s/70’s/60’s had it the worst, there was no anti-bullying campaigns, the teachers would be against you as much as the other pupils, and the bullies would be much more vicious and cruel.

    From what I have heard from Indian people who went to school in the UK in the 70’s, there was mass bullying, glass and poop was put into their lunch, and girls even got raped and the parents wouldn’t report it out of shame. The teachers didn’t give a damn and would call them curry breath, I can’t help but see the irony in curry becoming the national dish of the UK! My dad often makes off-the-cuff remarks like ‘white people are not nice’, if it wasn’t for political correctness I think we’d see a lot more of their real feelings. But the other point is that quite a lot of the bullying of Indian pupils was done by Black pupils, something which is in inconvenient to bring up when a group is trying to claim victim status.

    But what changed the most in the UK was that immigrants were always placed in their own areas, so now the schools in those areas are 99% full of ethnic minorities, and obliviously bullying along racial lines is now non-existent, the boot is on the other foot as the white pupils in these areas are the minority and they get picked on.

    The Virginia Tech thing is a little close to the line and maybe other posters will call you up on it, the guy just snapped and he happened to be Asian. I don’t know enough about the case to go into more detail, but I did feel a little uncomfortable seeing that photo in the context of the point you were trying to get across.

    And I would also add that most bullying these days seems to be making use of technology, going over to someone’s house to trash their car is a little out of date compared to using the web to upload a video or photo. This is what we Asians should be doing, using our brains to outsmart the white man, not going down to their level and getting into a brawl.

  2. From my personal experience, having been bullied quite a bit when I was in high school, I think it is simply the unfortunate fact that many Asians are smaller in both size and stature. I used to be 130 lbs 5’4″ (basically all through high school), and I got plenty of shit from people simply because I was skinny, Asian, and had good grades but was a complete social retard and although I do have natural talent in martial arts and music, those are both very stereotypical Asian traits. Now I never wanted to be so small and skinny but I guess when you inherit shitty genetics, that’s what happens. And…. honestly I don’t think most Asians have the best genetics, especially having traveled to Asia and seeing my parents’ homelands. Most Asians are pretty skinny and not very tall… and not very smart either. I also don’t think that most “white” people are pure white people. I have a theory as to why many “white” people, especially the ones I met at the top tier college, are not only physically stronger, faster, and better looking, but also smarter. And that has to do with the fact that most whites, especially in America are not actually white but are mixed race -> many of them have Native American ancestry, some African ancestry, Middle Eastern ancestry, possibly even Asian ancestry from when Ghengis Khan invaded Eastern Europe (Mid-East ancestry from the moors invading spain, italy being so close to N. Africa, etc.). And Europe used to be divided into many tiny states, constantly warring, and that’s why only the people with “better” genetics survived -> more clever, stronger, faster. etc. And then moving to America, intermarrying with Amerindians (or fighting them) also weeded out some of the crappier genetics. That isn’t to say that there aren’t many whites with crappy genetics but for some reason most of the whites I have met generally have pretty good genetics (also their ancestors were probably very picky in marriage, as most have fairly symmetric faces).

    On the otherhand Asians in generally have been very mono-ethnic, even within a country as multiethnic as China, so the gene pool has been relatively the same gene pool for several hundred maybe even a thousand years before the arrival of westerners. And I don’t think I need to talk about how strict Koreans are about only marrying other Koreans and also about how xenophobic Japanese are. So with a gene pool that has less variety (the Asian gene pool is probably bigger, but not as diverse as with Europeans who are basically made up of many very distinct races mixed together), obviously the Asians will not be as likely to inherit a better mix of genes. Also, if you follow science and genetics, there are many theories that evolution acts much quicker than people may have thought before; some have theorized that Ashkenazi Jews have very high IQs in general and mathematical talent because throughout most of their history, they have worked as clerks, bankers, etc. (especially during the middle ages), and thus certain genetic/mental intelligence traits have been passed down through the generations. Similar things can be said as to why many Asians are good at taking tests or “rote memorization”; the examination systems of Asia have been in used for several hundreds of years as well, and who knows, most of our ancestors probably spent much of their time studying, unless you come from a long line of warriors or some other mix of occupations that did nt emphasize studying. Anyways, it is basically a theory that human evolution happens/happened much quicker than scientists used to think:

    These are some interesting theories. I guess just some stuff to ponder.

    I also have extensive experience in martial arts and like it or not, size and strength definitely do matter. So, there is a reason bigger black/hispanic/white dudes bully smaller asian dudes -> just like in nature, usually the bigger, stronger, AND faster wolf of the pack will dominate the weaker ones. Remember that the ones who dominate are the ones deemed “superior” by natural selection… and yes technological advancement, war, etc. can be considered part of natural selection. Like it or not, the world is dominated by the west today.

    And this is actually why I started powerlifting and bodybuildling (in addition to doing it for martial arts). And now that I am 5’6″ 153 lbs of mostly muscle (1.5 years later), I get a lot less shit and in fact some of the guys I knew in high school who used to bully or make snide comments are now my lifting buddies and pretty friendly. They treat you very differently when you show initiative, effort, and dedication to getting bigger, stronger, and faster. So I would advise Asians in general to eat more and exercise more and have their parents read up on nutrition, becuase Asian foods are actually not that healthy for you especially when they contain a lot of useless, low nutrient carbs and very low protein content. I would instead try American bodybuilder diets aka lots of steamed meats (turkey, chicken breast, stc.) and lots of steamed vegetables and nuts such as almonds, pecans, pistachios etc. Sort of like a ketogenic diet -> high protein, moderate fat, low to moderate carbs and lifting heavy at least 4 times a week. It’s the only way you will get strong. When you can bench press 2 95 lb dumbbells for 6 reps like me at my weight and height, people will be much less inclined to fuck with you.

