Stuffed animals in back of car along the rear window?



WTF? No wonder Asian drivers can be bad!

WTF? Have you seen this shit? I’ve seen Asian “males” have just a shitload of stuffed animals in the back along the rear window. Why on earth! I’ve seen it numerous times on the road. It would have 20+ stuffed animals! Seriously, you need to stop this shit! And why is it always an Asian guy? Asian girl? It’s almost forgiveable but Asian man? Gook please! Get rid of all that shit. Throw it out. It’s not cute. It’s way gay. It’s gaysian.

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2 thoughts on “Stuffed animals in back of car along the rear window?

  1. This is really funny! I have never seen a guy’s car like that before, but my car used to be JUST like that, but my Hello Kitty & other Sanrio stuffed animals were buckled into the car seat, not in the window. I had Hello Kitty stickers and decals, and a bobblehead Hello Kitty hula doll. It was super cute! Got me out of a ticket once too, because the cop busted out laughing when he saw it and said it was too cute to give me a ticket. (Full disclosure: Don’t you SAMs try this tactic to get out of tickets. I am a girl. With huge tits. That might have something to do with it, so YMMV.)

    When my car was packed with my stuffed animals, my then-BF (now ex-husband)’s car broke down and he was forced to drive my car to work. He cowered down so low to avoid detection and parked on the opposite side of the big ass corporate lot, lugging all his computer equipment in the heat, rather than be seen driving my car. Now I see, he didn’t want to look like one of ~those~ guys.

    I thought he was being silly at the time, because I thought anyone would obviously know it was his girlfriend’s car!! I had NO IDEA there were actually men doing this!!! Guys, please. Don’t. Just… don’t. I adore Asian guys but if I see a guy driving with stuffed animals everywhere, in my mind he has a committed relationship with a woman, and is out of consideration. He must be taken, and if he says otherwise he must be a lying cheating scumbag. I think most other girls are likely to draw the same conclusions. Or think you are gay. Not a good look in any case.

  2. Nah Asian guys just don’t care that much about the gay tabooes white and black folk have. I see some old guy who needs to get around use an old hello kitty bike with streamers and all that. Asians are just more practical. If it runs you can drive it. I’ma bet most them guys driving cars like that ARE driving their gf’s cars or a family car. My first car was mom’s and she had freakin bobble heads on the dash. I didn’t give a s***. Besides if somebody has some beef just judo their ass on the concrete. That ougta show im how “gay” i am.

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