Miley Cyrus makes fun of Asian people

Miley Cyrus: Asian boy: I want to fit in so bad, I hang around with a bunch of white racists

The Asian kid: "I want to fit in so bad, I hang around with a bunch of white racists"

So, a few of us awhile back were going back and forth on Gmail talking about this, and I thought I would just post the conversation since it was pretty interesting. I have hidden everyone’s identity. (I realize now though that I was being a cocky SOB. )I wonder what all of you thought about the whole incident, where Miley Cyrus and her friends took a photo while slanting there eyes.  Funny thing is that there’s a deuchbag Asian among them in the middle: probably who took the blunt of the teasing.  I don’t know if I should feel sorry for the guy, or if I should kick him in the face…

SAM A: When white people do the slanted eye thing, does it offend you? i used to get this when i was in grade school. but what the hell? miley cyrus and her freinds are doing it in this photo.

Me (Reflective SAM): There you go again…

SAM B: It’s like painting my face black taking picture with an African American.  It’s racist and ignorant.

SAM C: oofah…don’t let this stuff get to you…it’s a distraction and not worth the time.  Just be awesome…like my Tapioca roll I got from the Asian market tonight.

SAM B: (Original font included.  Notice it’s BOLD!)

SAM C, I wholeheartedly disagree with you.  What?… “just be awesome”?  What is that mean???
We, Asians, are very passive and self-absorbed.  As long as things don’t directly effect us we usually let it slide, even in the face of blatant injustice… I’ve seen it and experienced it.
When I was in Spokane, the Gonzaga basketball players were playing in San Francisco.  After the game they were hanging out in the city.  The players ran into Chinese-American couple just walking in the street.  They began to taunt him and his wife using racial slurs.  The husband who was a high school teacher in San Francisco chastised the players but they didn’t stop.  The Chinese American teacher went to the media and told the story.  The Gonzaga coach on TV did not apologize.  He made it sound like as if the teacher was making a mountain out of mole hill.  The coach was dismissive and flippant.  He said that his players were just being kids and having fun. The Chinese American teacher did not just ignore them but spoke up… not just for himself and his wife but for the Chinese and Asian community and for his children.
I used to have patients who wanted to see “White Doctors” when I was a resident.  Instead of just accepting their blatant racism and ignorance,  I got very angry rebuked them.  I refused to change doctors (Asian/ Indian interns).  I told them that they can either be seen by their current doctor or leave the clinic. I guess I could’ve taken the easy road and switch them to one of my White interns…and just be “AWESOME”.
We must STAND UP AND SPEAK UP!  If not for yourself, then do it for your children.
I’m proud to be a Korean American.  When I was growing up, I did not like my Asian-sounding name.  The kids in my classes used to laugh when the teacher called my name.  I thought about Anglocizing my name like many other Korean/ Asian Kids.  But no…I’m a descendant of proud and strong people… My ancestors and Korean culture have survived many famines, outbreaks, invasions, wars, and the occupation.  I am a descendent of great scholars, artists, warriors, and patriots.  I will STAND UP AND SPEAK UP, so that my children and their children will not be ashamed of their “funny-sounding” names, their small eyes,  and their heritage.

SAM B!  your passion!  i love it :)  fight the power!  bring da noise!
the slanted eye thing doesn’t bother me, per se. i’m just a little surprised people still do that today. i used to get this when i was in 3rd grade. right after they stole my lunch money.
i don’t think it’s funny. if anything, it’s just annoying. because i don’t need to see that shit. and i didn’t ask for it. and i’d never expected my asian brothers to tell me to “forget about it”. i think if some of us get upset by it, then let them. and if they get offended, let them.
bottom line: it’s not P.C. for non-blacks to make fun of blacks. but it’s ok for non-asians to make fun of asians.
Me:Dang, SAM B busted out the big bold font!I hear you SAM B.  You have to remember that we spent a whole year doing that asian american male advocacy site, remember?  I got very angry with all sorts of stuff in the media, wrote tons of articles, thought alot about it, and I even personally emailed people who left racist remarks on our comments board and cussed them out!  I got very emotional, and I would say now that I got out of control.

That’s great that you stood up for the cause during work in Spokane.  That takes guts.  The other day I was called a gook on the street by a crazy white guy.  He had tourettes, and was obviously out of his mind, but I still told him to fuck off.  But, it really didn’t make me angry cuz I could tell he had no control of his mouth, or his twitchy body!

Lately, I’m reading a book called A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle.  In it, he writes how activism can get out of hand because you do tend to get too emotional and ultra-sensitive.  It’s good to speak out, but be careful not to seek out that sort of racism in your daily life and media because you’ll always find it, and it will keep you in a constant state of anger and resentment.  That’s what SAM A tends to do, and that’s why I said ‘There you go again’.  SAM A tends to throw fuel in the fire like a punkass, and gets people all riled up.

For me, the way I make Asians great is by making myself great.  Very simple.  AND, by being active in the community and in the public.  I HATE how a lot of Asians only stick around with their own kind, and get together in small groups, drinking and socializing with only a few fellow Asian guys.  If you’re so great, then branch out and do something meaningful in the community.  Integrate, and give to the community.  Let’s face it, Asians can be insular, and selfish.  That’s why so many Asians aren’t political: they don’t care about others in the community.  They just want their own piece of the pie.  Rather, go out and mix it up, give, and be somebody in the community.  I’ve been an officer in my alumni for several years, hang out regularly with friends of all cultures, front a fuckin’ awesome rock who happens to have a black and white guy in it, volunteered my time to make a website for a big Asian concert even, working on a startup, and have a lovely wife and doggy.  I’m second generation Japanese American, and I studied HARD to be able to speak fluently and learn the culture.  I get a lot of respect from all sides.  But, point is, when I go out in the public, I represent us whether I like it or not, and it’s up to me to bring respect to Asian Americans, and I do a pretty good job of it I think.  Though, sometimes all this can get to my head and I can get very egotistical and cocky, which can bite you in your ass.