    For taller Asian guys, I say take advantage of your genetics and start l lifting early to get big. You don’t want t be the tall lanky guy.

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  3. You know, I’m Asian and I’ve never been bullied. It’s weird because I know many Asian guys who have. Rarely Asian girls though. Maybe it’s because I’m tall (6ft tall) and they tend to leave the taller ones alone. I don’t know. Now I have been made fun or ridiculed or been the victim of racism but not sure if that constitutes bullying. I think I’ve been quite lucky in that I never had a tough time at school due to bullying. It’s really sad to hear when I read about grade school kids who commit suicide because of the relentless bullying.

  4. Virginia Tech was really disturbing, and so is bullying. The guy Cho had mental issues, but he was also bullied, as mentioned on wikipedia:

    Cho attended Poplar Tree Elementary School in Chantilly, an unincorporated, small community in Fairfax County. According to Kim Gyeong-won, who met Cho in the fifth grade and took classes with him,[23] Cho finished the three-year program at Poplar Tree Elementary School in one and a half years. Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English, and teachers pointed to him as an example for other students.[24] At that time, according to Kim, nobody disliked Cho and he “was recognized by friends as a boy of knowledge;… a good dresser who was popular with the girls.” Kim added that “I only have good memories about him.”[23][24] An acquaintance noted that “Every time he came home from school he would cry and throw tantrums saying he never wanted to return to school” when Cho first came to America in about the second grade.[25]

    Cho attended secondary schools in Fairfax County, including Ormond Stone Middle School in Centreville[21] and Westfield High School in Chantilly,[12] and by eighth grade had been diagnosed with selective mutism, a social anxiety disorder which inhibited him from speaking.[26] Through high school, he was teased for his shyness and unusual speech patterns. Some classmates even offered their lunch money to Cho just to hear him talk.[21] According to Chris Davids, a high school classmate in Cho’s English class at Westfield High School, Cho looked down and refused to speak when called upon. Davids added that, after one teacher threatened to give Cho a failing grade for not participating in class, he began reading in a strange, deep voice that sounded “like he had something in his mouth. [...] The whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, ‘Go back to China.'” Another classmate, Stephanie Roberts, stated that “there were just some people who were really cruel to him, and they would push him down and laugh at him. He didn’t speak English really well, and they would really make fun of him.”[27] Cho was also teased as the “trombone kid” for his practice of walking to school alone with his trombone. Other students recall crueler names and that most of the bullying was because he was alone.[28] Christopher Chomchird and Carmen Blandon, former classmates of Cho, stated that they heard rumors of a “hit list” of other students Cho wanted to kill. Blandon stated that she saw the “list” as a joke at the time.[29] While several students recalled instances of Cho being teased and mocked at Westfield, most left him alone and later said they were not aware of his anger.[30][31] Cho graduated from Westfield High School in 2003.[4]

  5. @Yul

    You have to understand that you are a big guy, and bullies are cowards. You’re probably the 5th person on this site who said exactly the same thing. EXACTLY, almost word for word. The bullies go after the guys that are 5’4″, not 6 feet. It’s important that you are aware of this, and to support your Asian brothers if you ever see it happen. Speak up for your peeps.

    @ K Takaki

    Bakayarou. If you carefully read your words, it’s evident that you’ve become whitewashed, and you believe the white lies that you’ve been fed all these years. Watch out, man. Your words betray self-hate and an inferiority complex, dude.

    Asians may have different general characteristics, but once you start comparing yourself to whites and actually acknowledging that they have better genes, then you’re on the path to self-hate. We are who we are, and it’s important that we embrace all of our own characteristics. Nobody is perfect, and everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Asians dumb? 20% of Ivy League students are Asian. Short? I know lots of Asians who are 6 feet tall. Ugly? I’ve seen many Asian male and female models who are more gorgeous than many Americans. Weak?

    Stop coaching yourself into thinking Asians are inferior. Rather, stop mentally bullying yourself, and be proud of who you are, and your heritage.

  6. Like Sam said, be proud of our hertiage. I am only 5’6″, and I was never bully, you know why, I study kungfu, judo, karate, boxing and jiujitsu. Once you know how to fight. No one is going to challenge you. Bullies are looking for a easy target. If your a blackbelt life is easier.

    To my Asian brothers embrace the martial arts, our ancestors created the martial arts and it is in our blood and history. The martial arts is big part of culture and way of life.

    I study the martial arts because I love bruce lee and our asian culture. I love studying how kungfu was, how taekwondo was created, how karate started in okiniwa. It is our history and our way of life.

    Growing up I saw very few asian brothers studying martial arts. It makes me sad. That they don’t embrace this part of Asian culture. They waste there time watching anime and playing video game.

    Had they spent more time studying karate, No Asian brother would be bully. Why didn’t there Father and Uncle teach them the Martial Arts. Most Asian fathers suck. They forgot about the Martial Arts and its importance to Asian Culture. Kickboxing is the national sport of Thailand. WTF happen, in America. I think it should be mandatory for all Asians to study the Martial Arts. I hate seeing white dudes studying martial arts like it is some kind of kool new toy.

    Remeber the martial arts were evented by Asian men, remeber that! We are badass dudes who can fight 10 dudes at one time! It is our choice to study the martial arts and past that culture on to our son and daughters. I have 4 blackbelts, I plan to pass it on to my nephew and niece, someday I will have a son, and we will be given his blackbelt, and it is not an option. Fuck piano lessons!

