Asian women rarely fall victims to racism and prejudice compared to Asian men


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"This hardly happens to Asian women"

So I wanted to bring up a topic that I’ve noticed recently. It seems to me that as far as racism, bigotry, or prejudice, Asian women have far less been subject to these things than Asian men. A good example of this is when I was growing up, having just arrived to America, I had to start going to elementary school in a predominantly white neighborhood…the valleys in Cali. And wow, kids can be mean! Or just really honest. Either way, it was a traumatic period in my life and to this day, I think back on it and cringe. Most of Asian American friends (guys only) have gone through the same type of experiences. But the Asian American girls…they have not.

I’ve learned that racism is much more prevalent for Asian men than Asian women. I’ve also learned that racist behavior is done more by non-Asian men than non-Asian women. Perhaps there are just as many racist women out there as racist men but men just tend to be more open, vocal, upfront whereas the women hide it more, keep it to themselves, and publicize it less. Having said that, racism in the most severe forms, such as hate crimes, against Asians is rare. However, you do hear in the media about isolated instances of hate crimes against Asians but this is not common.

I’ve noticed talking to many people throughout my life that Asian women are often NOT subject to racism at all as compared to Asian men. We Asian men have had to put up with alot of shit. But Asian women don’t seem to have shared these types of experiences, even as kids. Why? I think it’s because Asian women are viewed as attractive and highly desirable by white men. In fact, all men. I can’t remember a single time when I’ve seen or heard of white men picking on, ridiculing, taunting, or name calling Asian women. In fact, all they have to say about Asian women is that they’re hot. But when it comes to Asian men, the list of derogatory names and lables is endless.

I remember telling my Asian girlfriends and sharing my past experiences with racism and bigotry and they would have these blank faces. I asked, “These things never happened to you? Even as a young kid?” They would say no. In fact, they would say they would get asked out alot or stared at or leered at by white guys but never have they been called derogatory names or ridiculed or told to go back to their country. Ever! I’ve realized that most Asian American girls have had a different set of experiences than Asian American men, even though we may have similar backgrounds: Immigrants, same generation, and other experiences that were similar.

In contrast, so many of my Asian guy friends have been subject to cruel and egregious racism, prejudice, and stereotyping. Even to this day, we see and experience it. Thus, I have concluded that for Asian Americans in the realm of the Asian American social experience, there’s a big disparity in the experiences of racism that is based on gender. And this is not just relevant or valid in the every day lives of regular people. It’s also painfully reflected in the media, Hollywood, and pop culture.
Ladies, share with me your personal experiences of racism… or lack thereof. Because for me, as an Asian American man, I have a laundry list of racist things that have happened to me throughout my life. And most of my Asian guy friends have experienced the same.

58 thoughts on “Asian women rarely fall victims to racism and prejudice compared to Asian men

  1. I have to disagree. I’m an Asian female who grew up in Canada. Many caucasian Canadians are quite racist but always claim they are not since they have an asian friend or a fill in the blank minority friend. Although Canadian racism is not always as blatant as the US or Europe; it still hurts. I recall being taunted at the school bus stop by a white boy, classmates calling me a litany of nasty names, racist teachers/ professors, not to mention daily interactions with racist people in general. I remember wishing as a child I was white since that would get rid of all the racism that I was subject to. I’ve racounted many incidents of racism to friends who were appauled that such things could be said or done to any Canadian in Canada especially since there is an (falsely) cultivated image of multiculturalism and acceptance that is always touted as what Canadians do…this has been far from my experience of the Canadian reality. Certain areas of Canada are worse than others from my experience Quebec was a hellish nightmare (and I do speak French fluently), Southern Ontario (aka London), Eastern Ontario especially Ottawa are incredibly racist. Don’t even get me started on asiaphiles…they make me ill.

  2. God just reading through all that.

    P Ray, the lady said “especially” with other ASIAN women as in they pick on them together. She didn’t even say anything about hanging with the white chicks.

