Racism: this is why I will root for Japan instead of the USA in the Women’s World Cup Final

Womens-World-Cup-Final-2011 Japan USA

It's just a fucking game, you racist cunts

So, today, Japan’s women’s team beat Sweden to go to the final of the Women’s World Cup of 2011.  They will face the favorites, USA.  I’m a Japanese American, and friends asked me who I will root for. Then a friend sends me an email which includes his comment plus a bunch of Twitter feeds by racist Americans:

R wrote: Why am I surprised? Really. Why? Even over a soccer match, there are some racist mother’effers out there and they are lighting up Twitter. We should put up a website to call these assholes out. I hope some blogs cover this, because this shit isn’t right.

CaitWilliamson Caitlyn Williamson
World War III begins Sunday at 2pm for the world cup final! Except America won’t be dropping the atomic bomb on Japan..well maybe!
#Merica ?

rgutierrez841 rey gutierrez
Can’t wait till sunday till america drops bombs on japan in the womens fifa final

longdistncejhwk Corbett Stovall
America…Japan…#WWC Final reminds me a bit of Pearl Harbor. Fitting that it’s taking place in Germany?

JohnLilly3 John Lilly
America finna drop bombs on Japan this Sunday!! Too much?

robcanecchio Rob Canecchio
World War II revisited. #USA vs #Japan. Go America. Hopefully Wambach will drop a Hiroshima like header on those jokers.

ChrisSteffen Chris Steffen
America is totally gonna nuke Japan in the finals. #first

MrMaxBYall Max Baron
America vs. JApan in finals. One word: Hiroshima. We need to storm that feild with a nuke and dead japanese children from 1945

FrantzRants Bob Frantz
If the USA plays Japan in the World Cup Final, would it be bad form for US fans to do “the wave”? #politicallyincorrectfanbehavior

WikiPeterson Jesse peterson
Japan vs. USA. Women’s World Cup final. Time to drop another bomb son

@T_I_C_T_O_C Tom O’Connell
USA v Japan….You know they wanna make up for WWII

Branson1288 Cam Branson
USA vs Japan and ESPN wants to party like it’s 1999? I’d rather party like it’s 1945. #toosoon #comeatthemlikeanatombomb

NateScoggins34 Nate Hunter Scoggins
So we meet again Japan… Communist vs USA in the finals. #WWII

bleezy_baby bleezy_baby
Dear Japan, thanks for world war II..now we’ll take our reparations in the form of a gold medal. Sincerely, AMERICA!

The same shit happened during the tsunami.  And that is why I will always root for the other team.  This country is filled with idiots like these who will openly write these racist comments without realizing just how bad it is.  People from other countries show more class and humility when it comes to international relations.  But, many Americans are raised to be selfish, ignorant, intolerant, and it’s embarrassing to see.  I think these rednecks mistaken patriotism with racism; they are caught up in an unhealthy love and hate duality in their poorly developed brains.

Why the fuck do these morons insist on rehashing old events they didn’t even experience?  Do you people think you’re making your country proud by thinking like this?  You’re not impressing anyone, including your ignorant parents.

So anyway, I’m rooting for Japan all the way.  They are playing great, and this would be uplifting for the country after the tsunami disaster on 3/11.

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17 thoughts on “Racism: this is why I will root for Japan instead of the USA in the Women’s World Cup Final

  1. The above comments are just as inane as the constant WWII references whenever England play Germany and any true football fan would know who’s been the more successful team since WWII.

    So as an Asian and accepting the irrelevance of what the Japanese did to my country of origin as it relates to this upcoming sporting match, I do not share the sentiments quoted and would love to see a Japanese victory.

    If one wanted to bring history into this, I should despise the Americans for their colonial history in Asia and pray for their everlasting humiliation against Asian teams – in any sport. Actually, I already do that :-)

  2. Ditto. You make an excellent point in that in every countries’ history, there are crimes committed, ‘especially’ for the USA. For these fans to ignore this, and bring up the one time the US was invaded is just ridiculous. Our US foreign policy is so meddling, and we always do it for our own benefit. They say it’s to help other countries be democratic, but it’s always for oil.

  3. But, I will say that I do like the USA Women’s Team, and how they conduct themselves. They really feel like a united team, and it’s not just a bunch of egotistical superstars like their men’s teams. If they win, I will be happy for them.

  4. I must say that I am very partial to German football teams of both genders. I’ve been a fan of the mens team for quite some time.

    It was a shame that the women’s team got eliminated especially when they were considered to go quite far given that the event is held in Germany.

    In the absence of them, go Japan!

  5. Justice is served!! But what an Amazing seesaw game. Each time the USA put in a goal, the Japanese team were able to come back. And, after all the hype about Hope Solo being the best keeper in the world, an unknown keeper who everybody said was ‘too short’ becomes the hero.