  7. Remember that your martial arts training becomes a liability if you have a quick temper and people know you can be brought to blows easily.
    Local hoodlum in a Western country ain’t Asian … and if he says you went all “Ong Bak” on him,
    hope you have a good lawyer.
    One of the reasons Asians don’t strike back in the US … is because they are almost certain to be hit by law enforcement or have their employment prospects shafted.
    White privilege is the ability to do stupid, dangerous and potentially health-affecting things (DUIs, stoned on weed, multiple sex partners, alcoholism) … and have that written off by greater society as “Just part of growing up”.
    How many AA members are Asian? How many Asians do you see on COPS?
    Know your ability to fight battles to the point where you can put the bully into something that sticks with them for life.
    Otherwise, you are simply being tooled to let someone bully you … but later have their offence written off as “Just part of growing up”.

  8. @Vincent

    I like that you mention martial arts. And, as anyone who has learned martial arts knows, it is a discipline. It isn’t used to instigate fights. Rather, it is used to subdue idiots who might attack you. It isn’t used to hurt them to the point of getting sued, but you could use it for submission so they realize, “Oh shit, this Asian kid can defend himself!” From there, they probably will stop messing with you, seriously. So, P Ray, I think you’re thinking martial arts is equal to just fist fighting, but it isn’t. It comes with responsibility, discipline, and awareness. I’ve taken Taekwondo, Kendo, Boxing, and mixed martial arts. Every time, the feeling in the dojo/dojan is one of comradery, respect, and joy.

  9. P. Ray,

    I actually have never been in a street fight, because the white/latino/blacks know my bark is not a bluff. It is real. My bite is worse than my bark. I do not look to fight. But my confidence and attitude is what they fear. I can sense how they look at me. As the strongest lion in the room. There is no need talk, my action speaks.

    Like SAM says, the martial arts is about respect and control. I never hit a women. I have knockout many dudes in the ring. But never out of the ring. I have great control. Like are Asian brother Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li. Calm and benevolent.

    If you study the martial arts, no one will challenge you to a duel. Because they know what will happen. I never been in a fight. I have many challengers, when they look into my eyes and my confidence there attitude change quickly. Because they have never fought a black belt before. It is something you do not see everyday.

    That is why it is important our asian brother learn the arts, to carry on the tradition martial arts. It has serve us in the past, and will serve us in America. I am considering teaching, young asian americans. This maybe a quest I will take under.

  10. Never said that martial arts meant you were looking for a fight,
    because remember, as an example, that in the Karate Kid … the white guy was psychotic AND part of a dojo too.
    You can’t tell me that every person doing martial arts is disciplined and controls themselves and is never provoked. Same goes for a person who hasn’t done martial arts.
    The idea that every fight you are in is a duel … is a joke.
    Even black belts would tell you to pick your fights … martial arts masters get robbed by people with guns – is there an art to deflecting bullets with your bare hands?
    The funny thing is that, for law-abiding people in the West and being “model minorities” … Asians don’t bother to get guns, I wonder why.
    Fights are fights, there are no rules and you do what you need to in order to finish the situation one way or another. Time goes by really fast when a street fight happens; just ask the participants.
    Remember that “assault” is a very broadly defined legal category. And acting without thinking usually has undesirable consequences.

  11. @ Reflective SAM

    I’ll be completely honest and say that yes I do self-hate it’s still something I’m working to “overcome” although I didn’t use to self-hate. In fact there was a period of time in high school when I was up in arms (had a huge chip on my shoulder) and was extremely proud to be Asian but the more I’ve learned about genetics and the more I look around, I think there are definitely flaws to being Asian. That isn’t to say that white people or other ethnicities don’t have their flaws. But America and most of the world is controlled by whites/their ideals, so unfortunately, we have to live with being treated as “second class citizens” despite the fact that we may be culturally American, Canadian, whatever. Also, unfortunately, Eastern ways of thinking/Eastern values are not valued by most of the rest of the world. And even Asian Asians in the diplomatic/international relations arena are treated with great disrespect.

    Also, I’ll be completely honest again and say that at one point I actually did think about going Cho Seung Hui on certain groups of racist people. When I heard about it in the news in high school, I was kind of like “wow another Asian dude actually went and did it.” Maybe if a few other Asian guys with literally nothing to lose went on rampages, our image as “targets for bullying” would change to one of “people not to fuck with.” For example with black dudes, they have an image in which people fear them (I’m not sure how that came about but media influence and social perceptions since the beginning of American history may have something to do with it). Maybe it is better to be feared than to be viewed as fresh meat on a chopping block.


    You are wrong about that. Having a black belt does not mean that you are a ‘master” and most dojos/dojangs nowadays are nothing but money making machines and do not teach you the REAL traditional martial arts nor do they teach you how to fight. I have a 1st dan in old-school ITF TKD and Hapkido, 12 years of martial arts experience (Tang Soo Do, ITF TKD, Hapkido, Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, BJJ), and a 3 wins by KO record in Kyokushin, but I would still think twice about fighting somebody well muscled and twice my height. Also, most people have had at least basic martial arts training and with basic martial arts training + muscle/power and speed, a relatively inexperienced fighter can still use brute force to beat a more experienced fighter, as real fighting is very messy and it is hard to use techniques the way you see in demonstrations, unless you regularly train full contact sparring that way. Even if you do a lot of sparring, until you have fought full contact, bare knuckle, and with ZERO protective gear, you have no idea what a “real fight” is like (like how Kyokushin Karatekas fight although they have a flaw in that head punches are not allowed and “MMA” is the next closest thing to real fighting).