    Really the big problem is we can’t even stick up for ourselves. God let’s go with this topic here. You guys are upset because the girls don’t ever look like they get picked on right? Ever think that’s because they are the hot girls that the Yellow fever white boys wanna bang? Not because they’re Asian. Because they’re hot. Do you get taunted by the white girls? No. The thing is its like competition. Guys hate on guys when one of them is better than the others. This is especially true when that one guy is that overachieving Asian kid. But even if the girls don’t single out the Asian girl out loud that doesn’t mean they aren’t being ridiculed. Girls can be worse. They gang up on you, mess up your hair or clothes, put you down by ditching you or laughing at anything you care about. Then there’s the gossip. For a guy fine that’s really nothing to cry about but ever think that girls react differently? They’re being turned into the mole in the group the blemish the odd ball that should realize she doesn’t belong. That hurts them probably as much as name calling hurts us.

    On the other hand, guys wanna bang them. White guys love one night stands. They don’t give a crap if the girl’s white/black/asian/hispanic/other they just wanna bang them. Ok maybe it adds a notch on the belt to “have an Asian.” but at the end of the day its about the sex not the race. Just like white girls don’t pick on us guys much. Some Asians I know want one night stands with white chicks too. Be fair when the hot blonde chick with the blue eyes comes along and goes down on you how is that any different when its an Asian girl on a white guy?

    The problem with a site like this is it brings in all these self-absorbed SAMs that think the world’s only out to get them because the bad stuff that happens to them is all they put in their heads. Guys bigger picture. At the end of the day we’re all Asians in a white country. It doesn’t matter guy or girl we’re the outsiders. Our girls are being used at sex toys then btiched at by other girls. Us guys are taking the heavy from the big boys at the top and the shit in the media. We should be protecting each other not bitching at each other like babies about who got picked on more.

  3. I agree that racism against Asian people is mediated through gender. I also agree that there is a concept of hegemonic masculinity in society. I strongly disagree with the idea that the relationship of Asian men with white women is comparable with white men and Asian women. Look back in the history of non-white men and white female sexuality, it is filled with murders, ostracism, sexual fancies and horror. All non-white men experience it in the past and the present. The cultural representation of white women and non-white men says a lot of the relationship of white men and white women. It is a power relationship. The black civil right movement and the feminist movement change a lot. I dare to say that it is natural for Asian men to support white feminism, because of its influence on aggressive forms of white masculinity. As a small minority population you cannot change race/gender power relations, you must have a strong white feminist movement to do the separation of race and gender for you. I also recommend to rethink the relationship among Asian populations: men and women, elders and youth, parents and children. The only credible mechanism for social change is collective action. For collective action you must have the necessary ressource base. I would recommend to rethink the idea of Asian identity and modernize it and replace it in a framework of globalization. We need a new accumulation regime around the interlacing themes migration-trade-development. Asian population clearly has the economic power to change entire nations modernizing paths. You can see it in the foreign direct investments of Chinese diaspora which is channeled through Hong Kong into China. The majority of foreign direct investments has it sources in the Chinese diasporas. Well, you can say that the majority of Asian population are middle class or fresh from the boat. That is no excuse for the establishment of big banks backed by mutual and pension funds. The Japanese keiretsu, the Korean chaebols and the Chilean banks are examples of financial conglomerates with the aim of constructing economic powers. Only with big financial institutions it is possible to build modern dual-language schools/universities, venture capital firms for technology transfers. In modern network capitalism you have to control three factors human capital, capital and land. In the multipolar world the economic and power relations will change towards global Asian enterprises. We are in a good positions to gain acess to a new career tracks, because we know (rudimentary) both worlds. But we lack the necessary institutions to transform ourselves. A reinvention of Asian identity to face globalization is needed. Asian american youth must prepare for the war on wealth. I believe race/gender power relation will change with the gain of economic and political power, because it is possible to fund anti-racist media productions. Racism is very infectious among poor minorities Hispanics, blacks, native americans. I think it would be helpful to subsidize these groups for their antiracism. I do not believe that we could end racism with our own forces.

  4. Brandt

    I don’t agree that Asian men should support feminism, as the root principle of feminism is that women take on the worst qualities of men in a vain hope of being perceived as ‘equal’. If we look at the yin-yang symbol, it shows two opposite powers working in unison towards a combined goal (at least in the context of this discussion), not that women should become aggressive, masculine, promiscuous, money oriented, while men become weak and feminine, which is what the current program is.

