Don’t you hate the SAM who disappears once he gets a girl????

drunkparty.jpgThese guys are pussies. Personally, I think that hanging out with other SAMs all the time is a stagnant situation, especially if they are the downers. You know, the guys who aren’t up for doing anything new, and are afraid to take chances. If you’re in a situation like that, GET OUT!!! It really does make a difference. I have a buddy who was in a downer group, but changed his ways, and now runs with a few guys who go to bars to meet people. He’s transformed from a nice, pathetic SAM to one with game in like 3 months!! It’s amazing! He’s dating two women, and he hasn’t looked back. True story guys. It’s the company you keep.

But, let me get back to the subject. I’m talking about the SAM who says he has your back, who is a sworn blood brother, and who swears his allegience to SAMdom. He hangs out with you every night, and talks about the ‘value of friendship’. Then, one day, he gets a girlfriend, and he suddenly disappears from the face of the earth. This kind of hypocrisy is fucked up. I can’t stand it. And, if he ends up breaking up with the girl, he comes back to the group like he has committed no wrongs, and starts talking about ‘friendship’ again. Fucking pathetic. If you know a guy like this, realize that he isn’t hanging out with you guys because of ‘friendship’. It’s because he is just lonely, and can’t stand being alone. That’s why when he gets a girl, he doesn’t need you anymore, and he goes off and ignores you because he’s got the companionship now. Makes sense, right?

I say these guys should be held accountable for their actions. It’s fucking lame-ass. There’s a balance that needs to be maintained, and an honor code amongst SAMs. If you go out and find a girl, don’t leave your SAM buddies in the dust. Meet up with them sometimes, and help them get a date. Share what you’ve learned from your relationship to make them better. Don’t be selfish. It’s your duty as a former SAM to help your buddy SAM. It’s the right thing to do. Learn to keep the balance of having a girl and friends. It’ll make you a well-balanced, genuine person.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t you hate the SAM who disappears once he gets a girl????

  1. well this situation happens amongst all men not just AM. A guy needs to satisfy his needs, and sometimes that takes precedent. Granted after a month if he is still gone he just doesn’t the bros before …. motto. But hey, its who they are and their perogative to do whatever they want. if the guy wants to be with his chick and be whipped up the ass like most AMs then by all means.

  2. I don’t mind if a guy chooses to hang out with his gf more than his friends, that’s his choice. But what really bothers me is when they start to bother you to hang out when they’ve been dumped, acting as if nothing happened.

  3. Well thats the whole point, you can’t abandon your crew over a girl. And its true this is a universal man topic that affects any man once coupled. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend time with your girl, but guys need a guys night out as well as the girls.

    You spend too much time together anyways, so throw a night to the boys once in a while ( once a month at least ) –show your allegiance.

    But in the first couple of months all you want to do is be with your new girlfriend and thats fine, your buddies should understand that. But after the first 3 months you gotta make time, besides if your woman keeps saying no I want you to stay with me, then you’re pussy whipped.

    And must achieve some basis of control, for crying out loud you’re a man, or you used to be. Theres a lot of things emasculating men these days, but if you become a whipped man that doesn’t bode well after a while. You think she’ll find a man who doesn’t stand his ground attractive, no you’re just the welcome mat or I should say the “yes” mat.

    Think about it if shes had you for a while and you’re as whipped as short of a dog leash vs the marlboro man type, who do you think she will go after if things aren’t working out between you two.

    If you actually look at why it is that some women (okay most women) like the jerks, partly is because they stand up for themselves and make decisions. Decisions like we’re going here to eat tonight, instead of you being wherever you want to go honey. Guys have a decision, and then if she doesn’t agree ask her whats her input, if she has nothing then you have your answer. Be assertive guys, nobody respects someone being walked over — but on the other extreme as well nobody likes a loud mouth so about middle is fine.

    Frankly if the guy goes M I A then comes back when theres no girl, he should go through some kind of punishment for being weak. I don’t mean beat the guy, I mean we’re going to have bbq, you carry all the shit because…. And have that go on for like a week or two, then have a night out to officially welcome him back as one of your own.

    Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not even when you’re married these days — only thing I know that will stand by you are your good friends. And as cliche as it sounds it rings true, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

  4. It seriously creeps me out if I date a guy who wants to hang out with me, and me only, all the time. One-on-one is good and necessary, but he has to be able to mix it up with my friends. And if he won’t introduce me to their social group, I smell a fish. Is there something he’s hiding? Are his friends are losers he’s embarassed of? Does he not have any friends?

    (For a lot of Asian-American guys, it’s probably the second reason. ;) )

  5. I have a freind who never introduce us to his dates. He talk big, and tells us about his great dates, and what he did with them. When we say we want to meet these girls, he says that he doesn’t like to mix friends with girlfriends. He is average looking, and hasn’t had a serious relationship for a long time, so I think he is lying. When I make girlfriends, I like to show off to my friends!

  6. Yeah,ive had those kinda friends too…and i ended up almost doing the same thing.Im a late bloomer,got my first girl at 17 and i was smitten.Last day of school and my older friends(i was in 11th and they were in the 12th and several years older as well)wanted me to hang with them somewhere and i was reluctant.eventually i aske dmy girl and she told me to go and i can never forget one of my friends words”nik,friends first,friends first) and since then ill ALWAYS put my friends above any girl im with.Ive been hurt many times and girls will come and go but my true friends will be there.

  7. This is all new to me. But I can see that it could be a pattern.

    I’d say when the poor guy comes back to the circle, welcome him (or her) back. May be even suggest to be included next time.

  8. Nah, guys are thick headed, as soon as they see the next target they will forget — so punishment is needed, so the next time we can bring it up. You remember that time when you last gf screwed you over, you were our slave for the week — don’t fuck over your friends this time alright.

  9. Shanghai Meimei is correct. You have to have balance in your life; if you’re making your girlfriend your sole focus in life, then you’re either whipped, or you’re creeping the girlfriend out. You need to have a natural “me time” to go hang out with your friends, shoot hoops or something while she goes out and hangs with her friends too. You shouldn’t be smothering your girlfriend, give her room to breathe.

  10. SAM
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