  12. And since, even when we try our best to improve ourselves, put on mucle, whatever, girls still don’t like us simply becuase we are Asian or “not tall enough” (less than 5’8″) or “have too small of a penis”, maybe a few of us, with nothing to lose, going cho seung hui will show that Asians are completely capable of fighting back or “protecting a girl.” But no maybe not because then we would all be branded psychotic killers. haha Anways it’s kind of like what Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from The Slanted Screen said, “I’d rather be the baddest, baddass, kickass villain out their (who does the fucking up) than a wimpy businessman (who takes it up the ass) if I had to choose between the two of them.”

    So Asian brothers, go out there and be the baddest baddass mothefucker you can be.

  13. @ JK

    By the way, the Cho Seung Hui incident was ALL about race. Don’t try to deny the facts. his whole “inspiring a generation of defenseless people” and “for my children, for my brothers and sisters that you fucked” screams of his realization of how fucked Asian dudes are in western society/western dominated world and how Asian women are seen as nothing but whores for the white man’s pleasure (sucky sucky long time, etc. coming from the Korean and Vietnam wars and of course the extreme willingness of most Asian/Asian American chicks to suck non-Asian dick in public).

    He may have had other issues that most other Asian guys do not no have. but ask any Asian guy living in the west/born int he west, honestly about their views on their position in the social hierarchy (lowest on the dating ladder and often bullied at work). I bet you will see just how much anger a lot of us Asian guys have pent up. Some people like Cho choose to try to give some of that anger, sorrow, hatred, negative energy back to those who placed those negative energies upon him in the first place. Others (like me) try to use that negative energy to fuel our own determination to achieve personal goals (such as me using that negative energy to fuel bodybuilding, powerlifting, and martial arts).

  14. P. Ray,

    Do you understand I am talking about the attitudes of my asian brothers who are getting bully. I am not suggesting violence. I am suggesting they embrace there asian culture. The best culture in the world, where martial arts is a part of who we are. Martial arts give asian brother confidence. Confidence they need to stand up to there bully. I am confident because I study martial Arts and proud of my asian heritage.


    I never said a blackbelt is the answer, nor do I advocate it. It is only a word for someone who has spent sometime to learn how to standup for himself. Anyone who knows how to fight, know that there is always someone stronger. Bullies are not tough. usually. So a blackbelt is enough against those guys.

    I train in MMA and I am a purple belt in brazlian jiujitsu under megaton diaz. I train at Team RAW and Team Quest in the past when Dan Henderson was there. Ive had over 10 mma fights in FFC promotions. I know what I am talking about. I am proud everytime I walk in that ring. Knowing that I am doing what Ive meant to be. The martial arts is a big part of our culture and what makes us special and strong. My question is, do martial arts build confidence? yes. I am not saying we can fight everyone. But anyone who knows how to fight doesn’t fight. Real fighters don’t fight. I don’t fight because I know what I can do, and have nothen to prove or brag.

    Your belief that white girls don’t like asian , That is a sad belief. I know plenty of asian brothers that date model type white girls. Do you know why they can do it. Because they go to the clubs and participate. They believe and they take action. Have you ever try to ask them out, and how many times a month? Its a bit of numbers game. I bet you don’t even talk to them. So to make that assumption is sad. Everytime I run into a sam, that tells me he can’t get a girl. That is his fault, for not believing. Ive taught many asian brothers how to get hot white girls.

    And the thing with every SAM. Is the self hate and lack of confidence. They always know they weakness, but they never appreciate there strengths. The strength of SAM is, he is a successfull man, that is something to be proud of. More importantly, if Asian girls are exotic, than asian man are exotic. It goes both ways. If white girls are not. So are white guys to asian girls. Get it. The problem with Asian dudes, are they do not particpate and take action. They are not at the club, there at the local arcade. If you take particpate and be apart of the game. How can you expect to get the girl. Asian girls are at the clubs. Asian guys are not. Asian guys are not in the game.

    Do you know why I am good with white girls/asian girls. Because I don’t give fuck what they think. I live in my reality not in some bitch reality. When I roll up, I tell the girls, what is up. They don’t tell me. Thats confidence. You have to have balls of steel. My advice to you. Stop with the self hate. And appreciate your beauty and culture.

    Asian guys are hot. I always believe that. I don’t know why you guys don’t believe that.

  15. @Vincent

    I admire your confidence and clearly you do have experience in martial arts, but not everyone can get chicks just with confidence. And that also depends on location. You have no idea how racist many parts of America are. It isn’t as hard to pick up white chicks if you live in certain parts of California or the big cities but if you come to a small town like where I live, prepare for the white girl to say “so the fuck what? my friend’s bf is a 3 time local MMA champ who trained under _____ and he’s taller, better looking, bigger, stronger, and faster than you.”

    Vincent, maybe you can tell us how you pick up taller chicks (5’9″ and above)? You are probably about the same weight as me and I know you are the same height as I am. I bet you lift heavy as well, right? How do you use your swagger to approach the white chicks constantly surrounded by competition that may or may not be better than you (for example her other admirers are 6′ plus, lift more than you, have more muscle than you, are of about the same intelligence, also do MMA and are pretty damn good at it)?

  16. So what are the employment prospects for someone in MMA if they get injured?
    The culture of extreme physicality WILL come to bite you in the ass later in life – unless you either have the gig of being a sports commentator (good English needed for that), or live off endorsements or hawking products on QVC.

    Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. And something that gives you a big leg up early on … becomes a liability later. Also vice-versa.
    There are no choices without costs.

  17. P. Ray,

    I work in finance and had to give up mma for a realistic career. MMA was a hobby and allow me to learn the culture of the martial arts. It is not a career. It is a way of life, that allow me to meet people who understand the martial arts. The martial art is an Asian culture and history that was created by Asian men. Return to our roots. I ask you does MMA build confidence? Yes, just like going to college or having a good job.


