Why are Asian women more open to dating/marrying non-Asian than Asian men?

Interracial couple

“I love Laura Smith but I can’t marry her”

This is so true. It’s one of the main reasons why there’s such a big disparity between the number of Asian woman-White man couples and Asian man-White woman couples. These days, Asian women are open to dating not just white men but Blacks, Latins, Mexicans, Middle Easterns, and little green aliens from outer space. But us Asian men…we prefer Asian women, generally speaking. Not all Asian men but alot. It’s just the way we are I guess. All around us, we see beautiful women from all walks of life – Brazilian, Jewish, Italian, Russian, Czech Republic, and California. But at the end of the day, we want Asian women. Sure, we’d like to sleep with anyone while we’re single, but for marriage purposes, we want Asian. The mother of our children and the woman that we will come to respect, honor, and love, she’s got to be Asian. I have heard of plenty of non-Asian women say, “we broke up because he wanted to marry only Asian.” Meanwhile, many Asian women are much more open to dating and marrying any non-Asians. I’ve heard many Asian men express that they prefer Asian women because of the cultural similarity and familiarity, that they just feel more comfortable with Asian women, and they don’t have to explain things if the women was Asian. I’ve heard they feel it’s important to have their children speak the native Asian language and to have common cultural values and beliefs. Do Asian women not care about these things? Do they just date or marry with whoever they fall in love with? Do they want their offsprings to be more white? Are these Asian women “selling out” to the white man? Are they ashamed or embarrassed or just don’t give a shit about their cultural, ethnic, and racial background and values? What’s up? Why the difference in thinking between Asian women and men? Do Asian women feel they can get along better with white men?

153 thoughts on “Why are Asian women more open to dating/marrying non-Asian than Asian men?

  1. most Asian guys aren’t not dating other races by choice

    and at some point it’s just easier to say “i don’t want it”

  2. While some do stray out and date in terms of marriage more Asians are marrying each other. It is sad that some who do date or marry out are sometimes self haters who stray away from their Asian heritage, language and culture. This is evident in the NY Times article http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/fashion/more-asian-americans-marrying-within-their-race.html?pagewanted=all

    White control mainstream media likes to promote the WM/AF as the norm and accepted in general society. Some Asian women see this as a goal and only the white man can romance and be a better husband excluding the Asian man. There has to be a balance of Asian couples in the media who have an attraction to each other sharing the same heritage, culture, language and future with children.

  3. Another contributing factor is that Asian guys are short :P sorry but that’s one if the main reason white girls don’t go for Asian men (its just that the whole height difference can be a turn off).

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