Non-Asian men’s view on sex with Asian women

This kind of upset me. I know there are non-Asian guys out there who think this way because I’ve met quite a few. For them, Asian women simply represent sex. They are objects of their male exotic Asian desires. Asian women to them are nothing but sex objects and a conquest. Let me explain. Some guy wrote me this email regarding our site. Please take a look and give me your opinion on it. By the way, his grammar is horrible. Also, he’s not Asian.

hello asian male

i spent a lot of time online this morning reading your site and your links from other asian sites. for what its worth heres  my 2 cents.

myself and several  and i do mean sevaeral white and black american men are very thankful for the asian women here in america,  here in vegas  they r a dime a dozen
we  just love to fuck the shit out of them  because you asian men have those super small cocks  thses asian sluts  just go wild for out dicks,  its almost like fucking a virgin there so small and tight
i travel usualy 2 times a year to asian countrsy with buddies of mine just to have some realy good times with these asian girls
also  just look at a site called blossoms and u will see they have been in business aprox. 30 years, and there site is filled with thousands upon thousands of little asian sluts selling there lifes to marry a american man and come here and get there visa
my friend of many years is living with a hot,  a very hot little brown skinned flip thats only  18,  guess what  his age is  85 wow
thanks again for treating ur bitches like sevants and sending them our way

las vegas nevada
p.s.   just love that asian pussy

66 thoughts on “Non-Asian men’s view on sex with Asian women

  1. sounded awfully trollish there for a minute…..

    Some of the guys here know. My Aorta is ripped open from my heart to my liver.
    I’ts right next to the spine where all the nerves are. The first week home I wanted to shoot myself it was something else.

    That’s what happens when you push your aging body passed it’s limits.
    Nothing really helps the pain that much. I use pot to distract myself.
    I’m in oregon so It’s legal up to a quite a bit.

    I thought you were ok. Almost had me there. I would have not come back here if you had not put the last post in. I was just going to cancell the subscriptions and I saw this post. I hate trolls…

  2. My teenage years were kinda split between east coast and west. West coast kids were tame.

    The east coast on the other hand… different language, extreme shit abound….nuts.

  3. Where is the truth in this? Last time I checked we asians weren’t the ones always looking around for porn or stereotyping races just to get a chick. Those white guys must be desperate. I’ve never seen asian men treat their women badly at all, and all the asian women around here seem much more happier with asian husbands. However, I have seen white men treating their asian women like objects, dragging them around all the time. Where’s the justice?

  4. Aging body? What are you a grandpa? Are you asian? Just curious, you don’t seem it.

    Nah I’m not a troll, trolls are people who leave an insidious comment, such as a thread starter, and then returns later under an assumed identity to fuel the responses left over.

    You guessed correctly old man, I’m from Queens, NY.

  5. I’m from Queens but I don’t live there now. My quality of life has improved and now I live out with the trees out on Long Island. Yeah Queens is a melting pot, it’s got everything and everybody from everywhere. It’s the third world really. It can get nasty. Yeah lots of Koreans, lots of asians period. Lot’s of hispanics, arabs, jews, whites, blacks, everything. It’s really diverse. More so than any other part of the city.

  6. Wow fight club I did’nt mean to cut off here. My internet got turned off for non payment. It took me a while to get it back up.

    I figured you were from somewhere around there. Now I get how you talk man!

    I miss plain greasy slice of cheese and some Baklava….

    You know they put cheddar cheese in the Philly cheese stake in Cali? WTF!!!!

  7. As far as me being asian. I really don’t know anymore what I am….

    I have slanted eyes and a full japanese name….My head is definatly some other time or place….

  8. This Vinnie guy basically admitted he goes to Asia to pay for sex. Are you seriously worried about what this guy says or thinks? He’s very likely a loser that usually (always) pays for sex no matter where he is. He probably also has a small dick and minimal source of income.

    This email is not an example worth sharing. This is not how the white male thinks. This is how some douchebag thinks. Big difference.

  9. meh..i dont believe a word of it, with that spelling he probably never got out of 5th grade, nevertheless travelled out of wherever he is from. nuts!

  10. Agreed. That is definitely a troll if ever there was one.

    The dude is probably a virgin who only knows what a pussy looks like from hours of watching porn. No man is proud of paying for pussy, especially if he is supposedly inNevada where it’s legal. Yet, he’s such a loser; he can’t get laid by local hookers and has to pay to go on a different country to find a woman desperate enough to accept his money for sex with his sorry ass. See how ridiculous that sounds? Ridiculous and extremely pathetic. Besides, in the majority of old-ugly-white-guy/younger-(but usually not too attractive)woman-brought-over-from-Asia pairings (and I’ve seen quite a few from meeting the friends of my Chinese boyfriend’s parents), a lot of times the woman is playing the older man for money/security/visa while she has an affair with a younger Asian man on the side. The older man is either clueless (because he can’t understand the language and doesn’t realizing she’s talking to her Asian lover on the phone in front of him), or he just plays into it cuz he’s lonely and couldn’t find anyone from his own country. Think about it: what man would want a woman who is can’t hold down a job (hell, she can barely speak the language), doesn’t like his children/grandchildren from his previous marriage, can barely communicate, can’t cook any of the food that he is used to, and doesn’t want to touch him because he’s old and wrinkly? A desperate one.

    Note: This is not true of all international relationships, but more of the mail-order-bride type where the man meets the woman online (usually through one of those mail-order sites), visits her a couple of times in her own country, then immediately marries her without really asking too many questions.

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