    Do you allow others to put limits on you? Since you have already put limits on yourself.

    Like I said MMA is use to learn about martial arts and to stand up to bully. Not to pick up chicks. Its a kool lifestyle and work out. Period. To get a girl to like you is about living your life and being a man in his own reality. Not trying to impress a girl.

    Its true it is harder to get white girls in the midwest. My advice to you is to focus on girls who are interested in you. Obviously if a girl said that her boy friend is xyz. I don’t get mad, I just move on. I don’t take it personally, life is to short. I would focus on girls that like me. Not every guy or girl will like you or be your friend. The smart thing to do is to find people who like you and move towards them.

    I get the same racist stuff like you do, in California and AZ. but I focus on the girls who like me. I keep my eyes open and stay positive. Isn’t it smarter to move to a big city to increase your chance of happiness. Unless you like living in a small town. Its personal choice we all make. I know alot of white guys who can’t get white girls. So you can use this as an excuse, or make no excuse for yourself. Move to a bigger city my friend. And do not allow others to put limits on your happiness.

    I know alot of hot white girls, that prefer to date asian men. Russian girls especially. Go to NYC, and you will see how lucky you are to be an asian brother!

  18. Takakai,

    Girls in general are not attracted to big muscle and MMA. There attracted to the confidence and lifestyle of mma. It helps to have muscle and it is attractive. But it is not the ends to all means. Those guys in mma in your ara are playing the B-celebrity game. Which works. I don’t play the celebrity game, because I have not have fan base. So I have to play regular joe game. Which is about confidence. I think you have a misconception in what a women want. What a women want is to be seduce. Sounds like you want to be able to just roll up and get the girl. It is not that simple

    What a girl is looking for is a man who is living his dream, and she interested in sharing that glory. May it be in mma, finance, or dancing. Whatever.

    Woman naturally are attracted to real men. It doesn’t matter if he is black/green/yellow. What matter is how he talks and not what he says.

    For starter, I would like into a girls eyes and talk to her and get her to talk about her personal life.

    Sounds stupid but, most men cannot shut up and hold eye contact. Like I said before you need to find an asian brother that is good with girls. Without infield demos. It is hard for you to realize how easy it is. Most asian brother that are good with girls live in warm weather or NYC.

    Also, I can spend a lifetime convincing you how awesome you are. Like other asian brothers in Cali who can’t get girls. You guys have put so much resistance and limits on yourself. That you do not take action in order to develop your own first hand knowledge of meeting women. And you relay to much on others for information. Instead go out there and meet those challenges. Like Bruce Lee, they said he could not be a movie star. And he did and he married a white bitch.

  19. Fist of all:


    This article is self-degrading and pathetic – I came to this country from Korea 15 years ago (I’m 30 now), and I never had trouble getting girlfriends or making friends or getting a good job or whatever.

    If you think – even for a second – that “I’m AZN, that’s why no one wants to hire me / fuck me” – people are gonna fucking PICK THAT SHIT UP. So stop being such a fucking angry puss, look around! Go look at successful AZN bros/ladies – because there are fucking. plenty. of. us.

    also, “Virginia Tech Massacre. Remember? It wasn’t a pleasant event. If you think that Asians won’t retaliate, think again.” UH, BRO, DON’T WRITE CREEPY SHIT LIKE THAT ON THE INTERNET.

    My point: stop being fucking weird, make some friends and stop thinking about race. You can be both Asian as fuck with your family/Asian friends and be not so Asian at not Asian places / things/ work/ friends/ whatever. Obviously you don’t understand what it REALLY means to be an Asian – to me Asians are global people and we need to start fucking start acting like one. Remember – bullies at school? Who gives a fuck? You think you still gonna be talking to your highschool buddies once you graduate? You think you still gonna talk to college buddies when you graduate? Fuck that. Life is way fucking more complex than “WAHHH NO ONE LURVES ME”. Get a fucking grip, mate – start acting like you own this shit cuz no one gonna throw shit at you for free. EARN IT. GO TO FUCKING SCHOOL. GET A GOOD FUCKING JOB. GET A GREAT FUCKING WIFE/HUSBAND. LIVE LIFE EXACTLY LIKE YOU WANT, BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

  20. God I just spent a good 20-30 minutes on this site and my mind is boggled with level of racism on this site- my gf is white and some of your writing fucking offends me.

    “For unlimited Asian ass, all white men please apply to “teach” English in Asia” ????? WHAT? You are fucking stupid. I have several friends who do that now who are in very committed relationship, and are very respectful of the cultures they are in and just so happen to be DAMN GOOD TEACHERS. how fucking dare you to fucking generalize, why the fuck wouldn’t white people generalize us then? Also, why does it have to be like “against the white men!” or some shit? Who the fuck are these white people who are out to get you and where are you finding these fucking people?.

    I hate it when people make a big deal about race / nationality / gender / sexuality – stop destroying this country by writing divisive shit, and stop writing stupid shit about white people, it only further proves the shit you are trying to disapprove on your site.

    • Anyone born here who supports this cortnuy is in my opinion, an American.Some ppl only consider Natives, Whites and Blacks whose forefathers were here during the Colonial Period to be true Americans probably cuz of the Revolution and such. But I’m an American and so are you =]

  21. @K Takaki

    All that genetics garbage is written by crazy white researchers, so don’t get too into that stuff. In general, living in the states, there is very little media that portrays Asian men positively. But, if you look to stuff from the East, then you can see the full spectrum of personalities and possibilities. I don’t know if you’ve lived your whole life in the states, but if you have, you were probably just bombarded with crap all your life. Actually living in Asia or learning the culture really can open your eyes to the positives of our heritage.

