Asian actresses I hate and the stupid reasons why

Luci Liu: I hate this bitch for one reason and one reason only – she never talks about being Asian or her Asian heritage. She’s so ingrained into the white Hollywood and too busy acting “white”, she won’t even mention anything about her Chinese upbringing, her struggles in getting into Hollywood as a full Chinese American. Is she ashamed of being Asian? Is she embarrassed? She can do a lot by speaking out and saying something about this. But she’s too busy fucking white Hollywood guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but you can at least share the struggles of Asian American women in cinema since there are so very few who actually make it. Look at how often Halle Berry mentions black actresses and their struggles. And I’m tired of white people thinking she’s so beautiful. She’s not! Goodness, white people obviously haven’t seen some of the Japanese and Korean actresses in Japan and Korea. This bitch is not hot! Uhh…good actress though, I’ll give her that.

Bai Ling: What a complete whore. I don’t know if she IS a whore, per se, but every time I see her on TV, she acts like a whore. She’s just always about sex and sensuality. Give me a break. Can she please at least try to break out of that old stereotype that Asian women are exotic and sexually crazy and freaky in bed. Stupid bitch. She even has the broken English while talking about sex and what’s sexy and sensual. Horrible actress too! She probably slept her way to the “top”. She’s been in mostly B-movies in the U.S. and in most of them, she just plays the sexy exotic Asian dragonlayd or tigress. She’s dated many non-Asian men in Hollywood, including Chris Isaak. She’s completely turned her back on Asian men it seems. She often talks about the oppressive society of women’s sexuality back in China and how being in America, she’s so liberated and sexually free now. This could mean she was a complete whore back in China. Anyway, she’s a horrible representation of the positive Asian American women role models in America. She only reinforces the exotic Asian sex goddess stereotype that some white guys just love. Plus, she not even hot.

Sandra Oh: Not exactly a whore, per se, but I’m mainly sick of her because I’m sick of white people saying how beautiful she is. She’s not pretty at all. Did I say at all? Trust me. Go look at some of the popular Korean actresses and singers and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I do think she’s a good actress though. She’s currently in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and was in the movie “Sideways”. She’s pretty fugly if you ask me. I’m sorry but my only memory of her in that movie was when she was getting pounded by that guy from “Wings”. Anyways, she was married to some white screenwriter and got divorced right after the movie came out. I wonder if she’ll start dating an Asian guy. Probably not. But then again, us SAMs don’t need chicks like this – we got each other and that’s all that matters. Go SAM!

32 thoughts on “Asian actresses I hate and the stupid reasons why

  1. Dude, breathe before that vein in your head pops.

    I can understand your frustration, and to most of the points I agree except for a couple.

    Lucy Lui is not a great actress, she probably has slept her way to the top. Come on, she started in Alley McBeal, and the only reason people watched her was because shes dressed in a full dominatrix leather outfit. Other than those oversexed roles in tv and movies she has done much in what I consider creditable acting.

    As for Sandra Oh, I gotta stand up for my Canadian girl, besides the fact shes not the prettiest Asian on tv should tell you something. Like she didn’t sleep herself to the top, shes been in tons of low-budget flicks. She didn’t sell out in anyone of them playing the temptress or whore. So shes westernized, and whitewashed — unfortunately so are so many SAF’s.

    At least she doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype the other two “actresses” wholeheartly accept.

    As for white males they can’t tell shit between a hot SAF and an ugly one. As wrong as the next line is going to sound hear me out. Maybe all the ugly SAF’s should date white guys and leave the hot ones for us. Lets be honest you SAM’s are not going to date the ugly SAF’s so why not. Everyone needs to have someone.

  2. Actually Lucy played another similar type of dominatrix role in Mel Gibson’s “Payback”. And yeah, she was good in “Kill Bill”. And I’ll admit, she does play strong roles – characters that don’t take shit. But I was talking more about her image rather than her acting chops or roles in movies.

    And, you are right about Sandra Oh. She didn’t have to pose for Playboy or anything. And she is a good actress. But don’t forget this: Her ex-husband was the screenwriter for “Sideways”. I wonder how she got that role? And you have to admit, “Sideways” is what got her big. I really didn’t know who she was before this big hit movie came out. So did she really make it solely on her acting chops? Well, not really. She got the role because of her husband. But was she any good in the movie? Yes, in fact, she was really good.

    And yeah! I agree! Let the white guys have the fugly SAFs! Haha. Damn straight!

  3. Oh yeah, forgot about her role in Kill Bill, okay for that particular film I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt — she did also have to speak japanese too, so it was out of character for her.

    Got a point there about sideways, I never saw the movie.
    But she did a lot of indie stuff which was pretty good.