    Collectivism is also a bad thing, why should you go along with a group and lose your individual self? That is what defines you, the only way a minority who exists in a society that despises them to be successful is to be proud of who they are and self actualized, which is why asian people are so successful when emigrating to other countries.

    And you can trace back the history of most of those big banks in Hong Kong to the opium wars, they were all setup by the British to take their filthy stolen ill gotton gains back to the motherland, while the setting up of their schools was merely to propagate their inferior culture and religion. Divide and rule, subjugate and impoverish the population, that is all the British have ever been about.

    The very simple answer to why Asian women get less racist abuse is because they are wanted and desired, films, tv adverts, tv shows will have an asian women with a white guy, while the asian male is shown as weak, infertile and undesirable. On a genetic level, we are rivals.

  5. @ Brandt

    You cannot be f@cking serious about embracing white feminism can you? They are perhaps our biggest enemy aside from white men/jewish men in hollywood who perpetuate negative images of Asian men or even at the very least hostile, unflattering mockeries of Asian men. We cannot combat this by following white feminist movements that encourage Asian men to be less masculine. What we need is a return to classic Asian masculinity -> the martial arts traditions of East Asia such as Bushido of the Samurai and Budo, Korean Taekkyeon, various Chinese martial disciplines. Maybe it is because I have practiced martial arts for 14 years and that has made me biased, but I believe that every Asian man no matter what country he lives in, should learn martial arts and have military training in addition to western weightlifting/powerlifting. Too many Asian men do not know physical discipline and how to be aggressive physically. To combat western racism and hostility we have to embrace these old traditions so that if they ever even think about bullying us we know how to fight back and CAN fight back and WIN.

    I truly lament the day(s) East Asia lost the cultural and military wars to the West because that was when Asian men truly ended up at the bottom of the social ladder. If we had won back in the 1800s and 1700s, everything would be different. If we had developed better gunpowder weapons instead of stagnating, everything would be different. The whole world would be different and Asians would be “on top.” Sometimes I wish I had been born 400+ years ago before western imperialism took over the world. Nowadays what do you see? I see Asian women back in Asia lusting after Caucasian men. They have non f@cking pride. I see many Asian men with no mental or physical discipline, letting their bodies waste away. And I see many of my Asian brothers back in Asia struggling with women because even in Asia, there are women trying to get with whites. Look around at the giant elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. What kind of clothing do we wear? Western clothing. How are most of our socioeconomicpoliticalcultural systems organized? They are all modeled after the west. We lost a long time ago and the only way I see all of this turning around is if Asia manages to win the economic war and revive its past culture and wage a cultural war to combat the western cultural imperialism that has already wiped out most of traditional Asian cultures.

  6. @ SAMMAS

    I agree. We need to stop pointing fingers at each other when it comes to overseas Asian women and men. To be able to combat the racism, we have to unite or be crushed. And historically, western imperialist nations have loved utilizing the divide and conquer strategy to screw with other cultures/countries, such as creating countries in the Middle East and Africa without accordance to ethnic/religious lines. They did this on purpose to create unstable nations that they could exploit then and now. We could even take some Eastern European nations and even Finland as examples of Europeans (Western) attempting to divide and conquer their own.

    Here is a song for those of us overseas Asians who are tempted to just forget our ancestors’ culture and completely assimilate:

    Luo Ye Gui Gen

    which means that in the end the fallen leaves that float afar will still return to its roots

    And though not always true, the fact remains that in America we will never be fully accepted, even those of us born and raised here. I can tell the difference in the way many Americans view me vs. other Asians. When I first meet people, I can often tell that most Americans don’t really think of me as one of “them.” Whereas when meeting another Asian in the USA, there is almost always a sort of innate connection that happens right away and we both feel instantly more comfortable around each other.

    The most interesting aspect of the song above is that Wang Lee Hom, the writer, is an Asian American himself but went back to Taiwan because of the lack of entertainment/media opportunities in the USA for Asian men. So he is one of the fallen leaves that returned to his roots.

  7. Asian men face racism from Asian women. They are our oppressors. Interracial dating for Asian men is the only way to end our oppression and achieve full freedom.

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