Marie Claire Trophy Wife Article causes lots of rage in women

new trophy wife : Asian women marie claire

Angry Asian Women respond!

Have you seen this article?  It’s called The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women, published in Marie Claire magazine by none other than an Asian writer, Ying Chu.  It has outraged lots of defensive Asian women because the author proclaims that many white men have a fetish for Asian women, and that Asian women are trying to marry up.  Wow.  I’m stunned she said that, but I do find it quite entertaining just because it is generating so much readership.  It probably has more comments than any article on their website…ever.

A friend of mine, who happens to be Asian American, posted this on Facebook and it spawned even more comments!  She loathed being the object of a fetish, and thought it was creepy. I know that this is a form of racism, but I find it a bit petty because some Asian women benefit from it, and even play along with it.  Sure this fetish probably attracts some really clueless morons, but I’m sure there are a few nice white guys who have always had a bit of curiosity towards Asian women and culture.   Maybe he got it from watching Karate Kid II. Anyways, boy meets girl due to fetish, boy and girl actually fall in love, and they happily live every after.  Even if the guy’s original intentions were a bit shady, maybe in the end he matures and sees princess from the East for who she is, no?  I know TONS of white guys who have married Japanese wives.  Why? Why go through all the trouble of going to Japan, learning a very difficult language, and hooking up with an Asian girl?  Why not just marry Mary Anne from the back hills?  Because some people just like something different.  Most people may love their iPods, but there are a few renegades who love their Zunes.

What I told my friend was that though a lesser evil doesn’t make it right, at least these girls are actually objects of desire, you know?  In contrast, Asian American guys have been ridiculed by American white culture, often portrayed as nerdy, unattractive comedy relief, or just mute kung fu heroes.  We’ve been made fun of for our accents, portrayed with buck teeth and squinty eyes, and told we have small penises…over and over and over and over.   Asian American guys have suffered quite a lot through this.  But, I ain’t complaining, and we are resilient and will get our American Pie damnit!  :)   Racism does exist, and so long as people think, they will categorize, compare, and differentiate.  They will naturally have racist tendencies.  What most don’t realize is that racism is natural, and we all do it.  A lot of these angry people act like they’ve never had a racist thought in their head, but you just haven’t analyzed your minds carefully enough.  It’s baked in.  Asians are some of the most racist people in the world.

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7 thoughts on “Marie Claire Trophy Wife Article causes lots of rage in women

  1. I didn’t click in meaning to go there, but “Asians are some of the most racist people in the world” just got me pissed off again. A different topic, but there’s a Asian-American blogcroversy about anti-white racism in Asia – largely consisting of gloating by Asian-Americans. As an ethnic white Asian, I’m pissed off. Article on

    /sideline. It’s irrelevant, and that article is problematic. It is bad enough to say that all AF/WM couples are fetishes – many are but not all. I know so many wonderful, happy relationships that are that demographic, people who are age and economic equals who fell in love and are still falling. Love them. But they are alas tarred by the 40-60% that are skanky.

    That article goes beyond the skank to the “oh no she didn’t!!” of trophy wifedom. I think that young, pretty women and rich, old farts on the sock exchange is so fucked up misogynistic that you don’t need a racial bar code to scan it. The real fetish issues in the US are much more upper middle class.

    Hell, I get lots of “I own a car, be my exotic concubine!” Bleh. That article was stupid, but AA women are right in bitching about it. There is a valid issue in how AA women stigmatize AA men, fetishize everyone else – but it’s part of a larger social phenomenon.

  2. Don’t get angry Asian women, do the right thing and marry Asian men. Have beautifull Asian babies and show them that Asian is beutifull.

  3. As a ABC GUY who’s lived and worked in Los Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Taipei, AND Shanghai, I will tell you the the TRUTH why the yellow fever phenomena exists and why you have been betrayed:

    1) ALL asian cultures have an ingrained disposition for looking for mates (both girls+boys) with PALE SKIN. This is why you never see asian girl + blacks / indian / mexican.

    2) Pretty asian girls with pale flawless skin and petite bodies are a dime-a-dozen in asia, ESPECIALLY in the entire Jiangsu province (Shanghai), and local Chinese guys will treat them as such. Not a problem for hot 10/10 girls, but average and below-average girls feel marginalized, frustrated, and lonely.

