Am I a player-wannabe giving ‘expert’ dating advice to SAMs?

I am not by any means a player. Although I wish I was. Just because I sometimes give advice on dating doesn’t constitute or imply that I think I am a player and I have the authority to do such things. I haven’t earn my player’s card that’s for sure. So the things I say here do not mean that it’s coming from a player’s mouth. I never contended to that fact. Just because I give advice or speak my mind or share my opinions on certain subjects such as dating do not mean I think I know what’s up in the dating world or how to get chicks. I just spit it without worrying about being P.C. or offending anyone.

This is unedited and uncensored you all. We don’t hold back. We’re not polite. We’re not considerate of others’ feelings. We’re not little kids here. We’re here to cause some commotion and not do the locomotion. We’re just outspoken and have many opinions. I make fun of myself all the time because I too have been a SAM. I try to point out the wrong things certain SAMs do that perpetuates their status quo, which is being a SAM. I may not know what the right thing is to do in order to get chicks but I do know what NOT to do. So I just try to point those out because sometimes people don’t realize what they do or what they are doing. They don’t take the time to be introspective and observe themselves from an objective point of view. Many are in their own little SAM world.

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8 thoughts on “Am I a player-wannabe giving ‘expert’ dating advice to SAMs?

  1. I here that! People, no I should say men are too scared of what other people think if our opinions go against the grain of society. Therefore translating SAMs are even more so, but in general men grow some balls and stick to your guns. It doesn’t have to be every single time, but at least once in a while let it be known you have a bloody opinion.

    As for this site, nothing but good can come from it when you have a consensus of different minds stereotyped into a category. Nothing brings change or evolution along, if you just repeat what the previous generation does. To mindlessly go about your lives thinking that why should I care it doesn’t affect me. Thats why I love the movie Fight Club, cause it takes that world and just turns it on its head. And if someone hasn’t seen it I won’t ruin the ending, but it says a lot about whats inside a person.

    So this site can also be looked upon as a practice ground, to be opinionated and you’re among brothers here. So this ain’t no castrating forum where you’ll be judged, just differences of opinion at most.

    But bottom line grow a set and have an opinion, a lot
    of SAMs have been molded from the same ice cube tray for their personalities, break the mold

  2. I can vouch for Controversial SAM. He’s dated several women of various color, and some of them were VERY hot. So hot that we wondered if they were on drugs…or if Contro was well-hung. We now know that he is not well-equipped, so these girls must’ve been on crack or something…

    But, seriously, we go way back to high school, and none of us had game back then. But, we actually all have it now. And we all did it our own separate ways. But what we all agree on is that we were SAMs before, clueless, and hopeless. But then, through observation and proactivity, we all got the hot girls. So, it’s all about understanding what you’re doing, and changing your behavior, cuz in the end, it’s all inside. Granted, we are all average or slightly above average looking guys. We aren’t missing any limbs, and we aren’t overweight or super short. But believe me, we are NOT anything special.

    So that is the point of this website. To empower guys like our former selves. This is a public service, y’all!!! We are all good guys, and we have no ulterior motives. We want to help Asian people out, and we get a kick out of writing our articles and hearing your comments. We noticed that other Asian sites are so PC and bland, and we said FUCK THAT SHIT! We as Asians need a newer, fresh, honest, and strong perspective. We are not second class citizens in the USA. My goal is to take over the USA. It’s better to aim high and fail than to aim low.

  3. Take it up a notch, with the internet and globalization why not the world, not just the US. What people forget is that Asians aren’t only in Asia, but all over the world where a lot of western influence or at least British influence is part of their culture. And even so we still all have the somewhat same problems as Asians, cause we all grow up similarly.

  4. Alright, alright. But let’s focus on the home turf first, then all the English-speaking countries, and finally the third world, cuz Africa is gonna be tough to win over…

  5. I agree with Blade-Edge…us Asian guys are so similar no matter where you’re from. We have SAMs from Zimbabwe to Russia. And it’s mostly due to our similar upbringing. Plus, mainstream media and how they portray Asian men in general is not helping. The point is that we just share our opinions, thoughts, observations, ideas, and experiences that are unique and specific to being an Asian American male in American society. I post things I see in everyday life. And I do prefer Asian women, but I’ve also dated white, hispanic, Indians, and midgets. Well…no Indians.

    And as far as my package…I may be Asian but I’m Black from the waist down.

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