    Going into the penalties, I got a good feeling when I saw the whole Japanese team, including the coach, smiling and laughing in the huddle! They looked so loose that I knew they would do well. And, the USA team were looking very tense. Once the first goal was blocked, they lost their cool.

    Anyways, I’m really happy for JAPAN, who needed some uplifting after dealing with an earthquake, tsunami, AND nuclear radiation.

  6. man, I’m so glad japan one. I’m an Asian American as well but, the fact that Japan is the first Asian country to win the world cup and had such a shitty year…well…I think it’s wonderful they have something to celebrate.

    As for the haters/racists, they exist no matter what. I just ignore them and live a successful life.

  7. I can’t ignore those racist people. Just like I can’t ignore if an asshole came up to me one day and threw a drink all over me, whether they are racist or not. Why should I have to put up with any of that? Why do we Asians “ignore” racist people but not ignore if some dickhead pulls some dickish thing to us? It shouldn’t matter.

  8. And AussieFilo! I agree. German getting ousted was a huge upset. I forgot who beat them. But I guess the Germans getting ousted paved the way for USA to advance a little easier, no?

  9. I’m not an Asian but I’d never say anything to demean someone to be spiteful. I thought both teams did an exceptional job. Considering all Japan has been through I felt it was very uplifting for the people of Japan and others who felt so much sorrow, while helplessly watching the news. Either way it’s just a sport and only that, to enjoy, to cheer and encourage; the winners congratulated. To make more of it is a waste of time as the world is full of miserable people.

  10. ControversialSam,

    Dude, you seem to get picked on a lot. In reading your past posts, you seem to have had a bad childhood and adult life where you attract attention from racists. What do you think you do to deserve that attention?

    I live in Dallas, TX and there are racist people here but, I can honestly say that I have never been picked on or “attacked” in a racist way. Then again, I’m 6′ 3″, 195 lbs, and a MMA trained fighter :)

    I think you really need to think about your actions and image and see what you are doing to attract so much attention.

    Do you dress like a FOB for example? I don’t mean to insult you but, that could be it.

  11. @Michael “Kim”

    I think racists tend to be cowards, and cowards pick and choose their fights. That’s probably why you don’t get picked on. We have a buddy who is about 6’2″, and he rarely got picked on either. It makes sense, right? Why pick on the biggest Asian dude when you can pick on several that are under 5’2″? : P

    ControSAM is just making a point that we shouldn’t tolerate racists. I agree with the sentiment.

  12. @Reflective SAM. Yeah, I agree with that point. I do have some friends from school that like Controversial SAM (great names by the way) who get picked on regularly. We’re all in our 20s and it’s amazing that even in professional environments they get shit from co workers and people around them. I know they don’t stand up for themselves though. I sent the link to this site to them so hopefully they’ll learn to not take shit.

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  14. Dude,

    I am reading this almost a year after it was posted, but I have to say your logic disturbs me. Just because some idiots on the Internet wright offensive comments (really inexcusable comments) you would turn against your country? As a Japanese American, you have a lot of powerful examples of transcendent patriotism in the face of ignorance that should inspire you to something greater than that. Japanese Americans endured much more than the ignorant comments of a few Internet posters, and freaquently ennobled our union through their patriotic responses to such slights.

    I was rooting for Japan, because America was the powerhouse, and Japan was the underdog. The Japanese women’s team performed admirably and surmounted what seemed to be insuperable odds. It was a beautiful thing to see.

    However, your take on the entire situation is deeply disturbing. I hope you have the opportunity to rethink your relationship with your country over the coming years.

  15. A buddy of mine just sent me this link to see what I thought of it. Well, you are all fucking pussies…..and hypocrites. What gives you the right to talk shit….and why are you the type of person who makes a mountain out of a molehill?

    “But, many Americans are raised to be selfish, ignorant, intolerant, and it’s embarrassing to see. I think these rednecks…..”. WOW. Great job asshole…..you’re no better than the idiots who talk shit about the Japanese. When you want to make a legit point…DON’T DO THAT SAME SHIT YOUR CRYING ABOUT!!!! You’re a hypocrite!!!

    What if I said that Single Asian Males parents raised him to be weak, fickle, and unable to please a woman and will remain single for all of eternity? Am I allowed to have my opinion or will you just write another blog about all those Rednecks?

    Some people think that the Japanese are communists and some people think that Americans are ignorant red necks. Why is your opinion (RACIST OPINION) acceptable? Why do you think it’s alright to be just as shitty? There’s really no difference. Shitting on people is shitting on people.

    I can turn around and complain that some people are far too sensitive that they can’t even let people make a joke if they want without making it about them….can’t I?
    All you did was make this about you…..you made these complete strangers personal jokes about you. AND you responded in a manner that is just as racist!!!! WOW….you’re an idiot.