    Really study your inner voice or critic. Check out a book called The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz. It explains how we adopt negative beliefs we hear around us, and amplify them within our mind. That’s a lot of what keeps us down. It’s actually mostly internal, not external. If you have a resilient mind, and you are skeptical of negativity, then you can keep positive, and live an empowered life.

    Oh, yeah. And Black people don’t get pushed around ANYMORE because they created a Civil Rights Movement and FOUGHT BACK and STOOD UP for themselves. Get it? We have to do the same.

    @Chang Wong Chang

    Believe me dawg, I’m probably more well established than you are in all of the above: Family, friends, wife, work, kids, etc. I’m enjoying my life. I just happen to speak out for other Asians who aren’t doing so well. The whole VT comment was for effect, but I just state facts and possibilities. He was a bullied Asian, and shit went down. It could happen again, though I wouldn’t want to see that. Instead, I’d rather see Asian Americans organizing themselves and fighting back responsibly and publicly on bullying.

    Perhaps you’re a happy go lucky dude who went through school without bullying, but there are people in your circle who didn’t. I’m sure of it. You just don’t want to see it maybe because you’re interested in portraying yourself as a well-adjusted successful Asian guy with no issues. I know lots of pompous Korean guys like that. That’s fake, and I’m guessing in fact you’re the WEIRD one who actually doesn’t have any true buddies because your lack of empathy.

    Anyway, thanks for posting. It’s just interesting to hear an Asian guy refute and downplay these facts that say there is a problem of bullying Asian Americans.

  22. Chang Won Chang may simply be getting angry because his girlfriend is offended.
    Many people don’t want to acknowledge what SAMs go through, because that means looking at their own actions where they deliberately sabotaged, downplayed or ignored the effort and work by SAMs.

    Asian women are angry at Asian men, so that they can fit in with White society (eventhough the Asian women … came from the same household as the Asian man)
    White men are angry at Asian men, because typically Asian men work harder and thus are a threat to their ability to keep a job
    White women are angry at Asian men, because Asian men will someday bring up the oppression that Asian faced at the hands of whites … and VERY few white women are willing to admit their complicity with or ignorance of racism against Asians.

    How’s that white-knight thing going for ya, Chang Won Chang? I hope you and your girlfriend get married, but remember the statistics that typically 60% of AM/WF marriages fail … since at the time of the marriage, the WF is looking to take advantage of the AM (she chooses to be with him when she is older, with kids and almost at the end of child-bearing years + debt and possibly low education) – AMs would do well to know who finds them attractive, and not build castles in the sky, because being in love is a good way to get cheated by a sharp operator.

  23. Just found this site.

    Of all the things I wanna say about this topic, i’m just gonna say THANKS to the guys who started this site, and thanks to the people who discuss the topics. I’m so glad to have found some serious validation of my attitudes and ideas on growing up AA. Am looking forward to trawling through the archives.

    …also, my biggest regret is not having fought back, at least once.

  24. @LIBB

    Welcome, my brotha. And, it’s NEVER too late to fight back. When I say ‘fight back’, I just mean to stand up for yourself, and it doesn’t exclusively mean physically. If anything, we AAs need to advocate for ourselves.

  25. Violence is NOT the answer. You can “fight back” by standing together in a group, creating an environment of no tolerance for bullying (of *anyone*, Asians, Latinos, blacks, whites, LGBT) in the schools. Violence is never acceptable. Fighting back violently leads to escalation, weapons, possibly people being killed. NO.

  26. Also if someone is violently attacking another student, they can be charged criminally. People who are being bullied violently can go to the police. Fighting back with violence sounds like a solution but is really not. The fact that you are showing sympathy to the Virginia Tech murderer is frankly appalling.

  27. When I first came to America, I was bullied. Then I proceeded to beat the crap out of that guy. (The way how this sort of thing normally get resolved in China) Then I was called into principal’s office, spend a week in detention. Parents are mad, but understanding. I promised not to beat other kids again. I wasn’t harassed again, cause they somehow think I know kangfu, which I don’t. But I did learn some rudimentary close combat techniques while I was in China doing school military training . (Too bad they don’t do that anymore, I think. Had fun shooting the TT pistol there, if I have stayed long in China, I would have shot the SKS!)

  28. First, I like your post, it’s a topic that should definitely be addressed.
    Second: Holy S*** this brings me back. I was one of those kids in High School who got it pretty bad. What was worse, getting in shape (pumping iron, taking defense classes) didn’t make it go away, instead I was referred to as “Bruce” in reference to Bruce Lee, (I’m Filipino) and even the girls joined in because they spotted it for what it was. A defense reaction. Really the tough truth is: as K Takaki mentioned, majority of us are just smaller and less imposing. I dont know too many people in general when faced with superior numbers and their own personal inferior height and build that’d get mouthy and attempt to just “roll with the punches” when they land. Not unless they were part of a gang (not an ideal solution at ALL) or they knew some serious defense tactics and swarm fighting techniques which usually just got them labeled as a kung fu master and didn’t solve the problem. In many cases it just aggravates it, much more so on the bully’s side now because those of us who can fight have to contend with the now popular MMA fanatical jugheads who don’t practice self restraint (which if they are bullying that’s just a given as much as it is a bad combo) and really only serves to unite the majority populace AGAINST the minority since a member of that minority community has proven dangerous to an extent regardless of the details surrounding a fight. Parental upbringing, awareness and all that serves to a degree. But in my mind, some fires are best fought WITH fire. Kids just gotta stand up for themselves and that goes for any kid who is bullied. Don’t just take the hit on the chin and try and act like it didn’t hurt. KICK THAT BASTARD SQUARE IN THE NUTS and see how he likes you then. His buddies come for you, kick’em all in the nuts and if forced to stand before administration and explain your actions reply with: BECAUSE YOU S*** HEADS WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING; I DID. Suck it, TREBEK.