  4. Odd as this may sound, the SAF agenda and SAM agenda are two totally different vector paths, and they don’t correlate. We as SAMs have our own issues that we need to deal with, and we cannot rely on SAFs in the media to help us out. SAFs are also trying to be accepted in N. America, and they do it by playing up their feminine characteristics. They WANT to be seen as sex objects and they feel good when they get the attention of the white and black boys. They LOVE it. Unfortunately, the more attention they get, the less putang we get, so we have to represent ourselves with our own SAM role models in the media. We’ve got some work to do.

    Personally, I like Sandra Oh’s strong and feisty characters. Don’t know much about Bai Ling, but it seems she is bilingual. I actually haven’t seen Charlie’s or Kill Bill, so I haven’t seen Lucy in action.

  5. “Why do Americans only like ugly Asian women?” is something I have been asked many times in China. Lucy Liu is the main subject of this, followed by exports Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. No one’s heard of Bai or Oh here, which is just as well. (Gong Li is “pretty but looks like a peasant” – but I quite like the peasant Chinese look for women; Zhang Ziyi is just WTF, there must be a lot of pedophiles out there to go for the pouty 11-year-old thing.)

    Bailing: are those ugly tiger tattoos for real? Can you people they shot her humping a Guzheng? Classy she ain’t. 40-year-old face on a prepubescent body, very martial arts doing midwest trailer trash with Asian fetish. Yuk.

    I like Oh a lot. It’s refreshing (and sadly rare) to see an average looking woman, especially Asian woman, in mainstream entertainment. I appreciate Karen Mok for the same reason, although the HK entertainment industry keeps trying to persuade us she’s hot – I’ve met her, she’s nice and average. Same goes for Michelle Yeoh.

    Maggie Cheung: now there’s a broad. A lot of the 30-something HK actresses are both talented and beautiful, but too talented to whore for Hollywood. Zhou Xun is beautiful but an awful, awful actress (but still better than Zhang Ziyi!); Shu Qi is a gorgeous AND good actor, but for whatever reason (porn star origins? you go girl!), she gets undercast.

  6. Gong Li is beautiful when she wants to be, check out Memoirs of a Geisha. As for Maggie Cheung, shes an amazing subtle seductress in a lot of Wong Kar Wai’s movies, which for the record isn’t whoring just great acting.

  7. I just saw the Bai Ling pictures above just now, one thing about her is her face — she always looks like a guy or transvestite

  8. Karen Mok and Zhang Ziyi are cuties and good actresses, so don’t diss them. Shu Qi, on the other hand, is not a particularly good actress and without makeup is just not that attractive. Plus, she has been pretty ruthless about sleeping her way to the middle.

  9. Right on I don’t get what the deal is with Lucy Liu or Bai Ling or Sandra Oh, good actresses perhaps, but sexy? There are Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean actresses that are a thousand times hotter and I am not kidding. Imagine when they learn some english and ship over to meet with rich jewish Hollywood execs? it’s already happening. Asian women are a hot item everywhere, there’s no slowing down from the look of it. They are accepted, but let’s be clear not as equals, but as complementary sidekicks to alpha media stars. They make others look good. They make white guys in our media look more appealing and desirable on tv or wherever they’re found. And in return, these girls enjoy their roles. It’s quite fascinationing how subservient women are.

  10. You say you are Asian and good for you. The way you slam these two actresses doesn’t show much support for your kinsmen. You hate them and they are “whores” according to your great wisdom. Perhaps it’s because they wouldn’t bang a complainer like you? That fact is, they are trying to break into Hollywood, an industry that is swamped with thousands of people trying to get in. SAG cards are mounting extremely high vs. roles actually offered. Cut them some slack. Despite the fact that Lucy Liu or Bai Ling want to break away, snag roles in Hollywood and perhaps suck off some Jewish cock to get there, what’s that to you?!?! One thing I will give you, Asian women ARE underated, unappriciated, and unnoticed in Hollywood. As a white male, I’d rather see some pretty Asian ladys vs. black chicks any day.

  11. I am English, but I have to agree. I live in Thailand, and find that white guys generally choose women who are pretty ugly. In American movies, you see guys getting lucky by – having a stripper pole dancing in his bedroom?

    Generally, in Thailand, the better looking girls either totally despise white guys, totally ignore them, or they’re just out to use them for their money.

    Wow, I’m racist. Trexter’s comment makes me laugh – “As a white male, I’d rather see some pretty Asian ladys vs. black chicks any day.” What a moron. I’d rather see ‘pretty ladies’. It doesn’t matter if they’re black or Asian. Generally, Asian women are uglier than Western women – though I think they also have the potential to be incredibly beautiful. For most people, however, whatever they are not accustomed to seeing is exotic.

