Why do white people think Asians love taking pictures?

I know this is a common stereotype for Asians but why do Asians get singled out amongst all the other races? Tourists takes pictures and tourists are not only Asians but all types of races from all around the world. Then why is this stereotype being directed towards solely Asians? I bring this up because recently Mickey Rourke said a “racist” comment to an Asian fan who wanted a picture with him. The camera kept failing and so he said “You’re Asian, you’re supposed to be able to take pictures.”

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14 thoughts on “Why do white people think Asians love taking pictures?

  1. first of all, FUCK Mickey Rourke.

    Second, who the hell knows why white people think a certain way. Ignorance is more likely the case. They take a small kernel of truth and blow it into a big caricature and the media just reinforces those images.

    Remember the movie Caddyshack? Where Rodney Dangerfield is bringing his Japanese investors to the golf club? yep, they had cameras around their necks too.

  2. There was a time, in the mid-80’s through the early 90’s, I think, when this was a common joke.

    Actually, it was specifically targeted at Japanese people. I think because in the mid-80’s there was a lot of racism in general towards the Japanese, because everyone was freaking out that their economy was going to take-over the U.S.’s. Also, it was probably secret jealousy of the very nice cameras being produced by Japan.

    I don’t think many people have this stereotype anymore…that was like, 20-30 years ago. Mickey Rourke is just an old, racist douche (with dated material, to boot!)

  3. WhiteGirl, i remember that. I grew up in the 80’s. Yeah, americans were afraid and hated Japanese taking over, such as the car industry cuz american cars sucked back then.

    but i do have many asian friends and they do all love taking pictures and holding up their peace sign.

    as for mickey, i do like him. in the “wrestler”, he was great.

  4. yeah, i remember that in the caddyshack. i mean, granted, there are alot of asian tourists in america taking pictures but why only is it the asians that this stereotype is directed to? why not europeans? they take pictures too! so odd. in fact, everyone takes pictures nowadays. so they can post them online.

  5. IMO, Asians get singled out for two reasons:

    (1) they travel in giant packs, and

    (2) they take pictures of everything.

    This isn’t true for all Asians, of course, but it’s true enough, in my experience.

    The second reason is the worst. It’s actually a pet peeve of mine. To me, the experience of traveling is adventurous and soulful and a lot of other kick ass things. So I can’t stand it when people record the shit out of their experience in an effort to relive or retell it later, rather than soak it up and be in the moment then.

    You can spot these people taking pictures of the most inane things. Like them with the hotel manager or in front of a “funny” foreign sign. Also, they’re likely giving a thumbs-up sign in these pics.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being a travel snob…

  6. You know what I can’t stand more than anything?

    People who just got done reading the leftist playbook and out of some self righteous sense of duty go out into the world to preach leftist religion against religion preaching (‘Religion’ being a label which, religious nuts that they are, they would never give to themselves.)

    Exhibit A: bicycletheif
    Rather than truly be what he means when he says “soulful”, instead he’ll go out and instruct you on what you can and can’t enjoy doing in YOUR life. [i.e. taking pictures of some of the most important moments of your life, a.k.a. family vacations.]

    It’s just a coincidence that he gets a self righteous, self satisfied sense of exhilaration (like the tingle Chris Matthews got in his leg for Obama) from telling us how hopeless we are and how right his philosophy of life is.

    I for one prefer Whitegirl’s softer kiss the ass of “ethnics” and “minorities” and pretend to be less racist than anyone else approach.

    But how bout this “Asians”, if you want “white people” to stop being racist THEN YOU STOP BEING RACIST!

    Asians are some of the most racist people in the world and then you’re going to come on here and tell us about the defects of the “white race”?
    You don’t consider that to be at all racist?

    Also I’ll remind you that America is for Japan what the Catholic Church is for other forms of Christianity..or not quite, but they are in similar positions.
    Those particular Asians would still be possessed by a heathen ideology that promotes suicide if not for America’s civilizing influence. They would still be the Nazis of the east if not for us and yet all some of them can do is blame us for everything like everyone else. Like we wanted to use nuclear weapons and weren’t only doing it because you would have killed millions more of us and forced us to kill millions more of you if we hadn’t.

    I’m so sick and tired of this leftist mindset that has infected the entire world like a cancer.

    I will take the proud conservative Japanese any day! Men and women who deserve and earn respect, don’t just bitch about everything like Western Eurotrash wellfare babies and their bureaucrat masters.

    The Japanese who have been instrumental in building the greatest country in the world (and I don’t mean Japan).

  7. Because they do. I go a major university with a large international student population. Large groups of asians taking turns to pose in front of various buildings and monuments on campus is a common occurrence. It’s just a thing, my asian friend points it out a lot.

    Besides a observed behavior about a particular ethnicity doesn’t mean racism, just racial observations. “White people like country music,” Yes we do and I agree it’s horrible.

  8. I’m not saying asians in general do, but asian tourists moreso. Whenever I go somewhere on vacation, next to almost everything worth taking a picture of (such as a statue, monument, etc.) I see a few asian tourists taking pictures. And by taking pictures I mean ten poses (not exaggerating) around the exact same thing. Meanwhile, it seems European tourists just take one or two and move on.

  9. It’s not just white people, everyone thinks that. And the reason is because you see a lot of asian people taking pictures everywhere. Everywhere you go there’s always a huge group of asians all with cameras taking pictures, they really stick out. Nothing racist about it, it’s just what I see all the time. And I’m not white.

  10. @White Dude, Grant, Salami
    I totally agree. I see it too and I”m Asian. It’s a stereotype but it’s based on some truths. The more accurate stereotype of this is that many Japanese do it. Not so much Koreans or Chinese or Southeast Asians. But I think most Asians do it. And it’s not offensive to say this. No harm. Just a generalization. And I notice this is more true for Asians than say, Hispanics or Europeans, or Blacks, etc.

  11. i have found in my experience whilst travelling in africa that the bloody asians kept taking bloody pictures

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