  29. Okay I know this is an old post but I just found this and I have to say this upsets me. I’m a white girl and I don’t look down on Asians and I stand up for ANYONE that is bullied because I was. And honestly you guys sound a little ignorant because you’re lumping all whites with the few that are racist, ignorant and plain deserve to be either beat to a pulp or shot. I hate it when people want to sit there and complain about how unfair things are but not do anything about it. Did any of you actually go out and do some investigating on your own or are you just going off of websites and articles? I have friends that are from Japan, Vietnam, Africa, and Jamaica and to me all they are are my friends. Another thing that gets me is why Asians seem to think less of themselves… To me, my brother, my mother, and a lot of my friends Asians are beautiful. Both men and females. Its not just the looks but your guys culture. Maybe you should be a little more open minded and not so full of hate.

  30. @Katrina

    Firstly, the article points to specific stats that say that Asian Americans are the MOST bullied in the US, and considering that it’s a majority white culture, it is safe to say that most of these bullies are white. You might be different, but a lot of your people aren’t. Face the facts.

    Secondly, I don’t think the author says anything about feeling inferior to other races. We are proud of our Asian heritage, and we feel we should be treated better. What’s wrong with saying that? And, I personally don’t feel hate towards whites, just annoyance due to the fact that many of you think it’s somehow our issue and not yours. The issue is in the racists. Asian people rarely cause trouble, it’s your people who instigate, as the data on this article shows.

    Thirdly, the fact that these guys on this site are speaking out shows that they ARE doing something. They are offering out solutions to the problem as well, even though we may not all agree with those solutions.

    Sounds to me that you just accept the fact that your people are racist. Maybe you aren’t, but there are a lot of whites that are. We don’t need your sympathy. We just need YOUR people to stop hating.

  31. That took far too long to read…

    K Takaki, dude I took so much offense to what you said. Bad genes? Not smart? Buddy where do you think the best technology comes from? Can I get a Japan? How about the world’s greatest manufacturer? China ring a bell? Dude, its all Asia. We’ve got some of the best genes best brains and best w/e you can think of out there. Not to say non-Asians got nothing but don’t sell us short like that. Self-hate or no dude everything there just pissed me off and that adds on to the part where you think its either hate yourself or go psycho like that Viriginia Tech guy. Seriously serial killers are born that way.

    About the subject, I wanna just say I’m an unimpressive 5′ 8″ and I was bullied in school. So? If you think you can be 6′ 7″ and not be bullied, go for it. I know for a fact I stood up for some giant hulks in school that got teased fro being too tall. Fact is its about what you wanna accept. Not confidence not muscle no karate is gonna save you if you won’t save yourself. I was playing volleyball one time in high school and some 5′ 11″ dick decided to spike the ball into my face because back then I didn’t like volleyball and I sure as hell didn’t like playing at net. But they laughed and that got me angry so the next time it happened I jumped up and smacked the ball same time he did. One loud clap later, ball’s in the bleachers behind him he’s holding his hand in pain and nobody tries that again.
    Same deal with regular bullies. I’m gonna say now that fighting back kungfu style does two things. One is what was already said. Whites and blacks walk away with a pat on the back you’re gonna get a stick rammed up there and put out to pasture. Two you just feed that stereotype that all Asians know is kungfu. They can’t socialize they can’t do anything except high jump kick “WATTAA” at you. But you can stand up to them on their terms. Example of the bad outcome some idiot punched me in the face for no reason. I almost get suspended. Yes, suspended for being punched in the face. Example of the better outcome two kids saw me rushing to class and decide to run in front of me and lean back so I walked into them. They did this for about a week and I got sick of it so next time they did it I played along. I walked with them leaning on me until we got to a door and then I shoved them into it hard and went on my merry way. Pushing isn’t kungfu and pushing isn’t going to get you sent to the principal’s office. Super high swinging jump kick to the guys head is both.
    Last thing I wanna say is to anybody who thinks Asians are still the ones from the anti-Commie smear ads. If you think Asians are short you obviously haven’t seen northern Asians. Average height is about 5′ 10″ last I checked. Even with shorter southern Asians, there’s Yao Ming who is friggin tall as a tree. Plus I’m 5′ 8″. Out of my non-Asian friends, I’m above average. Out of my Asian friends, they call me shorty. Do the math. If you think Asians are weaker keep in mind the records of weightlifting at the Olympics on the men’s side 2 are Chinese and on the women’s side its almost all Chinese with some Korean and one Thai. I don’t think I need to say who are the most vicious combatents out there. For socializing and dating dude I’m a flirt. So much so that that same high school where I got that ball spiked in my face I was voted as class flirt. But I will admit that girls in America and the overall view of Asians in America is god awful. But if that’s all your looking at you’re looking at the small picture. Go to Europe and check it out. Go to Asia. The world’s changing even if America hasn’t caught up yet.
    Bottom line you don’t wanna get picked on don’t. This anti-bullying crap doesn’t work and soldiering up doesn’t work. Confidence only gets you so far and turns really quick into getting a big head. Just don’t stare at the floor anymore. When people see you push back they’ll back off and figure out you’re just like them Asian or not.

  32. Fuck, this makes me very very upset. If you need proof of bullying, here you go. There is no reason these guys needed to do this, and it’s obviously racially motivated.