  12. I agree in that a pretty lady is a pretty lady, no matter what color she is. It all comes down to preference, really.

    I think a lot of white guys go to Asia with vision impairment. To them, all Asians look alike, so they pick the first girl who is interested in them. If the guy is fugly, chances are he’ll attract someone similar. He’s overcome with joy and confidence, and gets married. After a few years he realizes that there are many girls who are way hotter than his wife, but by then he has 3 kids and it’s too late.

  13. As for American Hollywood, it will take awhile for them to develop their eye to truly see a hot Asian woman. Until then, we’ll have to deal with ladies like Tila Tequila. SOOOOO not pretty.

  14. I’m a white guy with a Korean wife. She’s not the most beautiful Korean woman I’ve ever met, but that’s not why I love her. She’s smart, capable, honest, hilarious, and open-minded–traits that I found were hard to come by in any person. Perhaps if the SAM out there could stop thinking about how they “deserve” hot sexy SAF (or that all SAF should date SAM only) and started realizing that people are more than their looks they’d stop being SAM and start being people who loved the person they were with.

    Funny enough, my wife didn’t like dating Korean men. Why? Because they wanted to control her. I don’t control her, I support her and try to work with her to make our lives better. That’s why she’s married to me and not some Asian guy. It has nothing to do with penis size, looks, or simply my being a white dude and has everything to do with my treating her as an equal and not some baby incubator that cooks and cleans as a bonus.

    Bust out of your superficial BS and you’ll find your life will be much fuller and more fulfilling.

  15. I have to agree with ya, MantisBotoX. In the end, you should stick with a girl that is well-balanced who you like as a person. A lot of SAMs get too caught up with looks, and they miss out on the girls with real character because they don’t give them a chance. They just want it all, and are too idealistic.

  16. My response is to the idiot white boy, Trexter! You moron, you’re a typical asian-male -hating white boy who refuse to see us asian guys ARE THE ONES
    not getting recognition and respect in Hollywood. You’re bias and obvious you favor asian women just like Jewish Hollywood. BTW, they, Hollywood,
    like to show asian women only has the hots for non-asian men just 2 piss us SAMs off.

  17. Yes, I agree. They are all less than beautiful or even remarkably pretty, and none of them are great actresses (Sandra Oh is talented and skilled, but too controlled for my taste). Also, Mulan’s eyes in the Disney cartoon were freakishly slanted.

    Think of it as an excuse to ‘betray’ your adopted culture and patronize East Asian television and movies. China’s output is heavily and stupidly censored, so most of it comes out histrionic tedium, but South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are all producing excellent, heart felt, energetic entertainment with actor who are charismatic, talented and either beautiful or visually compelling. Please, for my sake and the parents who worked for your education, do not spend any more time contemplating Bai Ling. The woman is clearly mentally ill, and sadly has small saggy tit syndrome. She deserves pity and needs Hollywood’s money.

  18. @BrightRedFruit I agree totally. I watch TV Japan, which is a cable channel that gathers some of the best shows from Japan’s major networks, like NHK and Fuji TV. And, I have seen so many shows that have touched me. I’m not easily moved as a person, but it seems I see something almost everyday on that channel that somehow gets me emotional.

    It’s very interesting, but the emphasis of entertainment is different from US TV and Hollywood. There’s a sense of community, and celebrating regular people. As for the movies, they tend to be about regular people going through regular problems, and they are very touching to me. I rarely watch regular US television anymore.

  19. BrightRedFruit,
    Wow, I totally agree on your comments. And yes…Bai Ling…she’s so annoying. as much as Tila Tequila.

  20. Thank you for replying Controversial SAM. Tila Tequila also deserves pity. She will have to be scrounging up the money to replace those horrendously large implants every five years until she’s 50 (i.e. long after she is no longer drawing any residuals and becomes Ms. That Little Asian Bisexual What’s Her Face). Sad (though obviously not tragic) to see a beautiful, slender young Asian woman with a pert little bum deform herself to meet the West’s expectations of femininity. As a relatively young, relatively attractive Asian woman with miniscule B-cups I have always thought being fit, well maintained, well dressed and pleasant more than compensated for not being able to offer men little pillows of Heaven on Earth. My mantra is:
    I’m Asian,
    What’s to be done?
    Turn me over
    And bite my bum.

    And count your lucky stars.

    P.S. What I do find annoying re: Tila Tequila is I saw her in a spread for UHM magazine appearing topless with a dark metal Japanese sword which matched her G-string. She was clearly not Japanese. I thought, the Vietnamese are an incredibly strong, accomplished, singular people. You ought to whore it up with an artifact from your own civilization.