    You are a Single Asian Male for a reason….you’re a pussy with no sense of humor who feels entitled enough to shit on complete strangers. I fucking hate people like you. I hate your parents and whoever told you told you it was OK to whine.

  16. @ Levi and James

    Turn against our country? What did the 442nd get for their service during WWII (the all Japanese American regiment)? Yes they were the most decorated and their names will go down in history but they still came back to a land full of racist assholes and most of the military hierarchy are racist assholes. (I can be sure of this because my Captain in the ROTC told me so and said that I should brace myself for much worse treatment than others simply because I’m Asian. He told this to all the Asians in our ROTC unit out of the kindness of his heart.) And not to mention that the 442nds families were all put into concentration camps and they were never able to get their lands/houses back and many decided to “go back to Japan” even though they were nisei or sansei (second or third generation) Americans. Time and again Asian Americans make sacrifices for America or perhaps you could say the mostly anglo-caucasian/jewish people who control this country and what do we get in return? Emasculation in the media, ridicule, insults, threats, etc. and we are shunned by basically everyone except other Asian males and even that is questionable. I was in the ROTC (reserve officer training corps) for two years and I was going to serve my country as I believe it is the duty of every able man to do so. Now I left because of climate related health issues that would keep me from being able to deploy in all climates, as is required in the military. However, I do not think I would have continued on after those two years anyways after seeing how hypocritical most Americans are. And most Americans do not consider Asian Americans as Americans, even if we were born and raised here. So you talk about rethinking my relationship with my country. Well, I did and I have come to the conclusion that it would have been better for me never to have been born here because all my countrymen despise me even if I work hard to try to fit in even if I am willing to serve under a banner that massacred my forefathers. And the women here despise me simply because of what I am and even those of my same ancestry despise me. When society is against you, how do you expect to want to be a part of that society or to serve that country? Only somebody crazy would do so. You call it whining, etc. but you have never been in our shoes and take for granted your position in society. If you are an Asian guy like me who is not very tall, you would understand where I come from.

    If you put yourself in our shoes you would understand, but ignorant non-Asian-male Americans like you guys know nothing of empathy and you know nothing of how to see the world from someone else’s viewpoint. Maybe if you studied a little history instead of trying to put down people raising important issues, you would understand. Maybe you didnt know that many Asians and especially Chinese were used as slave labour in the 1800s to build railroads such as the transcontinental railroads and their sacrifices are always glossed over. Maybe you don’t know that in the mid 1800s to late 1800s and nito the 20th century, the USA created laws that barred the immigration of Asians to this country such as the Gentlemens Agreement against Japanese and the Chinese Exclusion act. So maybe you stop and say “wait a minute America is white why should we let Asians in?” Well first of all you faggots got America only because your ancestors slaughtered and bred out all the American Indians who used to be here. This country is built on genocide and slavery. And I used to think this was supposed to be a land for “all immigrants of all creeds as long as they value freedom.” But how wrong I was.

    Justice Harlan’s dissenting opinion Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). Harlan was the only member of the Court to find that a state statute requiring the segregation of the black race was unconstitutional, famously stating that “There is no caste here,” and that the Constitution must be “color-blind.” But Harlan went on to say:

    There is a race so different from our own that we do not permit those belonging to it to become citizens of the United States. Persons belonging to it are, with few exceptions, absolutely excluded from our country. I allude to the Chinese race. But, by the statute in question, a Chinaman can ride in the same passenger coach with white citizens of the United States, while citizens of the black race in Louisiana, many of whom, perhaps, risked their lives for the preservation of the Union, who are entitled, by law, to participate in the political control of the state and nation, who are not excluded, by law or by reason of their race, from public stations of any kind, and who have all the legal rights that belong to white citizens, are yet declared to be criminals, liable to imprisonment, if they ride in a public coach occupied by citizens of the white race.

    And so now you realize that this country in most peoples’ opinions is only meant for white and blacks and that East Asians were never welcome despite the fact that this country is supposed to be made up of immigrants of all creeds and colors as long as they value freedom and democracy.

    So you talk about us being hypocrites and craven and whiners. But you do not understand the context in which we are talking nor do you understand the position of those you argue against, which only makes you look stupid. From our point of view, we have always loved this country and would be willing to fight for this country, yet this society and its women treat us as less than human. Why the hell would we want to fight for a country like that? Spartacus and the slaves of Rome were technically a part of Rome, yes, but like us, their social status was utter shit. They eventually had enough of that and rose up against their oppressors. If you want to fan the flames and keep making the lives of the oppressed more difficult, go ahead. But don’t be surprised if more crazy people like cho seung hui appear and don’t be surprised if many Asian American men hold less and less loyalty to this country. I used to love this country and all that it was about until I realized that this country is built upon foundations determined to hate my kind: Asian males.

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