    And, of course it’s a bunch of white kids. Why would any black kid hate on another minority. Nope, it’s the white people.

  33. Actually if you look at the vid some of those kids were Asian. That makes it much worse. Not bad enough we get the short stick from non-Asians but we attack ourselves too. That’s really what needs to be addressed here. We can’t be talking about being bullied by so and so if we’re the ones bullying our own kind at the same time.

    But take this from another POV. That kid who was beaten on by so many who didn’t even raise a fist back and took it all at the end he still outran them. Bloody battered and bruised yet healthy enough to get away from his adrenaline charged and uninjured attackers. THAT is an Asian. Just think if he used that energy running to fight back instead. Nothing to lose now after being bloodied like that so I’m talking no holds barred. Rip off a few ears break a few fingers whatever is soft and sticking out. I give him major respect for taking all of that and still proving he’s better by not killing those jackasses.

    The video doesn’t show how the fight started but I’ll bet it was verbal and the guy just ignored him like Asian culture told him would work. Guys any of you that thinks ignoring westerners makes them leave you alone you’re kidding yourselves. This isn’t Asia anymore. Westerners take ignoring them as you backing down or shying away. That means they think they are even tougher and that’s just gonna end up like this video. Cut them down right at the start. They use their sorry ass insults on you you insult them right back and it should be easy. If they throw the first punch, break their wrist. If they push you you slam them into a wall. Can’t do that? Fine kick them in the balls. Break a finger. Slam a door on their arm when they try grabbing for you. You’re not trying to Bruce Lee them but you’re showing you’re not gonna let them off at all. It should never be East vs West because that’s what they’ll use on you later with the school that doesn’t care and with more of their friends that don’t like Asians. It should always be teaching a bully the lesson his parents should’ve taught them years ago. Plus interest.

  34. Just found this site and I really like many of your opinions. As a minority group in the U.S. we Asians are basically at the bottom of the food chain so to speak, socially, economically and politically.

    The common theme in our collective Confucius based culture is tolerance and to endure ( ?). Kids come here and are taught to not to start trouble, to be a good student and win awards and scholarships. This leads to their lack of social interactions, and of course the language barrier is a factor as well. Adding to the equation is our lack of participation in many of the school’s extracurricular activities, and sports makes us the perfect target for ridicule and bullying.

    Nobody really cares about an unassuming outsider being picked on. Especially one that speaks poor English. As for the other minority group, Blacks, Latinos, now they have somebody that they can pick on without much consequences. That’s why Asians are the most bullied group. We ourselves are even guilty of bullying our own kind. When I was attending junior high and high school the most harassment I got were from the blacks and the Latinos. I had my share of fights and beat downs, but the insults and ignorant comments they keep coming. I can’t even count how many times that I would walk down the street and someone would just go”Ching Chong Chong” or pull on their eye lids and say something stupid. But seriously, how many of them can you fight off?

    Now the ignorant comments are from every race. I once walked in a supermarket in Virginia and the cashier, a trailer trash looking woman, without even a “hello” or “how are you?” Asked me straight faced, “Do you speaking any English? You know, talk English?” I just looked coldly at her and with my almost accent free “English” replied, “Yes I do speak ENGLISH, and probably better than most of you people!” I don’t know what is it about our people that make these none Asians think that it’s OK to make crude comments and stupid gestures towards us.

    This happened recently. I was walking with a friend of mine, who happens to be Mexican, down the street and saw a crowd had gathered and police cars on the side walk. So I asked a white guy, who was standing next to us as to the nature of this commotion. He looked at me and said that some girl have drank too much and had passed out. Then he furthered his comment by saying that the girl was a tiny little thing and staring straight at me and said, “she was about your size.” Now I’m flabbergasted, I know I am not the biggest guy in the world; at 5’8″ and 180 lbs of mostly muscles ( I workout) I should be at least considered a big girl ;) I would think. The funny part is that this white guy is actually scrawnier than I and my Mexican friend who was also talking to this joker was about 5’6″ and weigh about 140. I almost punched the guy out right there and then, but the flashing police lights halted that idea right fast.

    Through this incidence I began to understand a little of the White psyche. In their mind we are small scrawny feeble people and they cannot help but to see us as smaller than they are, even if you are actually bigger than they are. This makes their belittling of Asian that much of a matter fact and accepted.

    We as a group must raise our own awareness of our plight and choose not to be the quiet group. As the old adage goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Not only should we teach our kids to fight back when bullied, we as parents, a community and concerned citizens all need to voice our concerns when bullying happens. Asian parents are not known to make waves, but if enough of us do start, I am sure there will be people who will listen.

    As far as the kid in the video, I agree with that had the kid been a bit more aggressive and taken out one of them the others would have been afraid to further the violence.

    But on a lighter note, they should just let those kids go… boy there were six of them and they can’t even beat the kid up. He ran away with only scratches and bruises. Just to show you we Asians make lousy bullies.

  35. i am a half Asian girl. I remember in 4th grade, some stupid black kid told me to go back to China, and, different from what most Asian parents would do, my Chinese mom told me to tell him to go back to Africa. And when we went on a class field trip, So nine year old tiny me told him to do that. And the White carpool lady heard it and got me in trouble, even though she had never once been directly told that she didn’t belong in the United States of America. I don’t think many White people can empathize with minorities at all.

  36. White people are the least aware in that respect. In my experience, I did something similar, calling a black kid the N word when he accidentally stepped on my hand. This was in elementary school, and the kid cried and told the white teacher who banned me from the year end party. The fact that I still remember is a good sign that I learned a lesson. Since then though, I’ve had lots of good minority friends, and i relate the most to my black coworker who sits across from me currently. Really great guy.

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