    Great chatting with you, C-SAM. :]

  21. Sandra oh is butt ugliest actress I have ever seen.
    Luci lu is just an average looking asian woman.
    Bai ling is slut and have no class or beauty.

  22. @BrightRedFruit + Asian Cutie
    I just wish Tila T. would go away. I think maybe her 5 minutes of fame is up. I hope so. She’s the prime example of what an Asian girl should NEVER strive to be. She’s such a fame whore.

    I HATE HATE HATE when white people comment on Sandra Oh being beautiful Asian girl. It annoys me. Because they do NOT know how gorgous the Asian women are in Asia. There are so few Asian public popular figures in the U.S. that a Asian like Sandra Oh can be considered hot. Have they seen some of the Asian female celebrities in Korea or Hong Kong? But one thing I will say is that I do think Sandra Oh is talented actress and in a way, I’m glad she succeeded, NOT by her looks, but through her craft. At least she’s not some fame whore with big implants.

    Luci Lu – Not the greatest actress and definitely not that pretty. But I’m glad again she’s not some fame whore who shows off her boobs.

    Bai Ling….she’s just a car wreck. I saw her recently on Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab. She’s a piece of work who makes ALL Asian women look bad. Ever since she came to hollywood, she sold herself to the white society, dating exclusively white men, and just trying way too hard to “fit” into the white culture in Hollywood. I have NO idea how she became famous. Her English is not that good, she’s a horrible actress, she’s not very pretty, etc. She to me personifies all the unsavory ‘dragon woman’ exotic strereotypes of the Asian woman. she’s such a poor representation of Asian women. Bai….please go away! Go back to your country!!!

  23. To all,

    Sandra Oh is ugly or average at best.

    Lucy liu is average

    Bai ling, is fucking ugly and has a weird personality, kind of like an alien.

    These are the face of asian in america. Sad.

    I met more pretty asian girls in oregon than what I see on the screen.

  24. @ Vincent

    You steal my words. Lol

    It’s hilarious how a lot of white guys like these ugly or extremely average Asian chicks. They have no idea what good looking Asian chicks look like. It’s ok though. Their loss.

  25. I believe some of these white guys who think these Asian actresses are hot is because they have Asian fetish to begin with – they’ll think any Asian women is hot because they are “exotic” to them. Us Asian guys know and are familiar with Asian beauty. But to them, the white guys, they see Asian women as ‘exotic’ and different – at least different from what they’re used to seeing in the U.S. Because I’ve heard even from white women say “Sandra Oh is sooo beautiful!”.

    But again, I do give props to Sandra Oh for being talented as an actress and she didn’t have to be a car wreck to be famous like Bai Ling or Tila. At least, she made it through her acting chops. So more power to her. but you know…she only dates/likes white guys!

    • if the chinese women were to date with chinese men, I think their entire life with be filled with silence and boredom, and serious treatment, unflexibility and more unexcited moments.

  26. I’m surprised none of you have mentioned that Asian celebs In china, Japan, Korea etc are all obsessed with plastic surgery. Nearly every celebrity there gets some kind of plastic surgery. If the Asians in America did the same, yeah, they would be “hot” too.

  27. China society is too much based upon family value and reluctant to change to become different and show to the world it does not live with a traditional mindset. They are always stuck with the old ways of living and backward mindset. Unlike the white they are always thinking forward and creatively and most admirable of all open up to almost everything the chinese society forbid.

    Bai ling is right about how negative china chinese reacts towards more open sexual behaviour engagement with men in public. In america most women are expressive in sexual manner and they are used to it. In china any small sexual gesture will become exaggerated among the girl’s family, relatives and friends. Afterall it has nothing to do with them, but they will combine strength to attack the female victim through gossips and more gossips. Please mind their own businesses. The girl has done nothing wrong than just trying to be a grown up female who is capable of expressing themselves sexually however they want and like. This is so common in the countries where the white lives in. And chinese women would always want a society where they can open up to them and be able to do many things that are prohibited by their kind. The white is more capable in bringing happiness to the chinese women from lowest class (peasants farmers) to highest class(eg actress)..or simply all chinese women from different walk of life.

    Lucy liu is born in america and you cannot expect her to speak in chinese.

    If a chinese woman date a white, they can be very engaged and expressive with each other. Unlike them, chinese men are taught to be obedient and they are very likely unexpressive and rigid type. When chinese men speak you listen, but when white men speak you can actually feel and respond emotionally. In other words majority chinese live the way they are expected to by society. They cant be different and unique like individual. They are like ants working and serving the hive queen and other things dont matter. It is so boring that the chinese women got fed up with their daily lifestyle and look for the white men who can understand them like a real individual or person. Chinese men treat women like property btw and doesnt give them a single cent from will cause the male owns all real estate and properties of the parents. This is unfair and traditional.

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