    In comparison, laowais have a very lowered standard of beauty because white chicks are so fat, vulgar, and unfeminine. So, laowais will fawn over and chase average looking Chinese girls and make them feel pretty, special, and wanted.

    This is what makes SPGs embrace western culture, talk with a fake/exaggerated aussie/british accent, and betray asian guys. If you’ve studied psychology, it is because they are “preserving their ego”. ie, “asian guys don’t appreciate me the way white guys do, therefore asian guys must be inferior”. Don’t EVER mention this to a SPG though, she will just get super defensive and say something like “love is blind” etc. (Well if love were so blind, why aren’t you SPGs slutting it up to blacks? LOL)

    When it comes to ABC/CBC guys THE TABLES ARE TURNED! In America + Europe, asian guys have it the worst. White girls ignore them and SPG asian girls “betray” them, so a huge number of lonely asian guys are chasing the leftover non-SPG girls. Supply and demand -> frustrated lonely guys with lowered standards of beauty.

    Anyway, these ABC/CBC “expats” who come back to work in China all of a sudden find themselves in man’s paradise because they possess the desired laowai qualities (civilized, romantic, lowered standards, $$$), but also look Chinese enough for the girl to PROUDLY show off to her parents and friends.

    3) Hollywood propagates the idea that white guys are sexually superior to asian guys. This is so obvious and insulting that I don’t need to explain it. In countries like northern Vietnam where Hollywood “propaganda” is muted, it is very rare to see asian girl + laowai.

    Lucky for us though, a lot of rich Chinese companies have been buying up stakes in American film studios, so in the next few decades we will start seeing asian guys pimping it on the big screen. For example, do you know why Ken Watanabe was portrayed as such a pimp handsome guy in Inception? It’s because asian investors financed Christopher Nolan’s film company.

    Anyway, Asian guy, hope that makes you feel better. And just so you understand the context, although I look Chinese and hold a US Passport, I spend most of my time in asia for all the reasons above. ;)


    Nice writeup. And, I guess the domination of China in the global market will be a big influence in uplifting the image of Asian males around the world. That’s a good by-product.

    True about the pale skin thing, though there are some exceptions. But, dark skin, even among Asians, is considered inferior. It’s racist, and I don’t like it, but it’s common. Eastern Asians look down at Southeast Asians simply because of their color.

  5. Infact asian girls treat white men as trophy husbands.
    Systematic feelings of inferiority and a backward mindset is why we see many white male-asian woman couples.

    Asian women lack self-esteem which is why to boost it they sell their house to get a white guy

  6. “Eastern Asians look down at Southeast Asians simply because of their color.”

    wrong. Japanese, Koreans and Chinese look down on SE asians because of SE Asia’s low standard of living, and their darker skin tone.

    “In comparison, laowais have a very lowered standard of beauty because white chicks are so fat, vulgar, and unfeminine.”

    speak for yourself – i’m a cbc, and i find most white women under 30 yrs of age, to be quite sexually attractive.

    lets be honest – almost all white guys, who goes to east & se asia, wants to have sex with asian girls. they are not picky, they just want to fuck as many asian girls as possible. ( this is why they will go with ugly asian girls) what i don’t understand is, why so many asian girls (in asia) are so willing to be used by white guys. in fact asian girls have different standards, in reguards to putting out for asian guys vs white guys.

  7. Last month I spent a couple of days with a Taiwanese 22 year old who spent the summer as a guest worker in Kennebunk. After the couple of days, (purely platonic situation) she emailed me after going back to Taiwan and admitted lying about having had one boyfriend before. Apparently she has never been with anyone at all! I told her if she ever moved to the States she would have no problems finding men that would date her. A friend of mine who is Asian met her and found her not attractive. I told him that he was way too picky, she was not gorgeous, but was cute in a plain kind of way. Had an ok figure, nothing spectacular, but no overhang and relatively pretty nice.

    Anyways there are probably tons of women like her that if transplanted to a non-Asian country would find themselves suddenly much more in demand. Being an Asian woman definitely in most countries with no Asian majorities has some benefits.

    The flip side of this issue is that being an Asian male in a lot of countries is a minus two points automatically…but that’s why we have to get out there and even the odds by just not giving up and staying home.

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