Raymond Clark…Annie Le

What’s crazy is this guy was in an Asian Awareness club.

Raymond Clark III - asian woman killer

Raymond Clark III

Annie Le

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8 thoughts on “Raymond Clark…Annie Le

  1. And Asian women keeps putting white men on a pedestal.

    At least we AA men don’t murder our girlfriends, whichever race she may be.

    Just to be P.C. most white guys are crazy.

  2. AA men don’t murder our AA women – we beat them. haha, that was a joke. calm down.

    I’m still waiting on finding out what the motive was. I hate it when the media reports everything except the aftermath of everything – like he got arrested but now what?

  3. See, poor girl, if she never got involved with our men she may have had a chance. Stop destroying yourselves. Marry each other instead of my people.

  4. AA women who marry/date white/Jewish men….the joke is on these men….cuz even though these AA women spread their legs for these men, they are spending all their money for shopping and anything else under the sun.

  5. Felecia Lee murdered by her pastor white bf. Michelle Lee murder and cut up by her white bf. I have tons of examples.

    It is a new trend. Asian women in American have lost it. They are too desperate.

  6. R U saying that the trend is that these ladies are getting killed, or that they are desperate? That’s a lot of stuff going down.

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