So, I say walk the talk and go out and show people you’re a proud integrated Asian American by going out and making a difference in the community outside of work.  You’ll meet lots of people, and they will see just how great and generous Asian Americans can be.  Plus, you meet a LOT of girls that way!  Goddamn there are LOTs of honeys out there.  Don’t spend your time griping with fellow Asians saying we get no respect: that’s counterproductive.

Shit, SAM A , you wasted another hour of my life on this topic…

SAM C:I’m with you, I think I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never really experienced racism as an adult.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  When we were chosen for the commercial it was very much of an “That’s great you’re Asian and she’s white, we love diversity!”  Also, I think that  I’m self confident and don’t give a rat’s ass what people say about me.  I stand up for certain things but, educating the ignorant isn’t one of them.My comment about being awesome is just that…rise above that and move on.  SAM B, you’re a doctor and that’s awesome.  Not many people are smart enough or driven to achieve that.  Most importantly, you can understand all the Scrubs medical references.

I think it’s awesome that the fact that as a smaller group of minorities (relative to blacks and hispanics) we don’t need things like NAACP or even equal rights programs to succeed.  We do well in school and professionally on our own…

Whether you’re a minority or not, you shouldn’t have people tell you that you can’t do something or, hold you back from achieving your goals.

SAM A: hey!  blame it on me!  :)  i want you to know i love mileycyrus. she’s a great talented singer. don’t you?

listen. i emailed you guys that not to fuel the fire – cuz there aint no fire burning there son!  naw, i just emailed it for awareness. kind of like “can you guys believe this crap?  she did what?”  i didn’t expect SAM B to get so passionate. but it’s good that he is/did. you have to vent sometimes. especially if you have chinky eyes.
when that photo of miley came out, some asian groups/orgs came out protesting it. basically speaking their voice. and that’s what SAM B  is doing. what’s wrong with that. whether you get emotional or not, it’s just a natural reaction to something that’s kind of silly and messed up. we have a black president now. the african american community and people as a whole didn’t get this far without protesting and complaining and basically raising hell – saying they’re not going to take this shit. in a way, we should do the same. otherwise, we’ll never get an asian president in the white house. it’s true asians are passive. compared to blacks. that’s why we can’t say the N word around them or flash gang signs in front of them. i guess asians rise above it all via education, science, math, and computers. :)
i also noticed asians tend to think of self more. asians segregate themselves like Reflective SAM  said. i totally agree with him about asians being selfish – how they also tend to have a mind set that “if i’m doing well, then everything’s cool” – even though other asians are being made fun of”. it’s like this self-reliance thing or self pride, i don’t know. not all but some asians are egocentric and self-absorbed. it’s definitely interesting how asians and blacks differ in how they react, rebuke, and handle these kinds of situations. asians are so obsessed with material gain/success.
and it’s also about principle and pride. SAM B  is saying “that’s F’ed up and I don’t have to take that shit”. SAM B can still go out, integrate, party, be happy and still get pissed off by this. there’s nothing wrong with that. we have to get away from this asian on asian crime. :)
we can’t be putting SAM B  down for getting passionate or upset about it. why would any asian do that?
forget you guys – i’m going to get eyelid surgery. make my eyes look bigger…rounder. no more slanted chinky eyes. i don’t even want my eyes to ever blink.
SAM B, can you perform this eyelid surgery on me???

7 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus makes fun of Asian people

  1. This is like the ultimate cockblock! Evil asians and non-asians tend to use this against asians … For example, way back in the days, I’d be flirting with some girl. Then the evil cockblock would send his racist non-asian friends my way. When I got distracted and confronted them, they’d keep using racist slurs until their friend was able to get the girl. By the time I looked back, the girl is walking outside or some bedroom with the other guy! It ALWAYS works for some reason especially if you’re flirting with a white chick, or hispanic chick. Anyways my 2 cents.

  2. The people in the picture are complete assholes and should be ashamed to be so passive-aggressively offensive toward something so racial.

  3. I know what you mean about the cockblocking. There was this one white girl who I was dating. She really seemed into me. Her friends, one of whom was asian,never seemed to talk to me.One night I was going to take her out, but she said her friends wanted her to go watch Fargo with them that night. So, we agreed to see each other another night.

    After she saw Fargo that night, she never looked or talked to me the same way again. She wouldn’t answer my calls or she would say she was busy.

    I didn’t know what I did wrong. Then a few years later, I watched the movie Fargo for myself and saw that scene. I knew nothing about that scene and it hit me by surprise. But I gained an understanding of a possible reason why that girl never talked to me again. I fell into a depression because it was tough enough to try and find someone to be with. But then to have the media cockblock you made it 5 times as hard.

  4. Hey Asian Guy

    That scene is a classic case of American white media messing with the male asian identity. So messed up.

  5. Super late to this conversation

    Asian Guy, she broke up with you basically over a movie? I know this is totally outdated now but man, she just wasn’t THAT into you if she’s gonna let a movie influence her own feelings towards her man. I can’t believe that would go down if she really cared. Quite the opposite, I figure she’d call you immediately after the movie and ask if you were busy and if you could meet up so she can talk to you about it and how much it upset her if she cared. I really hope you’re much better off now man, women like that need to seriously reevaluate who they are and what they stand for in life or they’ll always be dropping guys for idiotic reasons.

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