Asian Guys: Don’t cockblock yourself!


SAMs are on their way to extinction. Why? Because they cockblock themselves! Somewhere along the line, as we were evolving, there was a mutant cockblocking gene that went rampant, and that’s what we’re dealing with here! Every time a sexy girl walks in the room, the SAM cockblocks himself by running away, or acting asexual and becoming just a friend. Also, SAMs cockblock by being too fuckin’ picky, or trying to date only Asian girls. I don’t think there is a vaccine or gene therapy for this one. We have to somehow neutralize this shit ourselves!

In Darwinism, the strongest survive. But strongest doesn’t mean that you are muscular or powerful. It means that you are adaptive. Take the cockroach. The cockroach can live anywhere on the planet, and they have thrived since prehistoric times cuz they could adapt to any condition. To be adaptive is to be open-minded. A cockroach doesn’t discriminate between caviar or spoiled kimchi; he’ll eat any damn thing he can get. We gotta be more like the cockroach, and take what comes our way. Be more adaptive, and be open to eating different types of girls. Be dirty, SAMs. Be like a cockroach!  Don’t discriminate, fornicate!

14 thoughts on “Asian Guys: Don’t cockblock yourself!

  1. So listen up you cockaroaches…the only cock blocking that should be going is if that cock belongs to a she-male.

  2. BTW, for those who don’t know, COCKBLOCK means when somebody blocks you from having sex. Usually, the girl does the cock blocking. However, lots of SAMs have bad habits that prevent themselves from having sex. That’s why I’m sayin’ SAMs cockblock themselves. – REF

  3. Did you guys know although we are “smaller” in size but HARDEST THAT LAST LONGER than any other races?
    Keep that in mind!!!!

  4. san015, I love you man! You said it. Check out my post in the archives section about this very thing: How Asians may be smaller but can keep it rock hard! Check it out!

  5. Well cockblocking is just part of the game. They’re like speed bumps in the road. If you don’t want to slow down, just go around them. As for women of other ethnic descent…they just want to have fun. You’ll learn that most of them are very friendly as long as you like to have fun and know how to show them a good time. As for myself, I may consider non-Asian women to be hot but am only interested in Asian women. Maybe it’s because I feel there are less cultural barriers and less things that may be lost in translation. I find that I have more in common with Asian folk for obvious reasons.

  6. Well the question is why is it that it’s mostly Asian GUYS who think in this way? Asian girls might think it, but in the end, they’ll date any race. I’m the same way as Mr. Amazing, but again, are we cockblocking ourselves when we do this? In any case, it seems like Mr.Amazing has had experience dating non-Asian girls, and came to the conclusion through experience. There are a lot of SAMs who make this judgement BEFORE giving non-Asian women a chance. That I think is self-cockblocking. You gotta experience it before you start being picky.

  7. Okay grasshopper… er, I mean cockroach…

    Cockroaches all survive nuclear bombs, those buggers are tough unless they meet the heal of my shoe. mmmm… is that mayo that I see squirting out.

    okay this is getting sick… bye

  8. It’s food for me.

    I want to bite into a big fish head in fron to my gorgeouse girl friend and instead of her thinking something stupid or waaaay to the left field, I like her to be thinking “is he gonna eat the rest of that fish?….

    Wanna slurp my noodle and make it sound like it’s the best noodle I had to date!

    That being said my last white girfriend was blond/green and mind you had a following and all….But in private, she was like give me that fishhead!… so you never know.

    Being kind a lazy I always end up with white girls…. They make their move direct without hesitation. They want something they let you know. Especially the real gorgeous ones. Asain girls wiggle so much… I guess I shouldn’t be so lazy and chase them around a little since deep down that’s who I’m, looking for… another me.

  9. Asians not only cockblock themselves but the gay ones cockblock EVERYBODY. Can’t tell you how many time a gaysian totally killed a hot group scene by pushing their way into it only to break it up. It must be something in their DNA.

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